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Tolga Kumova  "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the one's that do" "An unexplored life is one not worth living" plato

I was recently interviewed at International Mining and Resources Conference about my views on metals markets and experiences along my journey.

Strange feeling when some of the people you idolise, the people who helped you grow are sitting in a crowded room waiting for your interpretation of a changing environment.
My number one motto "it is the people around you that make you who you are". The people around me mad me who I am and I dont need to mention their names they all know who they are.
Thank you!

For those of you who know me well know that when I am excited it's my hands that do the talking.

Can't completely remove the wog out of me 😂

8 years ago I made a list of 10 charities and wanted to find one I wanted to wholeheartedly support. I tried to find one that would have related closest to my life and family.

Picture this. Picture your father is a taxi driver working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mother is working during the day at a sandwich shop and raising 3 kids. Living from week to week to pay the rent and put food on the table. Now imagine the youngest child develops a terminal disease and has 2 months to live.

Imagine the devastation. Imagine being the father and having to need to go to work the next day to put food on the table and roof over their head. You would desperately wanting to hold your wife and more importantly be your son's superman whilst he goes through this impossible time.

This could happen to any one of us. It could happen to someone you know. We can get lucky in life and we could also get very unlucky.

Well this is why I chose @tlcforkids they help in situations like this and many others without the massive overheads of other organizations. @timconolan and @ana_darras and their amazing team have been selfless for the last 20 years having assisted over 8.5 million sick children and their families in one way or another.

My partner in the @daylesfordpolo Ben Kay decided we would give the Daylesford cup event to @tlcforkids
It will be an awesome day and every dollar will be going to help families who got unlucky.

@usainbolt apparently this guy can run.
As in world record holder for the 100m sprint....

Amazing who you bump into.
@charliesheen in Melbourne

That feeling when the engine has been revving and you just slipped into gear.

Rocking my tweed cap 👨‍🎨

Reminiscing about the random time Anthony Mundine world champion boxer turned up at your house for a grand final party and @shaunwilson29 birthday!

I wouldn't let him go until we got a photo with the Aboriginal painting the Waanyi people gifted me.

I do spend a lot more time with Warren Mundine for obvious reasons.

That is multiculturalism right there in one photo.

One of my favorite things about Australia is that everyone that wants to be can be an 'Aussie'. Having said that I dont mind being called a 'Wog'. 🤣🤣🤣

Happy birthday @burak_kumova
Love this guy.

My first time riding a horse! Such an awesome experience. I actually cant wait to get back up to the farm.
Starting to feel that all I want to do is ride Stallions.

Our stables reminds me of my investment portfolio.

When the management teams come in to initially present their visions and dreams our due diligence begins.
Investing is a lot like horse racing. A professional can analyze a horse's pedigree, stance, throat, blood etc but you never really know how good they are going to be until they are on the race track.
I can never really can be 100% certain which management team is going to be a winner. All I am doing is backing people and I genuinely want people who deserve it to succeed.

Effectively minimizing risk and maximising return. Placing bets accordingly.

Always hoping that roughy unexpected one comes in. However in this business it usually is that one which does!

#luck #timing #perseverance

Happy birthday to this legend @shaunwilson29
Life is all about experiences and most importantly who you choose to share them with.

I have to say we have share some pretty incredible moments all over the planet.
I suspect there are going to be many more to come.


I think I am about to fall in love with our Polo Farm.

Benny kept insisting it would be amazing. I just kept thinking how boring it would be but went halves with him anyway because I knew he was so excited.

However, yesterday standing on the polo field playing around with the horses and other animals something hit me.

The feeling of being out in nature with the wildlife is actually magical.

So early next year there will be daylesford polo cup on our ground and we are thinking of doing something extremely unique that I think everyone will apreciate.

#thinkingoutsidethesquare #havedonethisbefore

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