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Tom DeBlass  World Changer. Join my movement. Powered by Muscle Pharm. Check link for my instructionals, digital and DVD.

Also, make sure you aren't getting discouraged if it's taking longer than you imagined to accomplish your goals. Just keep moving forward, inch by inch. It may not happen when you want it too, but if you keep working hard it will surely happen.

Crazy deal on my submission escapes DVD for just 1 day, $47. I really enjoyed making this DVD. I've been submitted only twice in 16 years competing, one of those being at black belt the last 9 years. That includes 3 ADCCs, 3 ADCC trials, 5 black belt No Gi Worlds, Black belt No Gi Pan Ams, and numerous other competitions. Coming up through the ranks in training I would get my ass beat so bad I was forced to develop incredible defense. Check it out. Link in bio!

Check out the latest blog from @headsharp. Link also in Bio.

Please, do not test me. Peace and love, but don't test me.
(This isn't a threat, I'm simply proving I will find you if I want, regardless of what fake screen name you hide behind)

Some half guard tips for you.

Regrann from @bjj.fanatics - @TomDeBlass knows a thing or two about #halfguard. When you're on the bottom, you've got to prevent the pass, attack the sweep or submission or advance your position. Here are 4 keys to staying safe and getting yourself to a better spot!
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The fastest way to insanity is letting everything bother you. Not every issue deserves a reaction.

Sorry accidently deleted the first!! Here you go. So many of you love the Z guard, but everytime you use it you are getting leg locked immediately. The problem is you are exposing your top foot without any protection! Stop letting your foot dangle freely. Here I show a great way of preventing/slowing down your opppnents leg attacks. The great thing is, it is incredibly simply and actually makes your shield stronger and more offensive. Thanks @davidgtattoo for the help.

"All the Gods, all the heavens, all the hells, are within you."

The list keeps growing, welcome to our newest affilates in Kentucky and Boston, NKY Martial Arts and The Paradigm Academy. So happy to serve my affilates with knowledge and support. I don't force my affilates to teach my curriculum and enforce stressful rules. We started teaching Jiu-Jitsu to serve others and be free from the stress of bosses breathing down our necks. I am no ones boss, I'm simply an asset when they need me. #tomdeblassbjj #tdbjj

One day our physical strength will leave us. We are only left with our legacy.. Make it last forever.


So proud of @montgomery_bjj. He was awarded his black belt a while back while in Costa Rica with me, and here we are enjoying moments again in Costa Rica but now he has his own Academy with 70 students in only a few short months. When you truly believe, put in that work, and surround yourself with the right people anything is possible. Thank you to my friends at @bwtamarindo for taking such great care of us.🙏💙

Youngins, no matter what you hear in songs, regardless of what you hear your friends say, being a gentleman never goes out of style. Now a days finding a real man is hard to find.

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