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Tommy Blom  Global Instructor (Expert 5) @ Krav Maga Global, Master SFG @ StrongFirst, Global Instructor @ Ground Force Method, FMS, Advanced Buteyko Institute …

And I'm happy I did! #advancedbuteykoinstitute #advancedbuteyko #tenacity
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A lot of breathing lately on the podcast! 👍
Are you snoring?
@tommyblom (episode 36) taught me that snoring could be cured just by using surgical tape. Unbelievable - but I have tried it about 15 times now - it works!
Want to improve your breathing? Tommy coaches online as he is a Buteyko Practitioner!
We are also trying to bring @iamunscared and @preparetoperform To Sweden for the Art Of Breath Clinic - link in bio - as they also have incorporated some of the Buteyko techniques

More about
Snoring.. Its so common that many consider it the normal "sound of sleep". It is not normal.
Snoring occurs when the tongue and other soft tissues at the back of the throat relax, impinging on the airway and vibrating. Nearly half of all adults snore, and while snoring often is harmless, half of the snorers are suffering from something called obstructive sleep apnea, which develops when the airway closes, stopping breathing for more than 10 seconds at a time! Oxygen (as you might know by now!?) is quite important for humans. Lack of oxygen increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes (= Lagging indicators)
Leading indicators of this issue is: gasping for air as you wake and daytime fatigue.
Thanks again for the tip Tommy!
#TheFLAWDpodcast #FLAWD #Breathing #Buteyko

Just home from 4 really good days in the U.K. has again delivered material that no one doing self defense or martial arts should be without. It has been full of new stuff, eye openers and confirmations on what we do in @kravmagaglobal is correct. Very happy that I took the time to spend this week with Rory and @jonbullockkravmaga both professionally, for the good times and the friendship. Getting to hang out and share experiences with @emmanuelayache and all others I met has made it even better. Thank you everyone! #concom #logicofviolence
@annaactive thank you for the picture!

For the first time in Norway! @strongfirst SFG Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Certification. Join us in #Bergen Norway on November 17-19th 2017. #kettlebells #strongfirst #SFG #instructorcertification #pavel #paveltsatsouline

Ord är överflödiga

The Training gear for today. Heading back into old time strongman training. #foundationalstrength #oldtimestrongmanprotocol #strongfirst #kettlebells #bodyweight @strongfirst #tenacity

Just retuned from attending Foundational Strength that was taught by Brett Jones (Cheif SFG, FMS Advisory Board...) and Master SFG Peter Lakatos. It is a perfect marriage between @functionalmvmt and @strongfirst StrongFirst UK. An awesome amount of information which was new to me and a lot of repetitions. #keeptheswordsharp #foundationalstrength #tenacity #strongfirstsweden

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After listening to @tommyblom (TFP#036 ) I realise that Grip is really important, a leading indicator of how the nervous system is feeling. If grip is weaker than usual, nervous system is weaker.
Soo I got myself a @ironmind Captains of Crush 1 gripper to start with. And are now implementing GTG (Grease The Groove) wherever I go. 😃 Thanks Tommy!
More about the thing that creates the grip, our hands:
The Hand has been perfected for more than 4 million years of evolution and some scientist claims that the sofistication of the hand forced our brains to evolve to make the hand more useful. (Göran Lundborg from Lunds University has written about this). The hand takes up a huge “projection area” in the brains cortex. James Coan (from affective neuroscience in Virginia) claims that you become calmer when you are holding someone else hand, and therefore also it is called that holding hand is an outsourcing of cognition and emotion.
Another cool guy: Aristoteles claimed for 2k years ago that we are learning with our hands. And yeah - grip is also quite important for crossfit and other training regimens. 😃
Longest post of the year. I love it! 😃
If you haven’t listened yet, listen to Tommy talking about grip (and a huge amount more) in the FLAWD Podcast #036 - yeah its in swedish.
Get a grip!


Det var riktigt kul att vara med och snacka om all typ av träning med Peter och David! (
In Swedish
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Äntligen dags!
Efter 1 månads social media fasta är vi tillbaka with a BANG!
Nytt podcast avsnitt med legend coachen: @tommyblom och i detta avsnitt excellent co-hostning av @davidhassan80
Stort tack till er båda! 👍
Spänn öronen!
Shownotes :
I avsnitt #036 : Tommy Blom, en av världens bästa instruktörer inom Krav Maga. Vi får höra om Tommys tränings bakgrund hur han hittade Kettlebells, vilket han också utbildar inom StrongFirst. Vi får höra hur Tommy använder flera olika system såsom: StrongFirst, Krav Maga, Ground Force Method, Functional Movement System och Advanced Buteyko till ett helhetssystem för rörelsekvalité. Förutom detta lär vi oss vad grease the groove är, vikten av greppstyrka och enormt mycket mer! Lyssna in på detta "jammed packed" avsnitt av The FLAWD podcast!! :)

New logo and the web site has been reworked. Still work to do but way better than before. Check it out at #tenacity #tacticalstrength #tenacitytacticalstrength

It moved in a while ago 225 kg of black bar and bumpers from @jarnkula Might just give it a spin with some #deadlifts and #presses this fine evening. #tenacity

5 years ago! Get up training with the wife @starkatjejer . High bridge. #humangetup #highbridge #kettlebells #movement #stability #shoulderstability --------------------------
Thank you Adam Lundquist ( for the picture.

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