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Throwback to 2005, when I first was motivated to get into shape. The picture on the right was taken after I finished a game testing job (one of the first after I graduated art school). I was around 220lbs there. The one on the right, I'm 165 lbs. It took a lot of work and I made A LOT of mistakes dieting and training along the way. It helped me for the next contest I did but even then diet was off and the condition I brought was rushed.
This time, I don't care how long it takes, I want to do this right and learn from my coach everything they're willing to teach me. I'm feel blessed to have another opportunity to do this. #fitness #godisgood #godsperfecttiming #manwasiskinny #geekswholift #geek #fromgametestertogymrat

One of my co-workers saw my Throwback Thursday pic of me I posted earlier. Now he says someone made a bobble head of me LOL!! (I think it's actually Christian Bale from American Psycho, but it's still hilarious!) #nerd #fitness #gainz #godisgood #geekswholift #imnotabobblehead

Really got to work on my posing. LOL!! 7 weeks out until my training goes up a notch. My body is still making changes and my nutrition is absolutely helping. We'll see how it goes forward. #fitness #gainz #godisgood #godsperfecttiming #geekswholift #mrrobot

Here I am again. 8 weeks out from my training changing speed. I'm right around 212 - 2145bs and at 30% body fat. . Channeling Nightwing and I gotta take flight. #flylikegrayson #godisgood #fitness #gainz #geekswholift

Tonight's grocery haul. Gonna go home and do some meal prep.

This pretty much sums up what I'm thinking right now. #fitness #gainz #godisgood #buffgeek #bodybuilding #geekswholift

Here's a throwback to my last bodybuilding show. Sorry if this offends anyone. The year was 2005, and if memory serves, I weighed all of 185lbs. Hammies needed work, decent calves but I needed more work on posing and diet and pretty much all of it. LOL! I'm still trying to learn (9 weeks out till my training goes into high gear) #throwbackthursday #geekswholift #godsperfecttiming #godisgood #gottabebetterthanthat

Spooky Halloween Leg night. No skeleton legs here, ladies and gents. Somehow, squatting to Thriller and Romanian Deadlifts to The Time warp seem so right. LOL #godisgood #godsperfecttiming #geekswholift #hulk #halloween

I just received my first Icon Meals delivery. I can't wait to try them. I don't know what it is about having a fridge full of food that is so comforting. :-) #godisgood #godsperfecttiming #geekswholift #gainz #trainingtobeatfreiza

Did I mention I'm watching this while I eat? :-) #geek #geekswholift #voltronlegendarydefender

Because I was overzealous and tried to amp my chest and tri's training, I had to take Tuesday and Wednesday off from training. I could have tried to train through the pain, but I have too much riding on being healthy and rested. I slept 8 hours, had an Epsom bath and had a little Aleve. 24 hours later (right now) I feel a good 75-80%, so I'm gonna train in the morning (cardio). Lesson learned: I'll also be warming up my rotator cuff before I lift and will decrease the weight on Dumbell pullovers (what did me in.) The photo is my dinner tonight. Anyway, I had a slight setback, but I'm still going forward with training. I have about 10 weeks to go before the rubber really meets the road. #fitness #gainz #godisgood #godsperfecttiming #lessonslearned #shoulderache #gettingbetter

Blasted through another leg workout tonight. Gotta work on those quads, hammies and glutes. Again, mutant pride in my #raskolapparel shirt featuring Colossus!!!!! #wheels and #glutes #godisgood #godsperfecttiming #geekswholift

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