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tommybuilt  07/SOT , fabricator ,Jeep fanatic , Rebel Scum , reality TV personality on Discovery Networks Junkyard Empire #Ibuildfunstuff


The elusive XM8 was a weapons platform that came from the US Army's X29 project. This platform was under development in the early 2000's and was canceled around 2005 before it was fully developed, mostly due to the over all replacement cost, spare parts, armorers tools and training. The project shares allot of design queues from the G36 platform that also trickled down to the civilian SL8 model rifle. These are SL8 rifles modified to look like the XM8 with my Furniture kit. The SL8 was discontinued 5 years ago and are tough to find. I modify the receiver to accept G36 mags and recontour it to look more XM8 like. These two have been refinished in the H&K factory color known as RAL-8000 German Green/brown. The factory optic for these was being developed by Insight Technologies and the civilian version of the red dot/ laser was called the ISM-V, also discontinued years ago and very tough to find. The top rifle has the @holosunoptics Red dot and laser combo which is a great option to keep the original look. Both of these are using the original SL8 bull barrels that I have cut Down and threaded, the short version on the bottom has the Gas system moved back to the C position and is a 9" barrel making it an SBR. These new kits will be back instock soon @hkparts although these are shooters, because of the short supply of base rifles the cost to build these is high which keeps it a pretty unique piece. #tommybuilt #nocompromise #hecklerandkoch #germany #army #xm8 #m8a1 #gamer #unique #unicorn @hkparts @hkparts @hecklerandkoch @holosunoptics @magpod @magpul @pelicanprofessional @daily_badass @bundeswehr @the_greatest_weapons

Ultimate UMP 9mm set up. Full size barrel and a threaded 3 lug SBR barrel , running a @zeisshunting Z-point red dot. This started life as a USC. If you have a USC hanging out in your gun safe that hasn't been converted your missing out. #nocompromise #ump9 #ump #universalmachinepistol @hkparts @hecklerandkoch @pelicanprofessional @metalhead_1 #unicorn #germany

Imperial XM8 , Darkside Edition. Definitely the best XM8 build we've done to date. I'm going to have to post a few pictures of this one. This started life as an H&K SL8 , the optic is an ISM-V and they are both discontinued and not easy to find anymore. #thermaldetonator #darkside #imperial #firstorder #tommybuilt #stormtrooper @hecklerandkoch @hkparts @magpod @magpul @pelicanprofessional #army #xm8 #m8a1 #m8 #gamer #cod #unicorn #unique yes we even did the Pelican case in white @lcwduracoat #starwars @airasylum

3 different ways to G36C, Top is a 16.5" SL8 barrel with a C length gas system and a removable @strikeindustries_si Faux suppressor. Middle is a standard G36C #sbr , bottom is G36C factory barrel with a pinned on barrel extension to keep it title 1 , it can be swapped out with an approved Form 1. The G36C is one of the most rare variants here in the states and the most expensive. These three were all built on my T36 receiver and range in price from $4k to $4800 Typically these have only been built in the civilian market from existing discontinued SL8 rifles and G36 parts kits which pushes the cost of ownership near $6k. #nocompromise #trifecta #tommybuilt #g36c @daily_badass #guns #germany @otbfirearms

Jeep needs a bath now that this rain has finally stopped for a few days. G36C full size with Faux Suppressor and a UMP ACR stock conversion in RAL-8000 , pick your poison. #nocompromise #tommybuilt #hecklerandkoch #rockstar @strikeindustries_si @magpul @hkparts @hecklerandkoch @kmcwheels @toyotires @daily_badass

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