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Tom: *panting* Ready for me?
You: Uh huh.
All of a sudden Tom pushed into you.
You let out a loud moan.

Tom: *moan* Oh yeah!
You: *while Tom was pumping you* You really needed this didnt you?!
Tom: *groaning* yeah-
He went faster really quick. He didnt even start slow he just went into it. Thats something he's never done before.

You: Woah babe slow down! I'm gonna come really soon if you don't stop!
Tom: I can't!

He went fast and faster. What the hell? It was so, rough?

You: *breathing hard trying to speak* Babe please.

He kept going.
It was almost becoming too much for you.

You: Tom!

He slowed down and looked up at you.
Your eyes met his big brown, hungry eyes.

You: It's not fun if you don't take your time and enjoy it.

He stopped thrusting and just sat inside you.

Tom: Did I- did I hurt you?
You: No you were just a little rough. But you gotta take your time. Just show me how much you love me. Show me the passion that I KNOW you have Stanley.
Tom: Ok I'm sorry. Uh wanna continue?
You: Ye- *knock-knock*

Omg.Omg.omg! Was someone listening?! Did they hear you?!
Your heart was racing and you could hear Tom's too.

Voice: Is someone in there?

Tom looked at you like he was depending on you.

You: I don't know just say something.

Tom: Yeah! Its Tom! Sorry I'm just- uh - oh ! I'm just hanging up my Peter clothes!
Voice: Oh? You didnt give them to Nancy earlier?
Tom: No sorry! I went to my trailer with them.
Voice: Oh OK? Is someone in there with you?
Tom: No!
Voice: oh I could've sworn?-
Tom: I was listening to some rock music!.. TO BE CONTINUED...

↓IMAGINE↓(Adult content)

Tom: Finally!

He shoved you to the wall and began to breath and kiss your neck. Then he roughly ripped off your top amd threw it to the other side of the room.
He saw your breasts and went straight for them. He began to suck on the cleavage leaving hickeys.
Usually you didnt like having hickeys because covering them up was hard but this was worth it.

When he was done leaving a few he sank down to your shorts and pulled them down to your ankles. Then he did something he had never done before; he licked all the way up your leg to your panties, sending chills up your body.
His lips once again found yours, but not for long until he pulled them away in a sharp manner making you actually kind of angry.
Then he pushed you to the couch in there.

You: Slow down babe!
Tom: I can't!

He waddled out of his sweats and threw them towards your guys' shoes.
Next he pulled his shirt over his head.

You: Holy shit! What did they do to your abs?!
Tom: *breathing heavy* What do you mean?!
You: They are- just- Wow!

Tom smirked and let out a little laugh before pulling his boxers down.... TO BE CONTINUED...

You: Me too baby. I just- its just kinda weird with Sam out there. And your door doesn't have a lock.
Tom: Hmm true. Oh! But I know somewhere we could go... Get your shoes on.
You: But-
Tom: Get your shoes on.

Tom pulled on his black Nike's and waited for you by the door.
You finally got up and slipped on your vans.
-------- You followed Tom as he crept around the other cast and staff trailers.

You guys finally made it to a little costume room inside of a big stunt wear house.
Hanging on the racks were a bunch of Peter Parkers outfits.
Tom closed and locked the door behind you guys.

You: Oh no. Really? In here??
Tom: Yes.
You: But what if someone comes in?!
Tom: Babe *stepping over to you and holding your shoulders* no one is gonna come in. I looked around and no one is in here. Plus the door is locked.
You: What did you tell Sam?
Tom: About?
You: About where we were going.
Tom: Oh I told him we were gonna go grab something from Jacob.
You: Ugh OK. Let's make this quick.
Tom: Finally! *he groaned*
Tom went for your lips-but you stopped him.

Tom: ugh oh my god what? *sexually frustrated*
You: Can you do me a favor?
Tom: Isnt this a favor?
You: Yeah... But I mean another thing.
Tom: Okay, what is it?
You: While we have sex you have to do the queens accent. *you smirked*

Tom knew how much you loved the Queens accent

Tom: OK. *he smiled rolling his eyes* Can we please get on with it now?
You: Mm hmm..... TO BE CONTINUED...

You smirked.

You: Permission to what?
Tom: Do this... He leaned in and gave you a nice-soft passionate kiss.
He slowly pulled his lips off yours as they stuck together.

You: I didn't really give you permission, but I don't mind. *smiling*
Tom: Didn't think so.

He gave you another kiss and this time he began to throw in a little bit of tongue.
Then as you both kissed he subtlety pulled you on top of him, so that you were now laying on him.

