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Toka  Film Director/producer/cinematographer/tv production consultant @mcbaror whatsapp: ±2348062128852

Because it's difficult doesn't mean God is not in it. I see a little looks like the hand of a Man. RAIN IS COMING!!!
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anticipate!!! #KADARIVER


The beauty of being a film maker is having the ability re-creat history.

HBD to my GHANA brother @chrisattoh This new year will bring new blessings. Have a great year.

ALASKA 2008/2009
Directed by yours truly @tokamcbarorfilms

Found this picture in one of my old hard drives. When I think about His goodness and mercy on my life. I remember this very day in 2009 in Nok village in kaduna South. I remember we walked for one hour 30minutes to get to some hidden caves in the forest. Plenty hard work went into this project. Now I'm tempted to upload the trailer!
#zuma #nok #2009 #director #directorofphotography

HBD to this gentle man @stannze this new year will be your best year yet.

All work no play...
Holding it down with the CEO Big Church Group @bigchurchhaven
Oya food is ready... KADA RIVER world premiere loading!

The KADA River story is one that is created to promote love and peace irrespective of religion, tribe, skin colour or race. I drew my inspiration from my personal experience with the Kaduna crisis, but this is a story that anyone, from any part of the world can relate to. So here's my thought, if you wish to share your experience with crisis survival, post your story with the #myKadaRiverstory and tag it to my page or @kadariver or email ( and we will sure publish it or probably make a movie on it. I guess the movie will be called KADA RIVER (2)😁😀. I personally feel sharing this stories will help us understand our personal journeys.
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Just keep pressing on. You will find water in strange places @Regrann from @nollywoodtravelfestival - @thinkifan's @lotannathemovie directed by @tokamcbarorfilms has been selected to show at the Nollywood Travel Film Festival in Toronto.
@princegeorgepeters @_vivianwilliams @directorlonzo @canadiancreatives - #regrann

Never allow the negatives over shadow the positives. Be thankful at all times, count your blessings and see if you won't run out of names for them. He can't teach you to swim and let you die in a RIVER. Have a little Faith.

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