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Only a week left to support!! Good day my fine fellow humans!
THIS MONTH/FEB all profit from the digital download sales of the following 4 albums (via my bandcamp page) will be donated to the ACLU: A little bit of somthin’, Lifeboats and Follies, Loose grooves and Bastard blues, and Return of the Bastard.
Bandcamp/Paypal take their cut then BC sends an E of every sale detailing share breakdown. BC/PP/TG.(artists tend to get 75%-80% of sales). My in-house accountant (ME;) will tally up the sales/profit and send the total amount to the ACLU at the beginning of March. I will then post the ACLU donation receipt here.
Right on and many thnx!!



#thrashedbackthursday Fairfax Va. 1987. Bones tour. So many demos that they're all one big blurry jump ramp. Parking lot pugilists. Blktop bandits. Mall maulers. GT's!
Pic by @longwood_skarty


Fastplant Friday!
The dish was the only sktprk in SF for several decades.. But we had the hills. Endless fun. Shred the weekend! ✊🏾πŸ’₯
Pic? @lukeogden ? Would say @brycekanights but he's in the background.

Rainy day soul.
That's how a friend-and heavy musician- once described my tunes. He had never heard my stuff and assumed it was punk-which is still the approach and ethos to this day. The tune is "In my head" (quasi bossa version) from #loosegroovesandbastardblues which is celebrating 20 yrs since it's release now. I plan on some type of re-release -cassette tape/LP/45's perhaps.
I and a few others out there hold this album in a special corner of light in their soul. ✨
Many thnx✊🏾🎢

HNY good people!! πŸŽ‰
2017 should prove to be an interesting year. Support those that are in the trenches fighting for our right to exist without violence,oppression, aggression, lies, deceit, and tyranny.. Truth is under siege ya'll.
Peace love and understanding.
Be safe.
Pic @claudinegossett

Merry dlXmas and Happy Daze ya'll! Me n Frank air out our grievances in this Festivus special! Waste a few mintues of your precious holiday with us! Link in @dlxsf bio yo! Be good or coal for the lot of ya! πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸ»πŸŽΆπŸŽ„

Sound check spazz attack at #duomusicexchange in Tokyo/Shibuya hood. Old tune "BW's Blues" from my 1st album. Thnx to all who came out and supported!! #tgjapantour2016
#theendlessroad #skatepunkjazz
@rush_production_net #tgnoodlinginjapan πŸœπŸš…πŸš•πŸŽΈπŸŽΆ

Check one two! Tweaking efx before the gig in Sendai. Bass loop n tremed out dreamy delay. Makes me want tozzzzzz😴. Thnx to all who came out in minus celsius weather. I heard some trains had been stopped due to snow...too cold for An SF Califas kid! On to the next in Nagoya! πŸš•πŸš‡πŸš…
Follow the tour at
pics by @claudinegossett (Ps-I made the vid in the background for the tour-makes it less boring! 😁)
@claudinegossett vid. #theendlessroad #tgjapantour2016
@realskateboards @converse_cons @rush_production_net

Soundcheck last night at #molehall in Matsumoto. Running a loop pedal direct to monitors. Tricky getting the levels right as all the stored loops are not the same volume. Fun for the sound person! Delays verb trem rotory pedals and more all to create 1 big dreamy illusion. I made the vid in the background to enhance the 1 man solo journey. Landscapes and road footage overlapped to invoke a mild acid trip πŸ˜³πŸ˜…. 2 dlx verbs to fill out stage sound. The tune is "EL CAMINO NEGRO" from the new wrekid. Limited editon set of 3 45's of 6 tunes-only 100 pressed of each! They are going like spicy chicken wings! πŸ—πŸ”₯
You can follow the trip at @claudinegossett is documenting the trip. Great photos! On to the next!! @ellosphere @realskateboards @rush_production_net #theendlessroad #skatepunkjazz