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Frani ♡  Scrublord and video game enthusiast! Next Event: Portcon Maine Bae ♡: @basedbuggy Umi & Riko of Shining☆9! 👇 Check out my blog! 👇

As mentioned in my story a few days ago, my current big project is Star Guardian Janna! Most of my progress photos will be posted on my facebook page~ !
Special thanks to my boyfriend for making it all possible!

Happy 1 year anniversary Overwatch!
Tb to my Casual D.Va @ PAX East!
📷: @basedbuggy

I'm selling some new/lightly used cosplays!
Marine Umi is size M, and Mirai is size L !
Please DM me for the measurements!
Shipping is $3 in the US (not including Hawaii/Alaska)
also Marine Umi and Marine Eli are very similar!! Just the little gem is a different shade of blue >_<

Update: Umi is sold!

Heres an Umi pic from Anime Boston awhile back!
📷: @basedbuggy

Sorry for the lack of activity! This past week has been more focused on my boyfriend and I ;u; I'll try to pump out some new bghs content soon!
Heres my Sakura Fujimiya from BGHS!! App is snow ♡

I copped this Riko jacket at the bushiroad merch stand at Anime Boston!! Its really cute and comfy I love it sm c::
Also a big thanks to @basedbuggy for this wig!! I styled it a little bit so it's easier to handle. I still have to get a white clip ;n;

Does anyone like BGHS ?? I did a quick costest of Sakura the other day! The wig is a bit browner in person and I'll be getting pink contacts soon! I have 2 Sakura cosplays planned 😊😊

2nd years of Shining☆9!! ♡
Editor: @vanillingchu
Photo: @personchris

Umi and Nozomi of S☆9!!
Selina is #1 mom and cares for everyone sm i love heR

One of the shots from Japan Festival!! I miss everyone so much :(
Group: @shining9idols
Photo: @personchris

I took this at #japanfestival where I was waiting in line for okonomiyaki and missing all the S9 photos but spending quality time w my boy 👌

Sorry for the lack of posts!
I went to #japanfestival in Boston w my dance group @shining9idols and it was so so so fun ;_; I wish I didnt have to leave so early (and that it didn't rain -_-)
Please tag us if you see any photos of us!
Stole the pic from amy ♡

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