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A very special double JS skincare routine tonight ❤️🖤
Because today a year ago I met both the lovely Jane @janescrivnerskincare & Jordan @jordansamuelskin in London. I have been using their products since.
I also met so many lovely (not only UK) members of the big IG #skincarecommunity
I am grateful for that day!
#jordansamuelskin #janescrivner #anniversary #skincare #siliconefreeskincare #skincareroutine

Recharge energy in nature. When weather is perfect. #sunday #trip #recharge #energy #nature #jizerskehory #smrk #smrk1124 #jizerky #jizerkylove #czechnature

In Jordan we CREDERE! ♣️ I made a bigger order of @jordansamuelskin
The two jumbo-size Hydrate serums and one mist are all mine. The After show cleansers are for everyone whom I brought Plié (former name) from London. Eveyone needs MORE! 😀
I am so happy to have Hydrate back. These big bottles should last longer 🙂 The new mist feels and smells great but I need to pour it into a different bottle that makes finer spray. The good news is that Jordan is already looking for a better pump. #jordansamuel #jordansamuelskin #neworder #skincare #siliconefreeskincare

This is called „when you happen to be in France edit“ and is inspired by @passportebeaute
One evening and one morning in Strasbourg were not enough. Such a beautiful old city! Before I had to cover my eyes and run from the pharmacy and drugstore 🙈 I managed to purchase:

1. Avene Cold Cream lip balm for intense nourishment in a jar - not available on our market. The first ingredient „Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil“ made me purchase it. And I really love it. Just a little is enough and it’s big! Castor oil is also the main ingredient of Omorovicza lip balm, my holy grail.

2. La Petit Marseiliais – popular drugstore brand. This is a neroli scented hand wash and refills. I also brought many shower gels for my friend and as gifts.

3. Elgydium whitening toothpaste – another Pierre Fabre Laboratories brand (such as Avene). I am not a friend of SLS based toothcare but I just had to try Elgydium and 2+1 offer was to good to resist.
#avene @eauthermaleavenefrance #pierrefabre #lipbalm #elgydium #toothpaste #lapetitmarseliais #frenchpharmacy #france #strasbourg

Let's stay healthy, optimistic and fabulous in 2018! #littlemisssunshine #pf2018 #fabulous2018 #newyear #year2018

So the guru baker @maskrtnica gave me (without asking 😀) her sourdough starter, asking me not to kill it, some three weeks ago.
I kept it, fed it and finally tried to bake with it. I found one of her recipes for beginners on her blog, this wholegrain all rey sourdough bread (Danish rugbrød-like).
Everything went well and the whole process made me happy. This bread is delicious! 💪🏻 Not exactly my kind of bread but definitely a great and very healthy one! I'm keeping the starter and will try more! 👍🏻
Díky, Julko! ❤️ Díky všem radám, komentům a nakrojení až po 24 hodinách je perfektní. Tentokrát s "náhražkami", příště nebudu líný skočit pro pivo a sladěnku! Pro formu a hnětač jsem teda ale den předtím byl! 😀
#pecempecen #maskrtnica #kvasek #sourdough #sourdoughbaking #bread #sourdoughbread #wholegrain #vysivanyporcelan #ditap

I hate my current situation. The season transition. I have a mild cold. I am inconsistent in any routines and overall lifestyle. I ran out of @jordansamuelskin Hydrate 😢(repurchasing next week!). I don't feel well.

I am trying to fight it with a serious face polish, shaving, clay mask and layers of hydration sealed with an oil.

Trying @freshbeauty Sugar face polish for the first time (it is not too harsh, I like that!), after @joshrosebrook mild cleanser. Next Fresh Umbrian clay mask and hydrating with Josh's Hydration accelerator and @deciem The Ordinay HA+Niacinamid. Another layer of mist @maylindstromskin Jasmine Garden and finally Youth Dew oil. Another Fresh sample is Black tea eye concentrate which is very good too!
#skincare #skincareroutine #eveningroutine #naturalskincare #freshbeauty #umbrianclay #joshrosebrook #theordinary #theordinaryskincare #maylindstrom

Throwback to last Wednesday when my holiday in the tropical paradise of Dominican Republic ended and I left only one day before the hurricane hit.
Nothing compares to the coconut palm beaches.
Here where I am home summer ended too fast and we can only hope to have many colorful sunny autumn days.

Sharing a few moments of happiness and cloudporns on #nofilter #nofilterneeded pics.
#throwback #tbt #sunset #rainbow #dominicanrepublic #puntacana #cloudporn #holiday #palms

YES! I did it 🏄🏼
Without falling.
#paddleboarding in #prague on #vltava river
Can you spot the Prague Castle?

#naplavka #kayakbar #sunset #paddleboard

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