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Tom Story  Arizona based commercial and editorial photographer. Recovering news photographer. Occasional fire information officer.

Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912. #alongthearizonaroad #iphone #arizona

@ford patina.
From the golden age of automotive typography.
#iphone #alongthearizonaroad

Channeling @brendapriddy
in Scottsdale, AZ.
#alongthearizonaroad #iphone #pontiac

#throwbackthursday to that time I was briefly able keep a lid on communications.
#tbt #iphone #lookdown #archivedive

The word, not the font.
Tempe, AZ.
#alongthearizonaroad #iphone #helvetica

From the golden age of automotive typography.
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Round Two:
This @rocknrollermulticart started out as one on the old red and gray ones when I bought it in the late 1990s. I liked it's collapsed size and price point compared to the Magliners.
As I remember it, I had a couple of flat tires and it was a pain to change tubes
on the plastic wheels.
Having both an inclination to change things and a friend with a race car fabrication shop led to new rear wheels on a new axle. The steerable solid casters eventually got swapped out for a set of inflatable, made in the USA wheels.

Then I decided I needed a shelf.
So some square tubing got cut and welded, a sheet of aluminum bent to the proper size, some U brackets fabricated and everything got welded up to make the finished "pan". C clamps are used to secure it on the cart and bar clamps provide low tech handles.
Since some things like sandbags required for a "floor" on the cart. Another sheet of aluminum and a couple lengths of bar stock became a bottom shelf.
The folded up cart fits in to the top shelf for transport.
And it is much heavier than when I started.
#cartmods #iphone #alongthearizonaroad #seemedlikeagoodideaatthetime #rocknrollercart #rocknrollermulticart

I have been using @rocknrollermulticart since the late 90's. This is my second one and except for the ring bolts (which replaced the wingnuts) and rear wheels from my first cart, remains unmodified. (The red wheels are marginally easier to get replacement tubes for.)
Were I using my huge Gitzo tripod more frequently, I would not hesitate to add @gripngaff bag to the cart.
@tenbabags #tenba #lightwarecase @pelican #alongthearizonaroad #iphone #rocknrollercart #rocknrollermulticart

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