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Tolga Kumova  "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the one's that do"

Baby jump.

From 40°c in Mykonos to diggers and dealers at 0°c then to New Century st 30°c and now Mt Hotham with -10°c.
Pretty sure my body doesn't know what it's going to get next.

I actually dont know where I am next either.

Although I do know exactly where I would like to be!

My favorite thing in the world is trying to get myself down a hill an entertaining/quickly as humanly possible.

You against the mountain with no one to blame but yourself when you make mistakes.
A bit like life to be honest.
Never blame anyone else when things go wrong. Just live, learn and move onto the next challenge.

Miss them.

How cool is mum rocking on the tables at @nammosmykonos !! Highlight this summer was watching my dad with his scuba mask try to spray champagne on my mother.

Who thinks @burak_kumova should get back to work?

PS it is always difficult going to the beach with him!

Happy birthday my brown brother @hmzhabib
Firstly my friend.
Secondly my brother
Thirdly my fellow market specialist.

So proud to back on your first $100 million company listing.

Here's to the next 36 years.

The best thing about life is you actually never know what's just around the corner.

As long as you are open to changing plans and direction when options arise you can end up absolutely anywhere and everywhere you want.

When things are tough, just know there is light at the end of the tunnel. All we need to be able to do is just keep standing no matter what obstacles are smashing into you. If you can look at them as as opportunities rather than issues you will succeed in whatever it is you dream of doing.


Have you ever had a fortune teller tell you that your going to receive a call that's going to put a massive smile on your face?

Well today I did and this was the smile.

Time to leave our mine operations and I can't wait for the official government opening in a few weeks.

So excited for the efforts all our staff have put in to date.
Might need to take a couple of you on a "little" celebration trip to #mykonos with me next year for a different type of bubbles 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧

$NCZ My last post was about my next chapter after building Syrah.
Well I have a couple chapters being written at once. However, they all have one thing in common. I am backing absolute superstars in their respective skill sets and dreams.

For a year now we have heard commentary from all walks of mining industry that century tailings would not float. Our team today proved that it actually floats extremely well!! Look at it float behind us in the photo.

Well done to @_barry.harris_ who has been on site guiding, driving and inspiring his 260 man team to deliver.

So onwards and upwards to becoming the 5th largest zinc mine in the world at the lowest quartile production cost.

For the record I have never been so excited to see bubbles in my life!

No filter. You all know that feeling when you see incredible sunsets and decided to take a photo on your phone which doesn't really capture the beauty of nature. Well this wasn't one of those photos.

This was to be the last photo I took in Mozambique. I resigned a week later in Australia from the company I helped found. For 6 years my dream was to build the world's largest graphite mine to largest supplier of anode material to all lithium batteries on the planet. I did this.

However, when I resigned I was left without a mission. I didn't think about it at the time but this sunset marked the end of a chapter in my life.


I have pretty much everything I could ever want but everytime I see these two adorable children I am reminded that i want to have my own family one day.

This is an issue when your business partner and his beautiful wife have the cutest children ever.

Simply that incredible that one would struggle to ever say no to them.

Seriously, how cute is he!!

$EUC The hunt is what drives us in all facets of life. Going 200 metres underground chasing high grade cobalt mineralisation. This is the stuff we live for.

Here @rob______j and the team have finally gotten through some of the failure zones in the underground adits to find exposed insitu cobalt mineralisation.

The exciting looking zone I am smiling about is yet to be channel sampled.

3 rigs drilling the areas we have just uncovered that haven't been seen for 40 years with some areas not visited for over 300 years.

Can't wait to see what's inside this treasure chest. Following the pink!!!

The amount of respect I have for this man is beyond comprehension.

When I became CEO of the Syrah Resources he came on to support, guide and mentor me as chairman. With 40+ years building mining companies from scratch the wealth of knowledge he shared was invaluable.

Together we raised $500 million in equity to build the world's largest graphite mine in Mozambique. The mission being to put our anode material in every lithium ion battery on the planet. To make sure there was enough graphite to create the lithium ion battery in your mobile phone. More importantly to give confidence to the likes of Tesla and all other electric vehicle producers to know we can give them material.

Having said all this we had some heated moments in a board room on numerous occasions. I now understand that this is a results of passion.
My number on lesson I learnt from my time with Jim was without passion there is no point to whatever it is you are working towards.

All people come into your life for a reason.


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