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Tolulope Michaels  I show you how to create content that sets your business apart and lands you dream clients. 👇Click for your free Cheat Sheet 🌻MD @godloversfellowhip


There are different types of clients and it's too early in the day for us to talk about the ones you pray not to have, but you know them eh.
Let's talk about Dream Clients:
-They have a need you are willing and able to meet
-They are attracted to your type of person
-They don't mind you being yourself
-In fact, they like your vibe that's why they came
-They are willing and able to pay for your products & services
-They appreciate your great service and even tell their friends to buy from you etc.
What's your Dream Client like? Do you know them? Can you describe them? How often do you get them? Use the free Cheat sheet in my bio to get you some Dream-come-true type of clients. #servicebusiness #onlinebusiness #entrepreneuronline #entrepreneur #dreamclient #targetmarket

He's always said that he doesn't believe in Valentine's Day. He can't understand why he needs a special day to show and profess his love. I kinda agree and can't be bothered about whether or not I get a Val's gift. But since 2012 when we started this journey till now, my husband has never failed to give me a Valentine's Day present. That has taught me something important about love. Love doesn't need to be convinced to give. It doesn't look for excuses not to give. Love just gives. Love sacrifices. Love goes out of it's own way. Love is selfless. Love is not trying to prove na me sabi pass. Love is not struggling to be right every time. Love is not a robot held up by laws and regulations..
Is like this picture sef is making me feel very lovey dovey. Tolu, iss enough!
#lovematters #captivating #engrossedmuch
Anyway, since we're talking about giving, I'll like to do a live video, sharing tips & answering questions you have about creating your content. Leave a reply in the comments and I promise to help as much as I can in my video.
#Valentine #Valentinesday #valentines #valentinesgift #togiveornottogive #contentquestions #contentforsocialmedia #onlinebusiness

Back in the day, a lot of the talk about evangelism was geared towards growing local churches. God wants us to disciple ALL Nations, not just fill our church pews. And no, this is not a nice suggestion for some Christians. It's a mandate for ALL.
So help us God!
@Regranned from @johnbevere - The Great Commission in Matthew 28 tells us to go and make disciples of ALL nations. It isn’t a suggestion for some. It’s a mandate for all.
#TogetherWeCan - #regrann

I remember one time I was struggling with whether to post about #Godloversfellowship on my personal page, or business, or just Bible 😅...
So, last June, I asked my mentor @taradurotoye about managing multiple 'assignments' and whether people will be confused about who I am. Her response gave me peace lol, but here's the summary: Nobody is confused because Tara Fela-Durotoye posts about House of Tara & #TFDSeries. They are different expressions and each is fulfilling their purpose.
Here's what I've done with that information: I live to the fullness of who God has called me to be, double down on my strengths, build capacity, execute on my dreams and maximize my talents based on what season of my life it is. Especially while I'm young. .
Yes, I'm graced. Yes I'm gifted. Yes I'm blessed. And it's not for nothing, it's for the Glory of God. I am a woman on a mission. There's no need to dumb down who I am to make people feel comfortable. .
Are you boxed up in what other people call you? Do you feel limited by other people's expectations of you? Titles don't mean anything, what matters is who you are. And who you are today is just the beginning, because as long as you're alive, God has more plans for you than you know.. The question is "Are you willing to play according to His script or do you want to stay stuck in the position you held yesterday?"
#ToluMichaels #Godsgirl #Christian #disciple #womanonamission #girlofdestiny #seasons

If you run a service business, and you realize it's time to switch things up to the next level, pls sign up for Ajoke's MasterClass today! Thank me later. Sign up with the link in her bio.
PS: This photo forces me to smile every time!
@Regranned from @ajokee - Hello my name is Ajoke and I can help you scale your service based business in Africa. I have a free Masterclass coming where I will discuss the most important steps to growing your business consistently in Africa. During this training, I would take you through tried and tested methods from world class companies that have built strong presence in developing countries like ours. Get your business off in 2018 on the right note, join me using the link in my bio.
📷: @ify_okolie - #regrann

Words are so powerful. And I'll know, because I've built a business around the use of words. But words are not words without a voice. The real power of a word comes from its writer or speaker. What will you do with your own words friend? Will you build up or tear down? The choice is yours, and so is the power!
@Regranned from @lisabevere - What world are you building with your words? -
#words #lisabevere #buildup #empower #encourage #inspire #withwords #multiplyyoursaleswithwords

Many people tell me they don't have content. It's not true. There's content everywhere and the best content comes from living your own life.
Every day, we listen to stories, make stories and come across other people's stories.
Recognize your stories. Write down your stories. Keep your stories. Use your stories #contentconsulting #wordsinbusiness #wordsmatter #multiplyyoursaleswithwords #liveyourlife #usestories #createcontent

Calvary covers it all
My sin and shame, don't count anymore
All praise to the One who has ransomed my soul
Calvary covers it all

The Savior alone carried the cross
For all of my debts, He paid the cost
Salvation complete now forever I'm free
Calvary covers it all

No power on Earth
Not even the grave
Could separate us from mercy and grace 
He is faithful to save, oh His blood never fails
Calvary covers it all

No one but Jesus
Can make us pure as snow
We stand in Your freedom
Calvary covers it all

All praise to the One who has ransomed my soul
Calvary covers it all
#calvary #thankyouJesus #Savior #Ransom #Redeemer #melodiesbeforebed #hillsong

Ooh how I love this one from @brendonburchard
See previous post #plan #work  #communicate #hope #trust #entrepreneurship

Some times you do everything right (or so it seems) and all you hear is the sound of Crickets. If you put something out there and don't get a response, ask yourself:
Was it clear?
Was it honest?
Was it the right audience?
Was it the right time?

Communication is a social science, and the options are limitless. Maybe there’s a tweak or 10 you could’ve made to get better results. However, after doing all the right things, the final piece is to put your work out there and TRUST that the right people will see it
#commuication #audiencebuilding contentstrategy #contentforbusiness #trust

@Regranned from @taradurotoye - 777 is the Number 🎼🎺🎷🎻🎤
The launch of my online course on “Building structure in your business”

If you know anyone who owns a business ps ask them to tune in at noon for a live Q & A as we call the course OPENNNNNNNNNN for purchase .
There will be so many bonuses to give away today for those who sign up in the first 48 hours after we go live.💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿 #Bonus #bonus #bonus ———————————————-
Ps give the @traynyofficial A round of applause for bringing this dream to reality .

May we all find helpers of destiny in Jesus Name. - #regrann

According to Donald Miller of Story Brand, Human brains are always trying to conserve calories and just shut off when your complex story is forcing them to burn too many mental calories. Identify what your customer wants and communicate it SIMPLY. You see, people don’t necessarily buy the best products and services, they buy the ones they can understand the fastest. Whether you're an entrepreneur, career professional or leisure blogger, clarify your message so that people will listen. #content #communication #marketing #storytelling #blogging #onlinebsusiness #clarityfirst

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