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The Online Presence Strategist  I show you exactly what to do & say online to increase your income, opportunities & impact MD @godloversfellowship Trainer @foundersacademyng 👇👇

Too many people are doing multiple amazing things and nobody hears about them.
I understand that you're humble, or maybe you're even afraid that people will judge you for talking about how amazing you are..
Okay fine, but still do it. It's not your fault that you have a great idea or passion or ability. Better blow your trumpet, because you can't outsource your voice o. Go ahead and share it with the world. If you were looking for permission, this is it. Stop winking in the dark. Go online and share your amazingness with the world.
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Earlier today, I scheduled my first email after a while to my email list. Wrapping up Maternity Leave and going back to work.
Mixed feelings here. While I'm excited about the new things I'm working on, I'm a little nervous about how Zichi and I will enjoy the ride. We've tested this work thing; So far, I've had consulting sessions, done a website audit, worked on a client's book and done some volunteering. A few times, I caught her staring at me while I typed away at my keyboard and while I couldn't tell what her Baby Mind was thinking, I put the laptop down to play with her every single time.
Ah, Maximum respect to all Mothers🙌 who have to do anything apart from staring at their child's face all day! (which is all of us). Anyway, back to work! I'm super grateful for this gift to raise and nurture another Queen and I know we'll do well, by God's Grace!
Dear Lord, I'm grateful already. #OzichiOlive #maternityleave #workfromhomemom #imhomebutatwork #noteveryonegetsit #butitsagoodlife

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the different ways you could talk about your services, use story.
So, you have plenty things you would like to communicate online concerning your business: your superb customer service, your up-to-date selection of products, your famous customers, your shiny tech tools... But sadly, your audience have a (very) limited attention span 😔. What do you do? .
Select some parts and transform them into a "story". Things like your values and expertise can be communicated through story. Use testimonials the way @airbnb does. Use relatable, emotion-invoking examples like @cocacola ads. See how the people @google share stories about how they're simplifying people's lives. Use everyday feelings and shared experiences like @sisi_yemmie does when she talks about food. Have you seen how @airtelnigeria has been making us laugh by infusing stories and people we're familiar with in their ads? .
Storytelling makes your online presence more appealing and even first-time visitors willing to spend more time interacting with your business.
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Even before I got married, I've always wondered at this. If a person lacks self-control while single, will marriage automatically cure them of it?
Will temptation respect your ring and disappear forever?
Yes, fornication is a sin. But so is adultery. If you have a wrong view of who owns your body, you'll fall into sexual sin, married or not. God owns it - 1Cor 6:19-20.
If you can't handle waiting till marriage, can you handle sticking with one sexual partner (your spouse) for the rest of your life?
What happens when you can't have sex in marriage for many reasons including travel, sickness, postpartum recovery, life hardships, etc?
It is natural for an adult to want to have sex, married or not. Purity is not just about a purity ring, or a marriage vow. Some people have these things and are hard core pornographers.
While early marriage has its advantages and disadvantages, it will not solve the problem of sexual sin. Satan is totally committed to abusing sexual desire and will fuel anything that leads to sin. If you're struggling with this, please know that your battle is against the devil but the Good news 🎊 is that Jesus came to destroy all the works of the devil. In Him, you have victory, forgiveness and peace
May the Word of God uncover our hearts so we can deal with the real issues, instead of exchanging one sin for another..
May we be strengthened with might in our inner man to fight the good fight..
May God give us the strength of character to let down convenience and comfort so God can be glorified in our bodies..
May God help us depend on Him, not our limited willpower. Amen

