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Tunnel view was putting on a good show when I drove out of the valley last night. Hard to believe I climbed El Cap in running shorts earlier in the day. Off for a little five day book and event tour. I Cant wait to get back. And when I do get back my family will be with me. The good thing about climbing El Cap 2 1/2 hours (that’s our best time so far) is that it leaves plenty of time in the day to hang with the fam.

Besides a 100 foot whipper (me) and a super gnarly flapper (Alex) we have been keeping it safety 1st. @coolestraceintheworld #edelridclimbing

Alex and I have been lapping The Nose the last few mornings. I think I was never really into speed climbing in the past because I didn’t realize how fun it is. It sure is amazing to see the ease with which Alex handles the big stone. I just hope my fitness can catch up enough. 📷@samuelcrossley

Happy Mother’s Day to the most fun mom I have ever met. The kids and I sure are lucky!

The light and fast version of my book is about to drop and I am doing another tour. It will be great to see you all out there.

Haven’t had a spring season in the valley for a lot of years. Packing up now to head that way. Feeling like a kid the night before Christmas. @team_edelrid

I never aspired to lobby on Capital hill. But I find myself returning every so often. The idea that we can effect positive change is liberating. And it turns out our law makers are surprisingly accessible. I would like to thank @accessfund and @americanalpine for orchestrating a incredible event. I want to thank @senatormariacantwell and @senbennetco for working hard champion our causes. And I want to thank the climbing community for showing up in force. I have yet to meet an environmentalist that did not spend significant time in wild places. For that we need protection and access. @patagonia_climb 📷Stephen Gosling

Happy birthday love! You spread the kind of love and laughter that makes the world a better place. I understand this every day because of the uncensored joy in Fitz and Ingrid. Meeting you changed my life it the best possible way. I love you!

Had dinner with some cool cats the other night at the #trentofilmfestival. It was such a fun group of legends and friends. The #dawnwallfilm took home a quiver of awards. I can’t wait to come back and explore more of the climbing in this part of the world.

Fun days home with the family before he next round of travel begins.

@beccajcaldwell turned into a climber on this trip to Font and pulled off some good sends including Égoïste. Was super fun watching her turn it on. Moms are hardcore. 📷@lynbarrazza

Becca is way better at Instagram than me. I thought this post was so good I just had to repost it.
Happy Birthday Fitz!!! This guy turned 5 years old today. Fitz is an awesome kid. He’s an amazing big brother to Ingrid- always laughing at his sister or making her laugh -he’s got a good sense of humor. He’s a great friend who is always up to have fun and loves his friends. His imagination and brain never ever ever stops, and he will share all about what’s going on in his head, endlessly chattering away with his ideas. He loves to figure out a reason for why everything is the way that it is. He loves books and stories. He wants to be an inventor when he grows up and make a ship that cleans the ocean. I really really REALLY love him and feel like suddenly he’s turning into a big kid right in front of my eyes. I’m proud of him and feel lucky I get to be his mama. Happy birthday #woohoofitz ! I love you!

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