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Toni Blackman 

Fulani Earrings. These were a special gift from a sista many, many moons ago. It was during a time when random strangers would pray for me...she shared her blessings with me and insisted I have them. #fulaniearrings

Demanding work week but did a lot of it with these folks so I'm not complaining. #coneyisland #shoot #jamellove #rhymelikeagirl

It's so important for people to understand that we each grieve in our own unique ways. How we process a loss, death or disappointment may be very different even from the person with whom we have a lot in common. A few of the homies have hit the mark though with #operationcheerup lol There were the jokes, the memories and my favorite gluten free vegan pizzaaaaaaa! Um, yay. I mean, yay!!! Today my dears was a good, restful, foodful day. @doublezeromk basil sunflower seed pesto pizza on gf Crust? Yep. Thank you!!!' 😊It's great to have such a healthy circle of men in my life. I am grateful. #glutenfreepizza #comfortfood #treats #foodsupport 🙏🏾❤️

Walking up Flatbush and I hit the jackfruit jack pot! How dope is that? They were selling whole, cut pieces and containers. I love this part of city living! #jackfruit #brooklyn #newyorksummer #flatbush

Divine order has handled so many things this past week -so much support and so many resources showing up. Wow. So Me? I slowed it all the way down today. In the stillness I found peace. My heart is beating at a normal pace and with nowhere to be and no one to see the creative energy began to flow like between the naps that is...😎

There are so many reasons I love being an artist and why I appreciate being surrounded by other creatives. Sincerity flew in from Ecuador, AtLas came in from Vegas and we had inkling to do the Cypher Vibe Session before heading to Uganda. I don't know how it manifested but we ended up with a three camera shoot, dope mc's, vocalists who freestyled and understood energetic cues, a master beat boxer and were able to pull off a surprise bday tribute to celebrate our Leo @polaryss upcoming birthday. I fell back on recording since we had crew but did catch a snippet of the Happy Birthday freestyles.Here @dnasty_thamasta waxes poetic about his history with AtLas. I swear the energy was so good and the vibe so strong I had to sit outside for 30 minutes after the workshop jam. Thank you @basquiatsbottle @notestothesoul @sinceritylyrics @dcrosstheartist #cypher #cypherworkshop #freestylerap #birthdayrap

I'm having life experiences that are really testing me so today has been about going within. Earlier today I text two people whose presence is making a difference and right now I'm amazed myself. Growth is good. I am grateful. #growth #grateful

I so appreciate y'all 😎#Reposting @mindsetmatters with @instarepost_app -- Much gratitude for the great chance encounter with @toniblackman. Toni is a compassionate teacher, creator, and divine being leading cypher workshops and the lost art of ancient storytelling in BedStuy Brooklyn and travels the world. She also recently penned the article "Electric Relaxation" for @ambrosia4heads on hip-hop meditation. 🔥

We interviewed Ms. Blackman for #selfcarecheckin on camera at @basquiatsbottle. Look out for her impactful and unique perspective being shared with more of the world very soon. 🙏

#rhymelikeagirl #getsomejoy #brooklyn #wellness

Just vibin @basquiatsbottle with a few folks in the basement. Low key but high vibrations. We will be recording. #freestyleunion #rhymelikeagirl #cypherworkshop

My friend, you are beautiful, your life's work necessary and your presence is a gift to us all. Yesterday three people reminded me to be gentle with myself and now I wake up centered enough to say the same to you. This ❤️ing reminder is for a dear friend who is dealing with the pressures of life right now. I post it because maybe it's for you too. #yougotthis #breathe #takeyourtime #grace #begentlewithyourself #youdeservetobeloved

Let go. Let it all go. I am Open and receptive to all that is in my best interest. Learning to dance with life....

Working my way back to center and normal (for me) bedtimes but not there yet. Work as distraction. Work as a source of comfort. Sometimes powers greater than us interrupt the self destructive flow and whisper ever so softly - slow down. It was a long day but I am so grateful for the brief moments in the sun and sand. I release all pain. I release all stress. I release all worry. I release all fear. I release all anxiety. I release all anger. I release all resentment. I am filled with light, with faith and with good. I am breathing my way into a new day and a new way of being. #release #ILetGo #sun #water #iamfree #beachmeditation

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