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Tom: OK Harry. I think your old enough to understand this. But yes I have sex. And its not weird if me and y/n have sex. So please dont make fun of us if we do that and you can hear us.
Harry: Tom. I know. Its OK. *he started to laugh*

Tom started to look embarrassed.

Tom: OK you'll be sleeping on the couch. It folds out to a bed. Or if you want I'll get you your own hotel room?
Harry: Its OK I'll survive. And the room service bill is charged to you right?
Tom: Yeah?
Harry: OK great.
Tom: K. Me and y/n are going to go continue watching our movie.
Harry: OK have fun watching your "movie". *he gestured*

And Tom led you back into the room and shut the door.

Tom: Sorry if I embarrassed you out there. *he said rubbing his neck*
You: Babe. Its OK. Its not embarrassing at all! Yeah, we're adults we have sex. * you said looking at his lips and licking yours*
Tom: Yeah.
Tom walked over to you and pushed you on the bed and started to kiss you. Full of power and hunger .... TO BE CONTINUED...

You softly pulled away from his lips.

You: I'll go see who it is.

You get off the bed and walk to the main door that leads out of the hotel room. And then you open it. Its Harry! Toms brother. Wow their whole family is attractive!

Harry: Oh hey! Your the girl who's hooking up with Tom right?
You: Uh-

Then Tom came rushing around the corner.

Tom: Actually Harry, we are dating.
Harry: oh sorry.
Tom: So uh why ya here?
Harry: Well I was hoping to stay with you and Harrison for a few days?
Tom: I mean thats fine with me. But I need to clarify with y/n first and Harrison.

And he pulled you into the other room.

Tom: *whispering* so is this OK with you?
You: *whispering* yeah. This is your hotel room not mine. *you stared to giggle*
Tom: Well I can here Harrison and Bella doing it, so Im not going to even try and ask him.

And you guys walked back to the door.

Tom: Welcome to the Party!
Harry: Sweet!

And he let Harry in the door.... TO BE CONTINUED...

You: Imagine if we had came in any later. I think there would have been more than kissing! *you laughed*

Tom grinned as he scooped you up and spun you around and carried you to his room. You couldn't believe that he had a TV in his room too!

Tom: What would you like to watch my dear?
You: Anything you want my charming prince!

Tom: How about Grown Ups?
You: Sure! Adam Sandler is so funny!
Tom: OK Grown Ups it is!

He put the disc into the Blue Ray player. And started to movie. Then he dove onto the bed next to You, and started to tickle you.

You began to laugh really hard.

You: Tom stop I'm not ticklish! *you said laughing even harder and he tickled your belly*
Tom: Well it sounds like your ticklish! *as he finished tickling your belly*

You smiled at the fact that he was done tickling you, and at how playful he was.

As the movie started Tom cuddled up next to you with his really soft blanket he got from mexico, and rested his arms around your waist.

After awhile he began to kiss your neck every then now leaving you wanting more. Then you turned to him and caught him off guard as he continued to kiss your neck softly. And you grabbed him and kissed him long and soft on the lips. You made out with him coming up for air every once in a while, while he rubbed your waists, when there was a soft knock on the main hotel room door.... TO BE CONTINUED...

So you guys headed back to the hotel. ------ You:OK before I come over I need to get my pajamas or some comfy clothes.
Tom: OK. Can I come to help you pick some out?
You: Sure I guess.

Then you both headed to your room.

You walked over to your closet and Tom followed. You opened up the doors.

You:Shorts or sweats.
Tom: Shorts.
You: Tank top or sweatshirt?
Tom: tank top. I have a sweatshirt you could wear.

You smiled at him and grabbed your silky PJ shorts and the cropped tank top.

And you got dressed in them while Tom looked through his phone.

You: OK ready.
Tom: Damn!
You giggled and grabbed his hand and you guys headed out.

When you got to his room and opened the door your jaws dropped.

Harrison and Bella we half naked making out on the couch.

Tom: ahem.

They pulled away from each other and looked at Tom.

Tom: Come on mate. Get a room!

Harrison: Sorry.

He picked Bella up and brought her to his room.

