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Fight To Win Pittsburgh, the troops are coming. #teamrenzo

Huge shout out to my sponsor @musclepharm for keeping me fueled and strong. I'm going to be 36 years old in a few weeks and my body has been through many tough fights. It's not easy training every day, twice a day. However, with the help of MP I can honestly say this is the strongest I ever felt in my life. This is the lightest I will be competing at in years and I feel amazing. Proud to be part of team Muscle Pharm.

Congratulations to my OCBJJ students Ed and Calvin for winning their Brown belt and Blue belt divisions at the NY Spring Open. Absolute divisions up next. These guys are two of my main training partners, I viciously attack both weekly.😂😂 @mced195 @spudzero16

Last weekend my teammate/little bro Nicky Ryan competed against 10th Planet star Geo, this weekend I taught a seminar at 10th Planet school Next Level combat. Jiu-Jitsu is love, and it's Jiu-Jitsu vs.the world. At the end of the day are all on the same team, team Jiu-Jitsu. I almost didn't make this seminar, my flight to Minnesota last night was canceled, but I was able to fly in this morning, teach the seminar, now fly home now. Insanely busy and tiresome day, but when I commit to something I will follow through every single time as long as it is possible. Thank you to everyone who made this seminar, you all did amazing and I had a blast.

Almost time to shine. @flograppling @f2wpro

Our Master @renzograciebjj being part of something so incredible. This is what Jiu-Jitsu is all about. Jiu-Jitsu for everyone!!!!

In a world where most people can't wait for the weekend to come, I live everyday as if it were. I do what I want, I don't have a boss telling me what to do. I run my Academy exactly how I want, whoever doesn't like it can go somewhere else. I pick and choose the seminars I give. I have reached the ultimate level of freedom, AND SO CAN YOU. Find out what it is you love to do and relentlessly attack it. Off to Minnesota to share love and knowledge. (P.s. being absolutely broke when you first start is absolutely ok. Every month I was atleast negative $500 in the bank account, it isn't about money, it's about freedom) -disclaimer, if this post bothers you, stop hating. One life, make a choice in how you choose to live it.

Let's go buddy. @frankieedgar

All about that timing and angle. @adcc_northamerica @adccsubmission @viralbjj

Life is perception, and our perception is reality. We will always be faced with challenges, it is how we perceive those challenges that will ultimately define us.

I accepted my next @f2wpro ay 220 lbs, the lightest I competed in years. I usually compete in the heaviest weight. Some people were wondering if the cut would hurt my performance. Two weeks ago I was 238 lbs, today I'm on weight at 220.5. I have no weight to cut next week. The key is when cutting weight to maintain as much muscle as possible, I feel I did that. If my performance is bad next week, it is certainly not because of the cut. It's science.

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