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Tommy Smith  High on life // positivity can change the 🌎

Yeah. We sent it 🌂🛩🌬


If I die before I wake I pray the lord I hit dragon 4 times 🐉🐉🐉🐉

💥Saucin in the kitchen thanks to 💥

Michael phelps wit da swim moves💯🐠 #beyourself

By far my favorite picture of us❤️ #repost #everleigh #everleighrose #love #daughter #dad #

Tommy Confucius says: Do a 360 with your thoughts. Don't fear the reaction, fear the silence of nobody reacting to you because there isn't a positive action processing in the 1st place to even react to. 💥Life's such an awesome strenuous journey with so many ups and downs. Those hills and valleys that we trekk are built by our creator to make and mold us into who we are today. Adding to that, we are ultimately leading and growing into who we're meant to be (destiny). I apologize for going deep on everyone, but it just seems fitting for me to talk about this. Media is so surface and the perception many are showing, sadly isn't even close to the reality. I see this everyday. With that being said Put Down the social media and pick up a book to learn something new, or go outside and explore nature that you've never explored before. We, (myself included) fall into this mind limitation trap all the time on our phones, tablets, computers, and even now glasses. I'm not saying never go on insta again just have balance, by spreading awareness I know I can help a few people NOT ONLY dream, but achieve greatness through action. Stop couch dreaming and/or idolizing someone else that you don't even know. You can put that same love, energy, and excitement into something for YOURSELF. Rome wasn't built in a day, and it sure as hell wasn't built or designed by/for someone else other than Romans. Baby steps toward your dream to make it a reality. Don't talk about it be about it. Love you all ❤️ #originalquotes #motivate #inspire #fitness #everleighrose #america #everleigh

Something about bands this week... "I said I told you if I don't make bands then it'll be rude." Everleigh was vibin 😂❤️ s.c tsizzle1

We WeRe BoRn To Be ReAL NoT PeRfEcT #beyourself #love #fitness

Bands will make her dance💆‍♂️💃 @juicyj @worldstar Go follow my Snapchat tsizzle1 for a quick chuckle. #rapmusicmademedoit ----------------------------------------------------------
Check out @colorbykristyn if you want your hair on fleek💯

God, if you're up there please make these fans of my daughters understand that our family is solid and we don't need anyone to pick sides. Just please let go of the past like everyone already has, and come together as a team like we did of coparents. Let's stay positive and uplifting so my daughter can grow up happy with two men in her life a dad and a step dad PERIOD. The two of us helping her along the way. Amen

The story behind why I call Everleigh Munchie is because I love slurping on her beautiful baby cheeks, and giving them big fat kisses all the time😘 When she was just a baby I would sit and watch her sleep for hours just adoring her beauty and perfection❤️ For a while we were still in shock that her mom and I made our perfect lil princess Everleigh. Well it doesn't end there, while she was sleeping I would sneak in a couple munchie kisses about every 10 min. Being extra careful never to wake her up. That's how she became my munchie❤️ Where does the time go? I remember like it was yesterday her fitting in the palm of my hand and now she says " Daddy your not aloud to kiss me in public as much anymore"😂 She's basically 4 going on 18 💁

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