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^1K by New Years?^  Drama Queen👸 and Sass Queen✨ - Larry isn't real? You can't sit with us - Hips don't lie, make me wanna TSSSS one more night

OKAY IMPORTANT STUFF RIGHT HERE YEAH. Okay so I was thinking about making a Harry fanfic and calling it "Summer Break." So the main girl would live with her mom in the USA but during summer break, she'd fly to England to visit her dad. So she would get like a part-time job at a beach bar and boys would be like flirting with her all the time. So then one day he meets Harry and he's not famous and he's kind- like REAL Harry. I feel nobody writes anything about Harry being the good guy so yeah. I legit thought this up in 5 minutes when I was in the shower so idk. Also is have MUCH better grammar them this I swear. But tell me what you think PLEASE! If this post gets, let's do, 30 likes, then I'll write it. K? K. Carry one with your day.

So I just got out the shower and I was like "dang I was in there for like a hour" and I grab my phone and it says I was only in there for 20 mins wtf


Dear Grilled Chesus,
Help us reach 1K by New Years. 🙏

anyone else or

Omf so I had a dream where I got scared at night so I got up and my shades on the window were open. They're NEVER open. So I look outside and there's nothing so I turned around to look for my parents. But then I turned around to double check and there was like a shadowy figure sitting against the building next to ours. (I live in apartments btw) Obviously I screamed and ran into the living room where my parents should've been, but it was just my dog. I know that doesn't sound too creepy but damn that gave me a good scare.

I don't think we're reaching 1K unless we have like a miracle 😐

Okay I'm done with the videos. If you want to see more go to my vine: Swaggie Kendall. I'm gonna go shower! 😘


So I decided to post all my video edits on a new account: @dem1dedits Requests are open and feedback would be great 😘


I actually made an edit😂 I'm at my grandma's house and there are two little kids. One of them is 3 years old and he's so adorable. I'm gonna post some videos later. The other one is 7 months old

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