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Tom Story  Arizona based commercial and editorial photographer. Recovering photojournalist. Occasional fire information officer.

A bystander (gray shirt) stands next to the driver of the mini van (yellow shirt) as both vehicles are engulfed in flames. According to the Phoenix Police Department, the sweeper truck was working on a paving operation south of Broadway Road on 32nd Street apparently made a U turn on Broadway Road and collided with the white minivan. The driver of the sweeper truck is in critical condition, the driver of the minivan suffered a broken ankle and the passenger in the minivan was unable to exit the vehicle and perished in the fire.
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Flag, Banners and a Fish.
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Built in 1948, the names of great scientists along with science themed bas-relief sculptures grace the walls of the Discovery Hall on ASU’s Tempe Campus. The art deco building was the home for the science department until 1957 when both the Life Science and Physical Science buildings were completed. The building became the home of the Agriculture Department for many years as well as serving as the main location for 1963 Jerry Lewis film, “The Nutty Professor”. Recently renamed Discovery Hall, it is now home for the American Indian Studies, American Indian Student Support Services and the American Indian Policy Center along with some units of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
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ASU classes start today and may the Fork be with you for Throwback Thursday from 2011. It was the first week of classes @arizonastateuniversity and I found a student working on their laptop in the library of ASU's Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, AZ. #asupoly #arizonastateuniversity #tbt #throwbackthursday #archivedive #notiphone #alongthearizonaroad #fearthefork

Two meat plate (brisket and sausage) plus beans and jalapeño cheese grits @littlemissbbq today.
It was wonderful!
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Encouragement in Tempe,AZ.
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When I was a staff photographer for The Arizona Republic newspaper I met David Hurn in 1980 at an NCAA Basketball Regional in Tucson during one of his trips to Arizona.
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After the storm, double rainbows from Dobson Ranch in Mesa, AZ. #iphone7plus #alongthearizonaroad #rainbow