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Tom Wegener  We innovate in Noosa, Australia. @wegenersurfstay

Just a touch of flex along the rail will let the rail stick to the face a little more. This board is going to South Australia and this will help maintain control in bigger, bumpier and shouldery surf.
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Making flex with @tobecomelost We wanted a board that trimmed like a new soft board but will not lose its memory. I'm sandwiching XPS foam between veneers of paulownia. I can control the flex. The board surfed and sat in the wave exactly as we hoped. It ran through long sections like a magic carpet or a snake over hot rocks. Speed will wash off in a cutback, but in trim it is reslly nice!
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I think the most important feature of a surfboard is how it attracts/repels water through flex and curves.

Sunnie and Harper from @warren_tribe The best way to learn to surf! Thank you Sally @originalsurfboards for these mini bellyboards. Sally linked the glory days of UK surf culture and boards made by the great Dick Pearce with today's reemergence of wood bellyboards. Thank you @connerhats for keeping me comfortable in the sun!

Thank you @naoki_mi for this amazing clip of @gusomalley This is truly next level alaia surfing. Before I watched Gus surf, I did not think this surfing was possible on this alaia. I shaped the board from a single slab and put convex rolls on the top and bottom mirroring the longer alaias I studied in the Bishop Museum in Hawaii. Master Japanese artisan @takuuuututu sealed the board in urushi lacquer made from tree sap. I feel this is really ground breaking stuff! This is a green surfboard! It is getting closer to where the ancients left off. Movie coming soon.

The @gusomalley experience part 5. Gus will be the star surfer in an amazing documentry on Japanese urushi lacquer. It seems to be the best finish for wood in the world as it is beautiful, strong and as Gus found - super fast through the water. We'll feature more on this as the movie comes closer. There is something mystical about surfing a wood alaia and this board is extra special because it is a single slab and sealed with urushi which is pure tree sap. It is the most green surfboard.
Thank you @ryanjones for the photo. Thank you Gus for spending the week @wegenersurfstay Thank you @aokinshin and urushi artisan @takuuuututu for the great week!

The @gusomalley experience part 4. After a huge session testing finless corkys, the biggest smiles come from the inside bowl on the surfie bellyboard.
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The @gusomalley experience part 3. The speed square inspired by @mattcalvani and shaped by @alistairbracken seems to surf best finless. It is wide and has plenty of surface area though only 4'6. The tail has plenty of flex as the concave is only foam and cork. Outside the concave the wood gives some rigidity but still lots if spring and flex. It seems most of the planing is off the last 18" of the tail and the flex in the rail gives plenty of grab. This shape seems to be the most veritile.
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The @gusomalley experience part 2. Here Gus rides the rabbitsfoot shaped by @ryanlovelace The board is stiff except the back right rail which is wood on the bottom and cork on the deck. Gus loved how the flex tip gave an extra boost off the bottom and more speed to drift out to the shoulder. This seemes to be the best "pop and spin" design. That is you pop off to bottom and skim out on the faces like an air hockey puck; quick and fun!
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The @gusomalley experience part 1. Gus spent a week @wegenersurfstay and helped me gain a much deeper understanding of finless surfboards. Here he is surfing the corky alaia with flex from nose to tail. The more flex the more the board will hold in steep faces. The board will engage the whole rail in a turn making for a more flowing ride and long engaging turns.
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@gusomalley testing the 2.5 kilo 6'4 corky fish. Light and stiff is really nice in fluffy little surf.

Corky sandwich method

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