You and Tom just looked at each other and began to laugh.... TO BE CONTINUED... LIKE AND COMMENT FOR MORE! LEAVE 3 REASONS DOWN BELOW THAT YOU LIKE TOM!

And you didnt think he would but he did. He carried you all the way to California Screaming'! You: Thanks for the ride babe!

Tom smiled at you.

Harrison: Are we going to rude this?
Bella: I want to.
You: Well...
Tom: Its OK. I'll hold your hand the whole time! I promise.

You thought about it. And Tom hdong your hand would make it less scary.

Bella: Come on Y/n! There's like 9 year olds going.
You: OK fine I'll go.
Tom: Yes!

You guys skipped the line and got on the ride.

You and Tom sat in the front.
The ride operator came by and fastened the thing that went over you to keep you safe.

Tom grabbed your hand and kissed it.

Tom: Its OK baby girl I got you.

And you couldn't help but give him a kiss. Then as the ride slowly made its way to wear it paused then counted down to boost you, you guys heard a bunch of girls yelling Tom's name.

Fan: We love you Tom!
Another fan: You and your new girlfriend are goals! You guys are so cute!

Tom: Thank you!
He waved and blew a kiss.

Then the ride voice cane one.

Ride voice: OK hold on tight, and your off in 3,2,1 scream!

And the ride shot off! ----- When you got off the ride you thought it was really fun. And you also were ready to go back yo the hotel for the night.

You: Hey Tom do you wanna head back to the hotel?
Tom: Are you hungry?
You: Yeah maybe we could get room service and maybe have some cuddle time?
Tom: Sounds amazing to me.... TO BE CONTINUED...

You guys once again skipped to the front of the line. You also really loved The Pirates Of The Caribbean! You just loved it so much! And you were so happy to be able to ride it with Tom.

Tom: OK do you get wet on this one? *he said stepping into the front of the boat with you*
You: No. At the first and only couple of hills you just get a bit splashed but hardly any.
Tom: OK. Is it scary?
You: No. Are you scared?
Tom: Naw I was just wondering if you were so I could comfort you.
You: Thanks but it takes a lot for a ride to scare me.
Tom: What ride scares you?
You: California Scream'in.
Tom: Really? That doesn't look scary!
You: Sure. You were scared on Splash Mountain.
Tom: That's because I wasn't strapped in.

Then the ride begun. The boat drifted through the swampy themed waters. And you saw the robotic old man sitting on his porch playing his bonjo. Then it was the part of the first hill. And the boat took a stop allowing the scull to talk to you before it went down.

Tom: Wooohooo!!!
You: Yay! Woo!

You looked back to see what Harrison and Bella thought of the ride, but they were too busy making out. Weirdos. ------- When the ride was finished you All headed to more rides. You all had a blast! Then you guys decided to sit on a bench for a bit.

Tom: I say we go yo California Adventure!
Harrison: I'm down.
Bella: OK!
You: Sure whatever you guys wanna do.
Tom: OK let's go!

Bella and Haz started to head back to the Disneyland entrance.

You: ugh my legs are so tired.
*you said grabbing your legs*
Tom: Get on my back.

And he bent down with his back towards you.

You: Are you sure you can carry me?
Tom: Oh please! You are not heavy!
You: OK then
And you got on his back and put your legs around his waist and put your arms around his neck.... TO BE CONTINUED...

You and Tom decided that in the picture Tom would be holding you like a princess and looking into your eyes smiling. He stares at you with his beautiful eyes. God you love those dark brown eyes.

Then Haz took the picture. And then Tom gave you a long passionate kiss. Before putting you down.

Bella: You guys are so cute! I can't! *she squealed*

Then Tom took his phone back from Has and captioned the pictire "Loving Disneyland with my cutie" then he posted it.

After only seconds you could hear a group of girls a little ways away yell.

Group of fans: Oh my God! Tom just posted a picture! He has a new girl! And it looks like they are over by Splash Mountain!
Tom: Well looks like they know!
You: Woah what the heck? I just got 600 follow requests? Did you tag me?
Tom: No. I guess they found you!
You: I guess I have to set my account to public!
Tom: Are you guys hungry for lunch?
Everyone: yeah!
Tom: OK I'm buying! ------ Now that you have all eaten and let your food digest you guys decide to go on pirates of the Caribbean..... TO BE CONTINUED...

