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Tom Trujillo  🔌@Silverskateshop🔌Send me a DM if you would like to purchase a copy of Live And Forgive! Latest YouTube video! Subscribe!👇🏽

@acidchemicalco insta edit I did for @628chapo! Behind the scene video is in my bio🗣 #skateboarding

I just uploaded my "Live And Forgive" part to my YouTube, thanks to everyone who helped film this! Link is in the bio🗣 #vx1000 #skateboarding #silverovereverything

A customer at work made this for me and brought it into today! His name is Thomas (@bushidoc0dek)and he makes boards for kids in his neighborhood and customizes them according to what they like! He gives them full competes for free 🙌🏽 Thomas is the man💯 #vx1000

I just uploaded a new video to my YouTube! It's been awhile, but I got internet now so I'm back boiiii🔌🖥 link is in the bio #skateboarding

"When you and the homies find a Perfect spot"👁👁

@primitiveskate demo was a good one for sure, check out the edit I made, link in the bio! #vx1000 #primitiveskate

I did a edit of @michaelbrruh's throwaway, we called it "Cosmic Garbage". Check it out, link in da bio ☄️🎇🚮 #vx1000 #skateboarding

I can't wait to skate again! Still got 3 more months untill I can step foot on a board 😤Grab yourself a copy and see what other shit I jump off of!
1st angle: @michaelbrruh
2nd angle: @loco_jerms #liveandforgive2017 #metrogrammed

I uploaded the 'bonus montage' from Live And Forgive to my YouTube channel. Link is in da bio #vx1000

Live And Forgive premiere was the best day of my life! I made a vloggish type of video of that day, the link is in my bio! Thanks again to everyone that showed up and who purchased a copy!❤️❤️


Come get a copy of #liveandforgive2017 and you could possibly win a free @silverskateshop deck! @ponce_de_lefray trying his luck!

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