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Tom Story  Arizona based commercial and editorial photographer. Recovering photojournalist. Occasional fire information officer.

Vintage Forest Service Sign.
Prescott National Forest.
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Old and new equals found object art.
Stubbs Fire.
Prescott National Forest.
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"The best fire is the one you are on".
My office today is at the Prescott Fire Center where I am assigned as a PIO for the Stubbs Fire on the Prescott National Forest-a blaze which began as a single tree lightning strike on July 8th and for as long as the monsoons permit, will be managed as part of an effort to return natural fire regime to an area near Camp Wood, north of Prescott and east of Chino Valley.
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Ministry of Silly Walks.
Tempe, AZ.
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Throwback Thursday to last week when I was part of the morning briefing on the Burro Fire outside of Dolores, CO. Photo by @andyslyon. #firecamp #fireassignment #burrofire #burrofire2018 #tbt #throwbackthursday #archivedive

From the golden age of automotive typography.
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This Nissan Altima was my rental car for 1995 miles, both on the highways and the dirt road out to the Burro Spike Camp. It was a nice enough ride, but rather forgettable.
It also served as a place to sleep after I drove down from Silverthorne to Hermosa, arriving at the 416 fire camp well after dark. The pitter-patter of rain on the Nissan’s roof the next morning from the arrival of moisture from the remains of Tropical Storm Bud confirmed that in this case, sleeping inside a car was better than sleeping inside a tent.
Automotive technology triumphed again as the Altima’s Inteli-Key outsmarted me and I was unable to figure out how to lock the car’s truck.
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So far, I have spent as much time on fires this year as I did all of last year.
And it’s only the end of June.
I just finished a fourteen-day fire assignment in Colorado.
The first part of the trip was with the nice folks with the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Blue Team (Type 2) on the Buffalo Fire near Silverthorne and then reassignment to the Burro Fire near Dolores, which was being run by the Rocky Mountain Type 1 team managing the 416 Fire near Durango.
After the arrival of some well-needed rain and a change of teams, the Burro was turned over to Type 3 team and I stayed until the end of my fourteen-day roll.
I had a great time, learned a bunch, worked with great people and saw some wonderful country.
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View from my hotel window.
Pueblo, CO.
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Following bear tracks in Dolores, CO.
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Happy Barn.
Highway 184, south of Dolores, CO.
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