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Toni DiRenzo  Accept No Limits @RelentlessRunners Co-Founder/Running Coach Distance Runner • Dream Chaser • Relentless Spirit 13.1 (x3) 1:45:56, 26.2 (x7) 3:35:23

Happpy St. Paddy’s Day AND Bach weekend to this babe! @dakotamccoy 😍 Shes actually the chick who got me running in the first place 😂College roomie who wanted to run a half marathon before we graduated! This weekend is about to be filled with lots of drinks, food, zero workouts and tons of fun 🍻 life balance baby!! Enjoy your weekend friends!

#FBF to runs with the squad because I love these ladies to pieces. They’ve been there for me so much through the past few months and I’m so excited to get back in the swing of running together regularly again!! 😍 #runsquad

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is GREATER than any obstacle.” Second 6 miler 🔥

Life’s been busy, and in the best way. Im chasing dreams so hard in life and in running. I can see the pieces falling into place. It’s scary. Exciting. And I swear the universe is giving me signs to keep my faith high, and keep going. Tuesday’s planned 4 miler got pushed off til today #becauselifehappens - and I couldn’t help myself, but after my two 5 milers Thursday and Friday I just had to... Today, I ran 6 miles 👀 It felt so amazing, even after a morning filled with mimosas for my girl @kristen.nicole89’s bridal shower lol 💛 Time to ice these feet, roll out and keep plugging away at some coaching thangs 😉 20 miles total this week, 1 spin class and 3 strength workouts 💪🏼

Finally able to revisit form work 🙌🏻 This is my first week doing my online form program with @coach.kenp (I was supposed to start months ago) and MAN, it takes some serious focus! My first run Monday... I was mentally exhausted by the end of it 😂 Something that was cool about today tho, during my 5 miler a few cues felt more natural and I didn’t have to force it as much! I was still a little mentally tired by the end of it, but progress is progress! I decided to take a video of my running a few short loops because I was sooo curious what it looked like! It’s funny because right there is a slight lean BUT I felt like I was leaning forward about 45 degrees more 🤣🤣🤣 I’m excited to see the changes over the next 5 weeks! It’s a tedious thing to correct, but I was told my old form would aggravate my foot and may cause future injuries. Also, I invest so much time in my running - I wanna do it right, and my goals are too big 🔥

I’m just so excited for Kristen this weekend!! Another training cycle together in the books. This girl has so much hustle and heart 🔥 Sometimes the biggest victory in chasing goals in distance world is doing it while balancing life.
Your training becomes a part time job... throw in the fact you’re a husband/wife,
father/mother (to humans and/or puppies😂), single parent,
have a full time job,
maybe part time as well,
in school,
planning a wedding,
and daily life things that may come up!
@mellank is such a healthy representation of what it means to work hard, and live a balanced life. Her work ethic blows my mind, and that’s why she’s done the incredible things she has! 10+ minute PR in Chicago (in tough AF conditions), and I’m excited to see what this weekend brings in DC! I’m so proud of you Kristen. I love being a part of your journey as your coach and as your friend! 😄 Lets do this baby! Show some love and luck for this badass mother runner!!! #TeamRelentlessRunners @relentlessrunners

I’m doing a lot of little things because I’m learning those are what go a LONG WAY. A month ago I started running again. 0.5 miles guys - that was my first run back! I also started my customized strength program with @crystalseaver, and this week I added back in the form work with @coach.kenp that I had to put on pause from not being able to run. My people at @next.level.spine.and.sports really wanted me to focus on form as I built up again knowing it could eliminate a lot of future things and right now I’m all about doing shit the right way 🙌🏻 I’ve said this and I’ll say it again. I’ve developed such a new perspective as an athlete from having to take time off to heal and rebuild. I like this new athlete I’m becoming and I’ve never been as grateful as I am now just to be able to move 💕

This comeback journey reminds me of training for my first marathon. I would get so excited for every long run because it was the longest I’ve ran, EVER! And now each week I catch myself saying “longest run in x weeks!” I’ve learned to get excited about these milestones because it measures progress. When I catch myself thinking “but I’m not where I was” I’m reminded to think about 4 weeks ago when I was limping in pain after 1 mile (my doctor reminded me of that one 😉). Really happy to have ran 4.57 miles today (longest run in 6 weeks!) AND with friends 🤗 @babfitrunlife @lesky27 @speedyedie_rd

Hot damn, today was a DAY! 😂 But I must say, I’m blown away yet again by all of your support and positivity. I have so many messages to still get to and am responding to each and every one. Right now I wanna take the time to focus on the fact that this man has been by my side for 5 years as of today 💕 Support systems do amazing things for a person and I’m so glad to have him as my main squeeze for life 🤗

Because when the dust settles, you will come out stronger. And I can assure you that the dust will settle || People have asked how I’ve stayed positive through this... Honestly it hasn’t been easy, but when I shared “my new truths” (refer to my highlights) I really leaned into those positive thoughts and made them my main focus. Every time something came up where I had a sad moment - I let myself be sad. Cry it out, be frustrated. Hell, it happened yesterday! But I never let myself live in that negative space. I refocus on what I can control in that moment. Since I can’t get motivated to train, I got motivated to heal. I re-prioritized my running goals and realized what was truly important. September 8th 💙💛 I stay connected with positive people and talked to them often. I do things that put me in a good mood and made me feel confident. This is only temporary, and just like running a shitty race - even then, you still learn something to make you stronger 🔥 3 miles w/ @lalasappy on our lunch break 💕

Today was wonderful ☀️ I opted for rest instead of pushing through. Life was busy these last few days, the foot was a little achy, and a walk with my pup on the trails in 60 degree weather was what I needed 💛 And tonight... man, finishing my night with my athletes was something special. More victories, “I read @crystalseaver’s post today about I am ____. And my word today was happy - I never thought I could wake up and feel that way and it feels so good.” ... “This training is so different than before. I don’t dread my workouts anymore. I feel strong and like I can really do this now.” ... it’s about the milestones on the journey too and I love being to celebrate those things. Seriously I have all the warm and fuzzies right now lol I love my @relentlessrunners girls like no other 💕

3 miles 8:59 pace || victory today: I didn’t feel as out of shape as last weeks 3 milers! Learning: I was trying to push and go faster than easy pace last week. I’m reminding myself that even at my peak during training sometimes easy and recovery paces feel hard. So why try and push right now? You know what they say, slow and steady recovers stronger 😉 I’m signing up for a few classes today and will be sharing my full workout schedule for this week later tonight! Let’s kick ass today and get one step closer to our goals guys 🔥

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