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Started my birthday festivities with a quick Another Castle in Edmonds run, then off to get foods. ^_^

Well, @davymuscle I made the first batch. Triple portion style as recommended. They're cooling in the fridge at the moment. How'd I do?

Current weight is 220lbs. I've been doing a better job with my nutrition so far. Working another shoulder and traps day today. Working towards that X shape.

Grocery shopping haul this time. I'm slowly making changes to my diet. #reconstruction #followingthegiantkiller

Some assembly required.
After I got some excellent advice from @filipinogiantkiller , I'm in the process of changing from a "H" to an "X" shape. I wore my Voltron tshirt for inspiration to be greater than the sum of my pieces. I ended up forming my light sword and slayed my workout robeast. #imnotlion #illformthehead #followingthegiantkiller #HshapetoXshape

I'm still going to move forward on my goals, in spite of setbacks. Every time I stumble, I try to learn from it. If I have to wait a little longer, that's fine. Not my timing anyway. I just keep thinking what I can do from where I am now, to prepare for the future. #godsperfecttiming #nextlevelthinking

Got into the gym tonight for an impromptu shoulder routine, courtesy of The Muscle Geek himself, James Grage. I had to tap into my inner Pwer Ranger to complete it. #whiteranger #greenranger #alltommy #musclegeek #jamesgrage

Doing leg day today, and channeling my inner Red XIII Those among us who played Final Fantasy VII will recognize him. Needed it for the front squats. @stevecook killer workout today, man. #nanaki #finalfnatasyvii #red13 #legday

Upper body and cardio session tonight. @stevecook your modern physique routine. Wind sprints nearly did me in. My shirt reminds me of the TNG era Star Trek uniforms #fitness #workinit #gottagetfit #buffgeek #lookslikeatreky

Emergency grocery trip. Had to get eggs and a few other things. #fitness #dontjudgeme #

The last, but certainly not least of my gifts!!! @robnerland_fit @davidpaterik_ifbbpro I'm REALLY gonna have to hit the heavy weights after all this!! :-D #noregrets

Now I have an official Doctor Who ornament for my tree!! #wibbly # wobbly #christmastiimeeywimey

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