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tom holland fan account πŸ₯πŸ•·  if u meet tom record a vid of tom saying "hi jamie" i'm counting on y'all β€” tom liked 8/5, haz 8/20, harry 8/19, 9/4 β€” editing acc: @hxllander


school is so stressful i’m depressed
Q: apple or orange juice?
all i want is for @tomholland2013 to comment on one of my posts so pls tag him :)

accurate af πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ also the world didn't end today so that means i still have a chance of meeting tom ha
Q: favorite tv show character?
(tweet via tomatoholland on twitter)
tag @tomholland2013 ❀️

if tom ever comments on one of my posts my life will be complete tbh
Q: peanut butter or jelly?
tag @tomholland2013 ❀️

sorry guys i haven't been able to update lately. i've been really busy with schoolwork and stuff :(
tag @tomholland2013 ❀️
credit: pictures from tomskgard on twitter

all i want in life is for tom to comment on one of my posts
Q: favorite cereal?
tag @tomholland2013 ❀️

i!! love!! tom!! holland!!!
Q: favorite board game?
tag @tomholland2013 πŸ’“

wow @tomholland2013 looks so good here 😍 a little dead inside but it's okay
Q: instagram or twitter?
credit: @tomhollendmysuffering
tag tom! πŸ’“

the love of my life
Q: favorite pastime?
tag him @tomholland2013

tag @tomholland2013 and comment below why u love/appreciate him!!! i'm so thankful for tom and joining this fandom because through this i made so many new friends from throughout the world! i also have made friends with people from my school whom i wouldn't have been friends with if it weren't for us striking a convo about spiderman. thank u tom for making wonderful movies and for being so appreciative of ur life and fans and just being such a positive outlet for millions of people. love u spidey ❀️ hopefully he sees this post and will be able to read the comments you guys will leave so don't forget to tag him and like!! πŸ’“βœ¨u

reposting an old one :) i love this boy
Q: coke or pepsi?

me too
credit: my fave @spiderpeterholland
Q: what are you going to be for halloween?

i'm pretty sure this is my pic cuz of the grid lmao
Q: iphone or samsung?

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