And before you knew it you were going down another (not so big) hill. Tom was starting to not be so scared.

Tom: Hey y/n when is the big drop?
You: Straight ahead!

You pointed to the ramp that took the log out of the water and onto the power belt taking you up a steep hill.

You: OK everybody in this boat! As we go down do the Spiderman hand thing!
Everyone: OK!
Tom: I'll try.

You guys reached the tipy top and then the log released you! You all tried your best to do the signature spiderman hand thing.

After the log hit the water everyone was soaking wet!

Tom turned to you with his now curly wet hair and kissed you on the lips as the log slowing continued moving in the water.
He stopped kissing you when a flash went off. You turned around to see that one of the fan girls had taken a picture of the two of you kissing!

Tom: You guys can't show anyone that picture.
Rude fan girl 1: Why? Is it because you two ARE dating?

You looked at Tom. He had sadness in his eyes.

You: Why dont you want people to know?
Tom: Because I dont want them to say mean things to you. I knoe people y/n. They will say nasty things.
You: Tom. Its OK. I can handle it. I dont want to have to keep this a secret.
Tom: Are you sure?
You: Yes.
*Tom turned to the girls*
Tom: OK listen. You can't share that until after I get the news out myself. I'm going to tweet a picture of me and her... Haz will you take a picture of me and Y/n after the ride?
Harrison: Only if you give me credit.
Tom: I will.

You smiled at Tom. And before you knew it the ride was finished. You all got out. Tom took a picture with the fans and bid them goodbye and the four of you went to see how your picture turned out from the ride.

Mostly all of you kept the hand gesture pretty well, but Tom didnt even try it seemed like. He was holding on for dear life! And it was so funny! His face was so red!

You: Tom! Did you even try?! *you said joking*
Tom: Yeah! But I felt like I was going to fall out!

You rolled your eyes and grabbed Tom's hand as you all walked to a spot in front of the ride for a nice picture.

Tom: OK Haz heres my phone.... TO BE CONTINUED...

Bella turned around to the two rude fan girls that were sitting directly behind her and... Bella: You little shits better back the hell off Tom! He doesn't have to answer to you!
Rude fan girl 2: Well actual-
Bella: No! He doesn't! Leave him and my best friend alone or I'm going to bitch slap you to another planet. I dont which one, but it probably going to be Uranus! You understand?!
Now leave them alone! Who gives a fuck if they are dating!? It doesn't matter if Tom or Harrison have girlfriends as long as they are happy! Rude Fan girl 1: Fine.
Both rude fan girls: Tom. We are very sorry. And if that is your new girlfriend, then you both are lucky to have each other because you are both beautiful human beings.
Tom: Thank you.

Then Tom looked a head and saw the first drop.

Tom: Y/n! Hold on to me please!
You: Ok! *you giggled*

So you wrapped your arms around his waist.
The log went down the drop and Tom was soaked! You were a little soaked. But you were irritated to look back and see that Harrison and Bella were hardly even wet!
Tom turned around to you. His hair dripping wet and already starting to get a bit curly.

Tom: What the fuck? Why are you guys not wet?! *he said to Harrison and Bella.*
Harrison: Because we aren't in the front.
You: Oh look now we get to go through the singing robots! * you said excited hearing the theme song "Zip-a-dee-Do-Dah"* The log entered the room full of singing robots cheerfully singing Zip-a-dee-do-dah.

Tom: Aww look how lovely this is!

Then you and Bella started to sing the words of the song.

You and Bella: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh, my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine headin' my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!

Then eventually Tom and Had caught on and began to sing too!.... TO BE CONTINUED...

you: Tom hold onto the seat in front of you! *you said laughing hysterically knowing that he would be confused because there was no seat in front of him*
Tom: Y/n! There is no seat in front of me! *he turned back and looked at you with a scared look*

You could not stop laughing!

