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Tom Wegener  We innovate in Noosa, Australia. @wegenersurfstay

Finless corky evolution. Thank you @slim_slow_slider for the feedback and insights!
@wegenersurfstay #corkysurfboard #corksurfboard

Ten years of thunderdome. @woodsurfsnow and @thefactorysurfboards Joe and Matt constructed this masterpiece of a composting toilet. It is still used (by me) daily. We live on acreage and have lots of paulownia dust which breaks down, along with human deposits, very quickly. The tree in the last photo was in the movie Sprout and has definitely sprouted with the help of thunderdome contributions. Any good hashtags?

Thank you @williamwoolnough for coming to @wegenersurfstay and making a 12' corky glider.
#woodsurfboard #corkysurfboard #corksurfboard

Salt of the Earth won best short film at the Anglet International Surf Film Festival in France. @deansaffron you are the man!!! Thank you! The film will on youtube soon.

I found this photo on a youtube clip. These are New Zeland Maoris with two alaias and two Olos. Does anyone know more about this photo?

Choosing a rental board in Busan, South Korea

Sharing surf culture. I hope to share aloha @minossurf Cheers for the beautiful shirt @matt_and_mel

The most uncrowded beach in the world - the demilitarised Zone between North & South Korea. The surf looks like fun. Thank you @minossurf for having us! @landandseabrewery

@minossurf thank you for inviting me to South Korea to share surf culture, history and stoke! I believe the more surfers who understand surfboard design and evolution, the more they will enjoy surfing and provide an input in creating a better surf culture.

#stokefest in South Korea with @minossurf To my surprise the surf was big and powerful like a grumpy day at Manly. Luckily we found a sheltered corner for a surfie stokefest session!! Congratulations to our winner!! Thank you @_gogobeachsurf_ for everything!

@surfninjah sequence demonstrates the squirt out of a midface turn on a flex tail corky twinfin, and then a cutty. Jahmin suggests flicking the first photos back and forth to see pop happen. #corkysurfboard

@alistairbracken "Ride report- 4'6, was so damn fast!! Paddles quick (for size) and the flex through tail gives great projection out of turns. Fastest thing I've felt on steeper sections.... cant wait to spend more time on it!" Thank you @bingsurfboards for evolving this design.

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