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XXXSSS Tokyo Official  International Tokyo-based duo composed of @xliimusic & @djsarasa | Next Gig: 9/16 ULTRA JAPAN

XXXSSS Tokyo at #supra harajuku ✨Thank you for the support. ぶちかますぜ! #ultrajapan

9/16 Ultra Japan 🇯🇵! As XXXSSS Tokyo we will be rocking the Live stage along with my bestie @masiaone 🔥
私と @xliimusic でやっているユニット、XXXSSS Tokyo としてライブステージで出演決定。大親友 @masiaone も久々の来日です。✨
#楽しみ #mas1a #masiaone #djsarasa #xlii #xxxssstokyo #ultra #ultrajapan #ウルトラ #ウルトラジャパン #festival #フェス #音楽 #music #love #life #empireofthesun #alesso #thechainsmokers #hardwell #hardwork #steveaoki

昨日MUSIC SHARE見てくれた皆さんありがとうございます!中々ない経験でした!人形がえくせーーーすジェスチャーやってくれて、最高でした!文楽楽しい!ポジティブコメントたくさんくれた皆さん感謝です!次はULTRAで!🙏🙏
Shouts to everyone who locked in for the music share 5 year anniversary last night! It was one of a kind experience!
Much love to all the staff, players and viewers who dropped so many positive comments!🙏🙏🔥🔥

🇹🇹トリニダードの大統領と思っていいぐらい😅🙏🙏 Soca God Machel Montano! 🇹🇹🇹🇹Too much love🙏🙏🎉🎉

今週水曜日Red Bull StudioからMUSIC SHARE 5周年生放送! ********************
8月16日(水) 18:00-20:00 Red Bull Studios Tokyoから生放送!
「MUSIC SHARE 5周年記念企画 文楽+(伊達娘恋緋鹿子 火の見櫓の段)」 . 【放送日時】2017年8月16日(水) 18:00 ー 20:00
. 【視聴サイト】https://freshlive.tv/MUSICSHARE/111227 . 【スタジオ】Red Bull Studios Tokyo . 【進行】本田みちよ . 【出演】
・Maika Loubté
・Hatis Noit
・Mother Tereco


Announcement of the MUSIC SHARE 5th Anniversary Special Show [Bunraku+]
Live stream from Red Bull Studios Tokyo on Aug. 16(Wed.) 18:00-20:00
Special documentary footage will be revealed on the official website on Aug. 15(Tue.)!
MUSIC SHARE, an internet TV station, is celebrating its 5th anniversary.
As the 5th anniversary special program, it will showcase “Japan’s first” and “World’s first” on Aug. 15 and 16.
This is the “World’s first” attempt to “dissect Bunraku” by “Japan’s first” grassroots music program, MUSIC SHARE. . [Title] MUSIC SHARE 5th Anniversary Special Show, Bunraku+ (“Fire Watchtower scene” from “The Red-Hot Love of the Greengrocer’s Daughter”)
[Date] August 16, 2017 (Wed.) 18:00-20:00
[Streaming website] https://freshlive.tv/MUSICSHARE/111227
[Studio] Red Bull Studios Tokyo
[MC] Michiyo Honda
・Tayu: TOYOTAKE Yoshiro
・Shamisen player: TSURUSAWA Seiki
・Puppeteers: YOSHIDA Minoshiro, YOSHIDA Tamayo, YOSHIDA Tamanobu
・Maika Loubté
・Hatis Noit
・Mother Tereco

XXXSSS Tokyo feat. DOZAN11!
Shouts to DOZAN11 for the adlib session @ ageha on Friday! Shouts to crew and everyone who came through, was so much fun. 🔥🔥

とてもメキシ感な @dozan11 にとてもメキシ感な「VENGA!」をいただきました〜〜!🌮😂😂スペイン語で「カモン!!」だよ!笑 飛び入り方おもろ過ぎる!😂😂🎉🎉ドーザンさんあざす!🙏❤️
Ageha tomorrow! Tokyo family - VENGA! VENGA! VENGA! Carnival tings! 😂😂😂🎉🎉 shouts to famalam DOZAN11 for the Sombrero shout! 🙏❤️🤛
w/ @djsarasa @tokyobassmusic @nisi_p @mal_p2s @bksound @sonpub @cornhead045 @gunhead072 @bingo_habanero_posse @tokyoposeposse @zukie0401 @shioriybradshaw @dj__iku

DOZAN11(元三木道三)と @casadesarasa でえくせーーーす!🎉🎉ドーザンさん普通にメキシコ人過ぎてウケる🤣🤣
Casa De Sarasa with JP reggae godfather Dozan11!
June 30 XXXSSS Tokyo @ Ageha with all the homies! Come carnival with us! 🎉🎉 @ Casa De Sarasa

ずっと楽しみにしてたXXXSSS Tokyo vs 文楽の撮影風景!えくせーーーす対日本の伝統的美術どうなるか?!お楽しみに!
8/16 19:00〜 Red Bull Studios TokyoからMUSIC SHARE 5年記念生放送!🔥🔥
We been keeping this one under wraps for a few months, but finally the project is kicked off. XXXSSS Tokyo vs traditional Japanese Bunraku!! This is some behind the scenes footage from a couple of days ago.
We will broadcast MUSIC SHARE 5th anniversary live from Red Bull Studios Tokyo on August 16 19:00〜! Lock in to see wtf happens. Spoiler: it's pretty f***ing funny😂🔥🔥

Music Share5周年に向けてXXXSSS Tokyo vs 文楽?!!😱 映像も音も本当にやばいから楽しみ〜笑😂✌️✌️👻👻
Was maximum good vibes interview and filming for Music Share 5th Anniversary!
XXXSSS Tokyo vs Traditional Bunraku collab incoming!😱😱 whaaaa👻👻✌️✌️👻👻🤡🤡

Congratulations Ballaholic on new Tokyo store!🎉🎉
So much vibes in this place. You can dribble with a virtual opponent and shoot hoops right in the store. They also got dope ballaholic gear, wear, cases and bags. They provide free positive vibes too. Place is so much fun.😍
Must check if u like basketball. 🏀🏀🏀

アリーナでエクセスカーニバル!🔥🔥🎉🎉 Ageha June 30!
XXXSSS Carnival arena takeover.🔥🎉🎉

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