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Official Tom DeLonge  Angels & Airwaves * Blink-182 * Box Car Racer......... Chairman of the Board TTS Academy Musician, Director, Producer at To The Stars, Inc


Henrey wants to go -

Anyone at Denver Airport? Just passing through... Yes, that camera in my hand is about to get something incredible on it.

Just attempting to build a better world... that’s all. #leadtheworldthroughlight

A lot of people are asking why we are doing two divisions of aerospace and entertainment. It’s a good question. I started the entertainment company a couple years ago investing heavily into feature film scripts, television series, novels and authors, trademarks, and everything else that you see us doing. The entertainment company is now set up to really succeed over the next couple years, so I made the choice to let that Division move along and grow into a lucrative media/publishing/merchandise division while the aerospace company can hunker down and build something that could change the world. Otherwise, the aerospace company would have to get into defense contracts to stay afloat. So this was a way to stay away from building weapons. Oh, and that thing that we want to build- It will be in one of our movies- 😎

To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science is a Public Benefit Corporation. We see ourselves as somewhere between a charitable organization that intends to have a positive impact on the world, and a mid to long-term investment that we hope can be as lucrative as world changing technology could be. In addition to that, we are a new type of “Science-Fiction Disney” built for adults...We make Movies, Television, Books and Merchandise. Www.ToTheStarsAcademy.com / ToTheStars.Media

Exciting developement at To The Stars Academy this week. Hang tight. Thank you, everybody- You all are amazing for your support. Www.ToTheStarsAcademy.com 🚀 - amazing photo credit: @surfnsnowboard

Poet Anderson #conceptualart for the Feature Film. By @gusmendoncadesign (who is also the genius who illustrated the TTS Academy Spacecraft) @tothestarsofficial

We aim to create Partnerships with places like DARPA, AIR FORCE, NASA and other places looking to push Science more...www.ToTheStarsAcademy.com

The F-22 builds on the stealth technologies first used on the F-117. The F-117 was still secret when the development of what became the F-22 started. The new fighter had to be supersonic, maneuver better than any other airplane, and have sensors that were beyond anything anyone had ever seen. A big challenge was how to develop the design for the new fighter without revealing the existence of the F-117. As a result the F-22 is the world’s premier air superiority fighter. It can see, shoot, and defeat the enemy before the enemy even know it is there.
Steve Justice (Head of Aerospace and Advanced Technology at To The Stars Academy)was part of the original design team working to embody the technologies from other programs into the fighter. That required a working knowledge of the technologies so that they could be correctly integrated. In the To The Stars Academy pursuit of our beyond-revolutionary craft, the ability to understand both the technologies and the integration needs is critical. That is what Steve brings.

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