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Cos Laos was so peng

When in Berlin ...

I was way too tired to do the Hue--> Hoi An drive at this point, so asked my boy Ten to take me for a spin. I ended up burning my leg on the exhaust when I got off, but behind every scar there is a story..

Shout out to Maerim sanctuary for saving these elephants from logging/circuses/amusement parks - they are sooooo sweet ❤️

Taking it easy in Vietnam

(Never going to kayak ever again in my life unless I get a personal assistant to steer the kayak like they do in Venice with the gondolas cos it's just too much effort for someone who is trying to relax aka me)

Ha Long Bay ❤️

When you're riding around in Laos and you're trying to focus on catching your flight & not dying on the roads but then you spot a peng peng view

I went chasing waterfalls today and it actually turned out alright tbh. Laos is peng don't underestimate

So elephants spend about 12-18 hours a day eating as they only digest about 40% of their food - the poor things are always hungry 😩

Apparently I brought the sun to Berlin for the weekend ☀️️❤️

Throwing it back to a great weekend @ Rainbow

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