Tom: Y/n I love you so much.
You: I love you too.
Tom: Like I really love you.
You: Me too.
Tom: So do you wanna...
You: But Sams' out there. *gesturing your head towards the door*
Tom: So?
You: He'll hear.
Tom: The only one he would hear is you. "Oh Tom! Oh! Please! Oh! Oh my god!" *moaning to imitate you*.
You: I do not sound like that! *giving him a little punch*
Tom: Uh yeah you do.

You rolled your eyes.

Tom: Please its been so long.

You thought for a moment considering what could happen and if it was worth it.

Tom: Come on babe. Ever since we started filming 3 months ago we haven't done anything. I want more. I want to love you.

Tom sat up to whisper in your ear.

Tom: I wanna be inside of you.... TO BE CONTINUED...

He rubbed softly obviously trying to be very gentle.

You: Tom you can rub harder.
Tom: I dont wanna hurt you though.
You: Tom, I'll live. *you laughed*

He started rubbing a bit harder and it felt really good to your tense muscles.

Tom: How's that babe?
You: Perfect.

Then you felt him lower a bit onto you, but not all the way.
You winced at the surprise of his lips touching your upper back. He made his way up to your neck by leaving a trail of little kisses.
You were in your bra, and that prevented him from kissing that part of your back. But you felt a little click back there. Your bra fell off.

You: Thomas what just happened?

Even though you know perfectly what happened and what WAS going to happen.

Tom: It was in my way.

He inched his face closer to yours. You felt him breathing by you, then he did something he has never don't before. He licked your ear.
You squirmed at this new feeling.
Tom pulled away.

Tom: What did you not like that?
You: No- uh it was fine. Just new. But I liked it.
Tom: Oh. Good. Can I have permission to... He climed off you and layed by you..... TO BE CONTINUED...

Sitting on his bare back you began to rub his shoulders. You made sure you rub fairly hard to get it all the possible knots and tense spots.

Tom: Ah that feels amazing.

He said while his face was shoved into the pillow. You laughed at this site.

You: Why is your face down like that?
Tom:*face still in the pillow with arms to his sides* Because its comfortable.
You: Well okay then.
You continued to rub and used your fist a bit too.

Tom: Hey babe I'll massage you now. You've done enough for me.
You: Are you sure I can massage your back?
Tom: No its your turn love.
You: Okay.
Tom: Climb off me and lay down on your belly. I'll rub your shoulders too.

You crawled off him and layednon your stomach where Tom previously was. The spot was warm and comfy from his body heat. And it smelled like his natural scent (because thats the side he slept on). You loved Tom's natural scent.
Tom: I'll just kneel over you because I don't wanna crush you. *he laughed knowing that might be true*
You: Okay.

You felt him straddle over you, and then you felt him put some cold coconut lotion on your shoulders.... TO BE CONTINUED...

Tom: I'm kinda tired.
You: Me too.
Tom: Wanna go lay down?
You: Sure. *you smiled*

Tom stood up and wished Sam goodnight.

Sam: And where are you going?
You: *pushing Tom towards the room* To give him a massage.
Sam: What?! I wanna massage!
Tom: Sorry Charlie. *he shrugged.* Sam rolled his eyes.
You shut the door behind you and Tom. Tom walked over to the bed and propped himself up on his elbows.

Tom: A massage huh?
You: Yep. Take off your shirt boy.
Tom: Hey I'm not complaining. *he raised his hands in defense*

Tom took off his shirt. Your eyes directly went to his rock hard abs. You could drool just looking at them.
Tom caught you looking and spoke up.

Tom: You can massage these too! *he moved his pecks up and down along with his eyebrows*

You picked up his shirt and threw if at him.
He started to laugh.

You: You little tease! *you laughed* Okay lay on your stomach I'm gonna rub your shoulders.

Tom did as he was told and flipped over.
You grabbed the lotion on the side table and crawled onto his bare back... TO BE CONTINUED...

You got up to go and get an icepack for Tom.
You came back with it and helped him position it on his shoulder.

Tom: Thanks.
You: Yep. So how did you pull the muscle?
Tom: Its embarrassing.
You: I'm your girlfriend. Don't be embarrassed.
Tom: Your gonna laugh.
You: Yeah I will if its funny.*you teased giving him a little push*
Tom: OK, I was pulling off the baggy suit seen in the alley seen and my arm got caught and I pulled too hard and -boom- pulled shoulder muscle.

You began to giggle a bit. Only Tom would pull his muscle taking clothes off.
Tom looked at you as you laughed and moved trying to calm yourself. And THEN Sam began to laugh too!

