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Tomo Fujita  Funky guitarist🙏🎸 Berklee professor 🙏🎸




I am so lucky that I am borrowing this from my student! Thanks @asolomb 🙏
#fender #fender_jp #americanoriginal #jazzmaster

I forget to smile again🎸💥⚡️

@lisoguitar at @fender booth 🎸💥So much fun to meet her in person‼️#fifthharmony #fender #fender_jp #namm2018

Smooth chords for my student!🎸💥⚡️🎸

🎸💥⚡️homework for my student🎸⚡️💥

@officialericjohnson plays so tastefully his new semi-hollow signature Stratocaster at @fender booth #namm2018 #ericjohnson #signaturetone #signaturestrat #fender_jp

This sound, groove, these people are good for my soul!
My blues brother @mattschofieldmusic on guitar, @jordanjohnmusic , amazing multi instruments talent on drums and the legend my Hero Prakash John on funky shuffle bass! (Oh my god! What a groove!he is only 70 year young!)
Everyone at @dangelicony are so sweet⚡️💥👍🙏
#namm2018 #mattschofield #jordanjohn #prakashjohn #dangelicoguitars #dangelico #dcdeluxe #blues #livemusic #goodmusic #shuffleblues

Looking forward to go to Japan next month! 来月日本に行くこと楽しみにしています!🎸💥⚡️ .
『KORE☆TOMO Guitars 2018 TOUR』
トモ藤田(Gt)(From BOSTON) 是方博邦(Gt)
*3月11日(日)東京世田谷区 Bar PENTA (問)090(8853)2574 横江さん迄
OPEN 16:00 START 17:00 料金 前売 5000円 当日 5500円 
東京都世田谷区経堂2-10-11 B1 .
*3月12日(月)横浜 KAMOME live matters (問)045(662)5357  http://www.yokohama-kamome.com/
OPEN 18:30 START 19:30 料金 前売 4500円 当日 5000円
. .
*3月13日(火)名古屋千種区 STAR EYES (問)052(763)2636 http://www.stareyes.co.jp/
OPEN 18:00 START 19:30  料金  前4500円 当5000円 .
*3月14日(水)大阪市難波 S.O.Ra (問)06(6644)9292(ジョイフルノイズまで)http://www.joyful-noise.net/sora/
OPEN 18:30 START 19:30 料金 前売 3700円 当日 4200円(ドリンク別)
(チケット1/14(日)発売) .
*3月16日(金)神戸 STUDIO KIKI (問) 078(332)5160 http://studiokiki.jp/
OPEN 18:30 START 19:30 料金 前売 4500円 当日 5000円(ドリンク別途500円) .
*3月17日 (土) 京都 ラグ (問)075 (255)7273 http://www.ragnet.co.jp/live_spot_top.html
OPEN 18:00 START 19:30 料金 前売 4500円 当日 5000円 .
*3月18日(日)愛知県西尾市 さんがい亭 (問)056(357)4444 http://www.katch.ne.jp/~yufusa/
OPEN 17:00 START 18:00 料金 前4500円 当5000円 .
*3月20日(火)豊橋 アバンティ (問)0532(41)5554  https://www.avanti-music.com/
OPEN 18:30 START 19:30 料金 前売 5000円 当日 5500円(共に1drink付) .
*3月21日(水祝) 三島 アフタービート (問)055(973)3973 http://afterbeat.tv/
OPEN 17:00 START 18:00  料金 前売 4500円 当日 5000円
. .
*3月22日(木)築地・汐留 BLUE MOOD (問)03(3549)6010 https://blue-mood.jp/
OPEN 18:30 START 19:30  料金 前売 5000円 当日 5500円
(チケット予約、1/22(月)10:00〜、BLUE MOODのHPと電話にて。予約電話03(3249)6010、平日9:00〜18:00)

Always so great to see @mononeon ⚡️💥He is just so funky‼️🎸‼️

Happy birthday dad!!!
My father just turned 80 year young!!! I love ❤️ you!!!
This picture, he is holding these jazz cds that his friend gave to him. (My dad bought my PURE cd and gave it to his friend!!!) sweet guy!!!

Aw...many great NAMM 2018 moments! So great to see the SNL guitarist @scharffishere Thanks so much for your kind words! I didn't know that my playing really gave you how to mix styles. I am very happy to hear that!!!

If you want to be happy, all you have to do is to get a vintage lap steel guitar with C6 tuning! This will cure your problem! Don't you love ❤️ Sponge Bob?
💥⚡️Today was a good day for shooting my guitar videos for my upcoming instructional DVD (documentary part).... Covered so many guitars and even bass and a few lap steel guitars!!! Thanks everyone for your warm supports!!! 💥⚡️

It's filming day at my office. This is a part of documentary of my new instructional DVD. 🎸⚡️💥 I am sure that I will featuring this 🎸⚡️💥
Which guitar would like to see⁉️

All of you know this kid? @brandonniederauer He stopped by at @Fender booth #namm2018 so I let him play ...I shows him funky rhythm guitar over Blues chord changes..then I thought it maybe cool to teach him on the spot! So I taught him my triad approach over the chord changes. He followed my idea pretty good!!! We over think things too much but when you think something to do..., don't worry about the result or don't expect perfect! So I am glad what I did on this moment. He makes a great guitar face!!!

⚡️💥busy funk⚡️💥

🎸⚡️💥Working on my guitar face🎸⚡️💥

How fun to watch her IG video? So great to meet @caseydeeter in person! And her musical brother at #fender booth #nammshow2018 Thanks so much for stopping by at Fender booth. Then we saw more IG guitar players right?
#fender_jp #effectpedals #newpedal #stratocaster

There are so many great fun moments at NAMM 2018! First day I was so lucky to have my student/artist @aylateslermabe at Fender booth. She demoed #fender #new #effectpedals for #fender_jp First she was my Blues ensemble at Berklee Summer Guitar Session in 2016. Now I teach Ayla via Skype lesson! You can watch this on YT channel now⚡️💥 And I really appreciate your guidance for her @fenderbilly ⚡️💥 #duosonic #fenderduosonic
. ■Direct YouTube link

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