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神々の再会を祝い、1000年以上の歴史を誇る千葉県の上総十二社祭り。大同二年(807年)に始まった「上総十二社祭り」は、釣ヶ崎海岸を舞台に海辺で開催される「裸祭り」。人々が長年に渡って伝えてきた風習や伝統、その地域の若い世代に受け継がれ、そのまた次の世代に受け継がれていく new post on tokyodandy.com

Every year, for over a thousand years, locals gather on a beach in Chiba to celebrate the reunion of the gods on this very site - the Kazusa-Junisha Matsuri. These themes of ancient rites of passage in modern times and youth as the future of tradition from the basis of my love and interest in Japan
#上総十二社祭り #japanesefestival #japaneseculture #祭り #tokyodandy

Kazusa Junisha Matsuri - a 1,000 year old festival in tokyodandy.com #祭り #japanesefestival

歌舞伎町, 新宿 #東京

Some photos from @blasphemoustokyo on tokyodandy.com #東京 #歌舞伎町

A ritual dating back 1,200 years celebrating the reunion of the gods on a beach in Chiba prefecture #上総十二社祭り #kazusajunishamatsuri #祭り #festival #japanesefestival

Summer '17 🙏🏼 KOHH at #baycamp #kohh

HERON PRESTON 'FOR YOU THE WORLD' Tour in Tokyo. Swipe above or click link in bio to see more after party photos on tokyodandy.com #heronpreston #gr8 #wrep w/ @heronpreston @joe_tokyodandy @_____226_____ @duragdev @tasuku_nagase @mandy_sekiguchi_official @reo_sano_official_acc @yuakky @yesbowy @nao__takahashi

Cruising around Tokyo with Captain Ueda on @edoventure_cruise thanks @moetchandon team

Always good to be back home in Japan 🇯🇵


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