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Tom DeBlass  God First World Changer, Father 3xADCC Trials🏆 2xNo Gi World 🏆 2xPan American 🏆 ADCC NY superfight🏆 UFC & Bellator vet 3 x ADCC vet ⬇️Dvds⬇️

I'm going to be honest, if you put out videos and you try and be a voice and give advice to the BJJ world yet you never train, or you're never seen training to put it to the test, it's hard for me to respect you. (Unless you're physically unable)Great to see another voice of the community @chewjitsu drive to my Academy for training. Great rounds today. Anytime, anywhere, with anyone, in front of anyone, I'm down to roll.💙 @musclepharm
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Thanks to Tom for opening his gym to us for some training before we head back home today. I appreciate the hospitality. ⁣

And thanks to everyone I got a chance to roll with. Happy to move on the mats with you. ⁣

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Get better...

Our circumstance doesn't define us, how we choose to react to that circumstance does.💙

Stop accepting defeat. You aren't training all of those hours, and sacrificing as much as you are to show up and lose. Change your approach, change your mind set. Take responsibility and get better. @headsharp

You have it all inside of you, you just need to dig deep enough to find it. (Artwork by @thejiujiteiro)

Sad to miss Pan Ams this year. But yesterday I taught a seminar in Florida and today I'm riding kiddie rides with my two favorite humans.
Pan Am Gold medal < dragon rides with my son. 😂😂 Open mat tonight 7:30 pm!

You know who the heck you are. I left some matches feeling I was in a knife fight!😂😂

Congratulations to my black belt @garlava for winning all 3 matches in his Men Of War competition by submissions!

Love him or hate him he will go down at the GOAT of No Gi when all is said and done. Proud of you Gordon. Your mind and work ethic are your greatest assets.
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With all submissions Gordon Ryan wins the IBJJF Pan No-Gi! Go to for full results.

In my opinion life is a constant learning process. I can't speak for you, but personally there are so many areas I need to improve upon. It takes a conscious effort and practice, just like anything else. Lets get better.

The courage to step out of your comfort zone and try is an amazing feat and deserves to be celebrated. About 4 years ago a kid named @Timholder97 reached out to my on Facebook to vent about some issues he was having. Since that moment we have kept in touch over the years. Today I was so happy to see him walk through the doors and take my seminar. He took the entire 3 hour seminar without even stopping for a water break. So proud of you Tim. @musclepharm @headsharp

We are all a walking disaster compiled of imperfections and mistakes, and that is ok, there is beauty in that. There is no lie in life once you are able to accept that perfection is unattainable. We are all imperfect, and one day we will all die. Never fear facts, learn to accept them.

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