Hellllooooo, is your Google Plus Profile still reading "Engineering Student" when in fact, you're now a professional graphic designer? Or is your Facebook profile still spotting a photo from 8 years ago? .
The fact is that we are all constantly reinventing ourselves and that's absolutely fine. As you move, carry your online presence along with you. These are the days when people hire strangers. They depend on Google and Bing to tell them who you are. When they don't see anything relevant, they assume you're not relevant.
The point here is, stop telling a redundant story. Go and update all your profiles online.
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There are 2 types of people:
Those who don't mind other people knowing about their activities. And there are the mysterious ones, those who like to do everything quietly. Stealth mode oshey, Awon enigma 🙌😆
I wonder which one you are.
Anyway, on a serious note...
Showing that you’re active at the moment leaves the door open for customer inquiries, business conversation etc. If you're very active, people may view you as highly accessible and easy to connect with - which is good for business.
However, if you just don't want anyone profiling you based on activity status or monitoring whether you ignored their message (they be like “I KNOW you're there. I CAN seee 👀 you're active” 😂 ), here's what to do: .
-Go to Options
-Scroll down to Privacy & Security
-Click on Activity Status
-Toggle it off or on as you like.
Note that if you hide your Instagram activity status you can't see that of others.
But then, only people who you’ve accepted DMs from can see when you were last online. So maybe it's not that bad. .
It's nothing to worry about because at the end of the day, you can turn it on or off as you like.
For me, I turned it off as I don't like seeing activity status anywhere. What about you, what did you choose?
PS. Thank You for taking the poll. Let's do this again soon.
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So, let's clear this confusion. Your online presence is not tied to a website. It's nice to have a website if it fits your overall plans, but it's not a must-have. I can think of many people who don't have a personal website yet, but Google them and your respect for them will climb up the scale real fast. In fact, maybe you should take a look at your LinkedIn profile again. LinkedIn results are prioritized in Google search for obvious reasons. You might want to start from there. Good morning!
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On Thursday, I woke up to a text message from my husband. It read something like "Tell me about your business in the simplest form so when I'm asked, I can market you well".
You can say Awww in response, or read on to see this deep insight I want to share with you 😁 .
✔Considering that this is my husband, he knows about everything I do but needs to be sure he's telling people what will make the most results for my biz. Lesson: Assumption is not a form of knowledge.
✔Practice talking about yourself. The 1st link in my Bio will take you to my RESOURCES page where you can download a verrry helpful cheatsheet for introducing yourself without sounding like a robot. Click that link for your own good. One day, you just might receive a text from Mr. President asking you what you do. .
✔Clear is better than Clever. If you know plenty English like me, please bear in mind that your expertise is not measured by your fancy vocab. If people don't understand what you do, they won't waste their brain calories trying to tell others what you do. Say it simply so that people will get it because if they don't get it, you can't make money.
✔Marry someone who wants your progress in life. Maybe they didn't tell you this in your business course but if you end up with someone who can't stand you blowing or going global, you just might waste your life. Enough said! .
Thanks hubby @oziomamichaels 😘
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You're setting yourself up for stress and burnout by trying so hard to keep up with another person's method of building their online presence. I know everyone is talking about getting online these days, and you should. But why do you want to be online? To grow your income? Impact? Find opportunities? All possible! But know that there are many roads to the market and it's best to map your own route. Send me a DM if you need help with this one.

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Don't ever buy the lie that loving others means you have to compromise truth. Jesus loved people adamantly and did so without any hint of compromise. #AdamantBook Regrann from @lisabevere -

And even if you thought there was nothing out there about you, check first! .
How do you find out what story is being told about you online? 👉 See my previous post.
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Before every meeting, feature or enquiry, you've been Googled. It would be great to know what people find when they look you up. .
How to Google yourself:
-Go to
-Type in the name you think the people looking for you will type (eg. in my case it's "Tolu Michaels" not "Tolulope")
-For best results, use an incognito window to search as your browser is already biased with your search & browsing history. Going incognito gives you a correct view of what a random user will see. -Don't stop on the 1st page of the Search results, check out other pages to see what you find. .
⚠⚠Don't cringe when you see an embarrassing photo you shared on Facebook years ago 😁
Feel free to discuss below, what do you think about 'Googling' yourself? When you Googled yourself, did you like what you saw? If you've not Googled yourself recently, care to share why?
PS: Thank you for taking this poll. Let's do this again soon!
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