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CLΣ M | VΛㄩGHΠ CΔPITΔ'Π  [Luhvd | Long Live Maiyanna | Professional | Gifted] [All My Followers Are Leaders | Jah Blessed 👑❗️] [TheLessEyesTheBetter 🕶 | CaptionSocrates 🕵 ]

Recap: '00 status. Agent0017 Regime still. OG BlackJamesBond. Lol [Chronicled: @dbphotos412] #CNWCR

#SubtleSicario : BizCasual Steeze. [Chronicled: @dbphotos412]

Recap : @maiysmiracle #ButterflyBall at @vloungepgh | been poetry in motion living ever since. #FightDIPG #DefeatDIPG [Chronicled: @dbphotos412]

Recap : HappyCamper | TeamFoto2K17 #RejuvenateTheGeneration moments w/ @cecilshortsiii for his annual #YouthFootballCamp had a blast. 🤘😂🤘❗️Squaaaaaad.

Recap : HappyCamper #RejuvenateTheGeneration moments in TheLand @cecilshortsiii #YouthFootballCamp I remember vividly my youth camper days lol #WillieClayYouthFootballCampAlum 🙏❗️

TheLandLuhv. Great job cousin...extremely well done. 👌❗️Preciative to be apart. PraiseUp. #CecilShortsYouthCamp FamilyTree. #RejuvenateTheGeneration

Recap: SteelChillen w/ RocketShipShawty... 🙏❗️PraiseUp. 🅰lumniLife

Recap: SteelChillen w/ lil cuz HeavieBo. PraiseUp 🙏❗️FamilyTreeForever. #SubtleSicario

Recap:👐estUp. Brosoos en la ciudad. Luhv to @wamo100 for the hometown hospitality shown. Thoroly Njoyed. PraiseUp 🙏❗️ 🅰lumniLife [Chronicled : @artlikeus] #SubtleSicario

#SubtleSicario | Ahlthooo it may not be RocketScience, it's still a Science. One to learn from. [Chronicled: @_wllflwr_] Styled By Thee Almighty.

[ClemCapitán] The majority ride the wave once it surfaces...only a fortunate few get to swim the undercurrent before it breaks. [WaveRunner] [Chronicled: @_wllflwr_]

TrulyJoyous. [WavyNavy] Fun w/ Wall. [Chronicled: @_wllflwr_] 🙏❗️ PraiseUp. OnlyTheHighers. #SubtleSicario

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