Tom: Sam why are you laughing now?
Sam:*in between breaths* because- you- *laughs very loud*- pulled your muscle getting out if cloths! *laughs even harder*
Tom: Oh come on.
You: I love you.
You whispered in his ear grabbing his free hand and rubbing it.

Tom: I love you too... TO BE CONTINUED...

You: Tom. *arms folded*

You couldn't help but smile and laugh at his idiotness, so you walked over and gave him a big hug.

You: So how about that movie!
Tom: What'd you pick?
You: Avengers.
Tom: Wish I was in that one.
You: You are gonna be though. *you winked at him planting a small kiss on his cheek*
Sam: Can we watch the movie now?
Tom: Yeah.

You all sat down on the couch; you in the middle of Tom and Sam. Tom put his arm around you and pulled you closer, obviously trying to keep you away from Sam. You went with it and nusseld your head into his chest.
Tom reached for the remote and then winced in pain grabbing his shoulder.

Tom: Damn it!
You: What babe?! Are you okay?
Tom: *gripping himself* I tore my muscle earlier and now I pissed it off even more.
You: Oh I'm so sorry Tom. *rubbing his back* Want an ice pack?
Tom: Sure. * holding his breath in pain*.... TO BE CONTINUED...

Jon: So what do you need?
You: Well Tom, Sam, and me wanted to watch a movie but we don't have any. Do you have some?
Jon: Yeah! What kind?

You turned to Sam.

Sam: Uh action?
Jon: Like superhero?
Sam: Anything Marvel!
Jon: Avengers?
Sam: Yes!!
Jon: OK Avengers it is.

Sam turned back to you with a unsure expression.

Sam: Sorry. Are you OK with it?
You: Yeah I love Marvel.
Sam: Yeah you and Tom will probably be kissing the whole time.
You: Mmm nah.
Sam: Mmm yah.

You both giggled and waited for Jon to come back.
The trailer door opened again and Jon handed you the blue ray Avengers disc.

You: Thanks Jon!
Jon: No problem and tell Tom to get some rest.

You: OK! *you yelled giving a thumbs up*
----- You and Sam got back to the trailer and walked in to find Tom quickly stuffing his mouth with Oreo cookies.
You stopped in the kitchen doorway and folding your arms staring him down.

Tom: *mouth full* Uh this- um. Uhh- I'm sorry. *he swallowed*
You: Your not supposed to eat that stuff! Come one Tom you did this kind of thing on set of Heart of the Sea.
Tom: Psh no!
You: Yes! You ate a croissant. Or "quackson".... TO BR CONTINUED...

Tom looked at you in disbelief.

Tom: What's wrong? *he whispered so Sam wouldn't hear*

You eyed him down knowing he knew exactly what he was doing.

You: We should go watch the movie now.
Tom: OK. I just need to get into come sweats.
Sam: y/n wanna help me pic a movie?
You: Sure!
You hopped off the bed and left the room, closing the door behind you.

Sam opened a cabinet and looked inside.

Sam: Do you know where the movies are?
You: We have to go ask Jon for some.
Sam: Jon?
You: Watts. Jon Watts.
Sam:Ohh. Okay.
You: I'll tell Tom.
Sam: Are you sure? We'll be quick.
You:*glanced at the bedroom door* uh okay-yeah we'll be quick.
You and Sam arrived at Jon's trailer. And you knocked a little pattern you had memorized from Tom.

Jon:*from inside the trailer* Tom is that you? I thought I told you to get some rest!

Jon opened the door and smiled.

Jon: Oh its you y/n.
You: Sorry did we disturb you?
Jon: No not at all!.... TO BE CONTINUED...

Tom kept kissing you and he moved his hands to your hips.
Then of course, the door opened.

Sam: Oh shit.

Tom pulled away quickly to face Sam;keeping his hands on your hips.

Tom: What the fuck?
Sam: Sorry I didn't know you guys were- sorry.
Tom: So you thought the door was closed just for the fun of it?
Sam: Uh-
You: It's OK Tom. What do you need Sam?
Sam: I just was wondering if we could watch a movie.

Tom pulled a hand from your hip and put his palm to his face.

Tom: Can it wait? *sounding a bit frustrated at being interrupted*
Sam: How long? *he folded his arms*
Tom: How ever long I want.

You couldn't help but laugh at them. You had never seen them argue before and it was quite hilarious.
Tom looked at you with confusion.

Tom: What?
You: Nothing.*you laughed even harder throwing your head into Tom's chest.*
Sam: Well it looks like you guys are done.
Tom: Nope.
He then pulled your head up and began to kiss you even more passionately. But this didn't feel right. So you pulled away and looked at him with confused puppy eyes.... TO BE CONTINUED...

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