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Self-initiated redesign of logo for a hot dog store at the airport in São Luís, Brazil. My critique was I thought the elements could be more unified and that supporting font could be more complimentary. I felt the word mark wasn’t flowing so well and including a hot dog was too literal, as a logo should indicate, not illustrate. I also thought that 2017 didn’t sound super established, so exercised my creative license further by changing the est. year as well. Scroll through to see a before and after!

After many sketches on tracing paper and digital refinement, here is the word mark for a hot dog vendor that I recently encountered at the airport, which I thought could be improved. After the sketch from last post, I thickened up the strokes and worked to create a stronger relationship among the letter forms. For example, the upward flick on the W being related to downward flick at top of S. Next I’ll show the mark with colour, accompanying text and in context!

Recently I was at the airport in and I noticed the brand identity for a hot dog stand could do with some improvement. So I’m going to rebrand it. Here are some of the roughs for the word mark.

Final logo with typography and colour incorporated for mobile application Pathways. Word mark is a customised version of Futura medium.

Technical construction of symbol for mobile app Pathways. The app helps newly employed graduates navigate their careers at companies. The mark is a P and a W as well as the outline of a mountain, to signify the journey one goes on in their career.

Dug up the sketches for a mobile app logo from a little while back for company named Pathways. Ideas exploring paths, mountains, connection and forward direction. Next up, technical construction!

Illustrations now applied to menus, lightbox and business cards as part of rebrand for @papagoosemelb scroll through to see more!

Here is the break down of each layer for some of the illustrations created for restaurant rebrand. To reposition as casual, youthful and fun, street art stencil work was pursued. British and Italian clichés were reinterpreted to highlight the restaurant’s culinary influences. Diagonal lines have been included to add to sense of depth. Finally, I’ll show how everything comes together in context and with colour!

Here’s what is on the studio floor at the moment. To inject new life into a fine dining establishment, repositioning as casual, fun and youthful, I have been working on a series of illustrations. As the restaurant is British with strong Italian influence, I have used the visual clichés as a starting point (Pisa, Big Ben, etc). I have then taken existing images and redrawn them, separating each into 3 layers: background, mid ground and shadows. In my next post I’ll show how these are then transformed digitally. #TrustTheProcess

Final logo for glammie! Symbol is a G and heart hugging around, communicating beauty and self care. Word mark is based on Futura with rounded edges to match rounded edges of symbol. Scroll through to see mock up on mobile!

Here is the technical construction of Glammie icon - a mobile app connecting people with beauty professionals on demand. Took a few trials before line weight felt right. Mainly circles, a few elipses and 45 degree lines lie under the hood. Went back and rounded edges to keep tone friendly and youthful. Next up this will be paired with a customised font, along with a splash of colour!

Revisiting process for Glammie - a beauty service mobile app. Here is a summary of hundreds of sketches. Up next is digital refinement!

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