You: *trying to breathe* then hold onto the inside of the edges! * you said wheezing*
Tom: OK. Your sure this is safe?!
You: Yes totally 100% safe! *coughs* you might fall out.
You: Tom I'm kidding!
Tom: And why does this not have seat belts? *he yelled*

Just then The two girls that had gotten in the empty space in the back of the log behind Harrison and Bella started to yell Tom's name.

Rude Fans: Tom! Tom!

Tom looked back. Then gave a little wave.

Rude Fan girl 1: omg Harrison!

Then Harrison turned around and said hello.

Rude Fan girl 2: Who are you with Tom?
Tom: Um a co-star. *he said looking at you*
Rude Fan girl 2: No, Thomas Stanley. Thats no co-star.
Tom: Its a friend.
Rude Fan girl 1: Well who is she?
Rude Fan girl 2: Do you have a new girlfriend?

Tom turned to look at you. And mouthed "what should I say?"
Then you mouthed back "I dont know?" Rude Fan girl 2: I thought you were dating Zendaya?
Tom: No. We are just friends.

Then the ride actually began. Finally.
Rude Fan girl 2: So Tom why do you want to lie to us? *she said with white girl sas*

Thats when Bella turned around... TO BE CONTINUED...

You guys took one look at the picture and the four of you broke down laughing! Tom's hair was flying up and he looked so scared, even though he said was having a blast you know he was probably shitting himself!
Your braids were going to both sides of you, and you had your hands up and were smiling. Harrison and Bella were making funny faces on purpose, while looking at each other for the camera.

The next ride you were headed to was splash mountain. But first Tom needed to try his first Churro. So you stopped by a stand and offered to buy him one, but of course Tom being Tom would never let that happen so he bought all of you one including himself.

Tom took his first bite! His eyes went wide and a big smile came across his face.
Tom: That is the best thing I have ever tasted! * and he chowed down the rest in 60 seconds flat*
You: I know right! *you said taking another bite savoring the sugary goodness of the warm Churro*

It was also Harrison's first time trying one. He loved it also!

Then you guys continued to head to splash mountain when Tom asked a dumb question that made you laugh.

Tom: So um do you like get wet on this ride? * he said watching the people scream as they went down the hill*
You: *you started to laugh* Tom! Of course you get wet! Its called "Splash Mountain"!
Tom: Ohhh. OK. Well let's go its really hot and I need to be cooled off!

Then you guys did the usual you headed to the front wear he showed his pass and you guys were taken straight to the ride.

When you guys were about to get on Tom took one look at the log in front of him and almost lost it.
He started to laugh uncontrollably.

Tom: How the hell am I supposed to sit in this?!
You: Like this.

You and Bella got on the ride and showed them how simple it was.

You: OK Tom I want you to sit in the front, and I'll sit behind you.
Tom: OK.

He got on and staddled the awkward seat. Then he looked around.

Tom: Where the fuck do I hold on to?! He started to Panic as the log started to move foward letting 2 more people on the back.... TO BE CONTINUED...

When you guys got to the ride Tom just showed his all access card and you guys got to skip the whole line.
As you walked up to the ride you could barely hold in your excitement! You wanted to scream! You were here with the man of your dreams, at Disneyland! ------ Finally you guys made it to the ride.

Tom: Ok so do you want to ride with me or Bella?

You looked back at Bella, then back at Tom. He was smirking. He knew you would choose him.

You: um. You!
Tom: Great! OK you may get in first my dear.

And you got into the ride. You were so Happy because you guys were in front!
Then the ride operator came to check your straps.
And the ride started.

Tom: Is it scary?

He said with his innocent, beautiful, brown eyes.

You: No. I promise. But when I tell you to, raise your hands! It make the ride more fun!
Tom: OK!

You guys finally made it to the fun, Crazy, thrilling part of the ride!

You: Raise your hands! *you screamed*
Tom: OK- *Tom said scared and raised his hands in the air*

You: Woooohhoooo!!! *you said enjoying the ride*
Tom: aahhhhhh *he screamed sounding like he was about to die or something*

Then the ride ended after it took your picture. ---- When you all got off the ride you headed to look at the picture of you all on the ride.
It was so funny... TO BE CONTINUED...

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