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Tomo Asaha  ♪Guitarist/Musician/Composer/Fashion,hair Model/Voice Actor. Band : echostream, Alias, Moon Stream, Shahidah Omar, etc.

It's been a while since I came to the beach.

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for visiting me from Japan!
I love you and already miss you, Mom!

あなたの息子に生まれてきて、最高に幸せです( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

#mothersday #mom #mother #happytobeyourson #love #family

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
#newyear #2017 #party

Merry Christmas! メリークリスマス!

#merrychristmas #santa

From @shahclectic
You can't "tick" with someone unless they want to be ticked.❣😋 • "Tick" is an acoustic version of a song on my self produced, written and arranged album "SHAHclectic," releasing January 2017. Featured here, is the one and only @tomoasaha who you will see on the road with me and hear playing throughout most of my music.
Although the album version is fully produced... As you can see, I like to have a little fun and wanted to give you a taste.👄 • "Tick" is about someone who makes you feel so free... So connected that you want to share all of yourself with them. They make you "tick," by arousing your mental and your physical. The more open you are with someone, the more open they can become with you. 😍 When a person knows you are all theirs... They would be willing to go anywhere with you. Some people think they are really getting fulfillment by running around and hopping from one spot to the next. When a person shares a bond with someone that makes them feel cherished and secure; the return is like no other. Cherish each other's hearts, minds and bodies. You are all worthy😘 Care for them. Open up "Honestly," be their safety net. That fulfillment is like no other. They will go anywhere with you. Way beyond the words I love you. That mental, physical connection of safety, is the key to relationships. To know someone has your back and is truly there for you without any hidden agenda... Ooh... It's a beautiful thing😊
Make someone Tick😉
Let go of the fear. 🙌
Give yourself to someone whole heartedly and see how you receive of them. However, I always say... That's only if you trust the person you are choosing to do this with, is someone that can give you their full selves in return. They have to be worthy! They have to be a good person; that treats you good. Don't be out here giving your "Ticks" away to someone who ain't deserving. Don't be out here trying to force someone to love you by trying to "Tick" for them. That ain't ticking!!! That's tricking! #tick I love you baby! Xoxo

Have you seen the movie @almostchristmasmovie ? It was one of the best movie. Funny and heartfelt movie :) You guys should watch it!
I had a great opportunity to catch the movie with @ohsnapjbsmoove And Director @davidetalbert made a surprise appearance!
Thank you for inviting me @shahclectic and @ohsnapjbsmoove

#almostchristmasmovie #movie #jbsmoove #davidetalbert #bestmovie #christmas #comedy #heartfelt #funny #amc #director #actor

When I came back to my home, all of candies are gone :) And some kids left green light on the dish. It made me smile XD Happy Halloween, everyone!
#halloween #treats #trickortreat

丁度6年前の2010年10月10日、ニューヨークで #boomboomsatellites さんと一緒にライブをさせて頂きました。本当に格好良いバンドでしたので、今でも当時の記憶を鮮明に覚えてます。川島道行さんのご冥福をお祈り致します。

Just 6 years ago, 10/10/2010. I had an opportunity to perform with #boomboomsatellites in NYC. They were a really cool band so I still remember their performance clearly. RIP Mr. Kawashima.
#boomboomsatellites #puffy #zazenboys #echostream #nyaf #nycc #concert #rip #live #kawashimamichiyuki #memories #nyc #irvingplaza #showcase #music

Thank you so much for the lovely Birthday wishes! You made my special day 100x better! Love you all💖😘 Pic from @kolahouse concert in NYC
Cloth designed by @stormritter
#birthday #SHAH #live #shahclectick

@stormritter painted awesome stage clothes for #teamshah
It was outstanding on the stage!

#shah #concert #goingplaces #art #shahclectick #kolahouse #live #greaystudio

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