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this was our only day off this tour! not too shabby hey?
#atthebeach #bashandpop #steak

happy mothers day to this lady! #milkshake #lovemom #motherday

who doesn't like bourbon milkshakes?#bourbon #milkshake

t'was an interesting easter? yours?

who doesn't like nemannems? #mandms #mrthumby #eminem #vanillaicecream

the #wolves are a knockin! #trumptower #shortbus

especially if you are flying united airlines!

finally something pretty growin outta the dirt!

greta, tony, and me on a saturday nite! grab your tissues!

Lets be clear about what has transpired since Trump has been president of the United States!
-Not one piece of legislation passed!
-Trump is being investigated by the FBI for the possible Russian ties that at least 6 of his campaign advisors have had during his campaign run up to the election.
thats 0-0 people!
For those of you who voted for him. Take note!
Let's just hope he does't send your kids needlessly into a nuclear war with one of our pacific adversaries as one of Steve Bannon's movies has projected!
Boots on the ground wont help a nuclear war! It's a little tough trying to raise a gun when your skin is melting off your bones!!!
Perhaps buyers remorse has set in?

the whole bill!

check this out! this bit of legislation is right on if ya ask me!

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