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Erica Evans  GHAA Tech 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 CCY 2016 Music

💐@techie_trash took this photo, ty

eye mouth coordination, guys

I got my first stick n pole when i was stabbed in 4th grade by this kid that was holding a reallllly sharp pencil in math

A while ago i was at panera bread and i smiled at a toddler and while i was walking away she yelled "hey& #34; at me a few times, i think about this occasionally

Last night was fun, thanks to @lewisdelmar for being so chill and for wearing my hat. @youngthegiant was also quite good even though this guy was trying to rub himslef on me, over share? Probably


If youve got pictures of me from tonight and would like to take the time to send them to me that would be grand

Okie guys

come see us play music on north main street in middletown, its this saturday 5pm-- if you can, donate 5 bucks for a show im helping create.
Photo taken by the fanfuckintastic @jitzie123

I like it

My hobbies include eating cake with my bare hands and holding batteries with a friend. @space__debris took this picture thank you, i love you. Also @vivachubs is in this Okay, thats all, good night everyone, stay safe.

Oh, Can of beans, the vocies calling me, they get lost and out of time.

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