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Tom Story  Arizona based commercial and editorial photographer. Recovering photojournalist. Occasional fire information officer.

A moment of inattention on my part led to a trip to the body shop for my 2016 Tacoma.
My rental vehicle was this Nissan Frontier and I found it brought back fond memories of my '86 Nissan truck that I drove for 115,000 miles. Back when small trucks were actually small, unpretentious and more "truck like".
While the Nissan is what I consider to be the "right size" (it fit in my garage with room to spare, just like my 2003 Tacoma) it was nowhere as sophisticated as my @toyotatacoma.
One thing that I have noticed is that in a quest for better fuel efficiency, radio antennas have been hidden in the "sharkfin" on the roof. My Tacoma has mediocre radio reception, but the Nissan's reception was downright lousy.

And yes, I was really glad to get my own rig back

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Yellow and blue in Phoenix, AZ.
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Throwback Thursday to when @alansinclair13 (center), Paul Churchill (left), and other Tonto National Forest firefighters along with myself realized we were about to get wet as Aero Union's Tanker 00 lines up for a drop on the Massacre Fire along the the northwest side of the Superstition Mountains. Shot on May 21, 1995 and scanned from the original Fujichrome.
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Ancient artifacts.
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Blooming saguaro in Scottsdale AZ.
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A large class means two days of head shots for a great client.
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In late 2016, I first started learning something about shooting and editing video.
My plan then was to use my 5DMarkII and some ancillary equipment. While that system works well for some people, I was never able to get it dialed in where I thought it was the right setup for me and I sort of let video go for a while.
When I was assigned to the Rattlesnake fire in eastern Arizona a couple of weeks ago, I became the “video guy” for the incident management team; shooting and editing the morning briefings in both English and Apache. This was done with an iPhone7plus, a Pop Voice wired lav microphone, and a Joby cell phone mount atop a Leitz ball on a tiny Gitzo tripod. Not real sophisticated but it got the job done.
I was also tasked with some other video assignments for the fire and was able to get them done but found myself limited by the iPhone. So when I returned from the fire, I jumped in with both feet and bought a real video camera and all the sundry stuff needed to do a proper job.
The briefing videos posted on Facebook by the Incident Management Team would routinely get nearly two thousand views along with a bunch of shares. Not that I had any doubts the power of video, but this experience really hammered the point home.
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Blooms, spines and rocks.
Cactus in Mesa, AZ.
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From the golden age of automotive typography with great patina.
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