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(๑>◡<๑) Frani  Scrublord and video game enthusiast! Next Event: BCC ♡ @basedbuggy ♡ Umi & Riko of Shining☆9!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I'm almost done with my newest cosplay... just a few more finishing touches before the reveal!

Heres an old Riko pic! Added stickers bc my skin looks so lifeless 😭😭
The fabric I need to finish up my current cosplay is coming in today OuO

Heres a Riko solo from the S☆9 meet!!
📷: @ssgbulma be sure to give him a follow!

Doing some leisurely sewing with @heycutsew's Sailor Shirt w Bloomers!
My favorite cosplay would be Qipao D.Va! If I were to win this giveaway, I'd like Kigurumi or Fairy Amie! I'd make a Bepo (One Piece) kigurumi, and with Fairy Amie, I'd a Sylveon Gjinka cosplay *u*

Heres a shot of some of the members who were at the @shining9idols meet last Friday! It was so much fun, I can't wait for the next one ♡
📷: @ssgbulma !

Since I got a lot of positive feedback, here's another D.Va selfie!
I've got another secret cosplay incoming hueheuehuehrh

Heres my surprise cosplay!! I ordered Qipao/Cheongsam D.Va about two months ago, and it finally came in today! I'll be bringing her to BCC !
Im still salty i got placed in gold instead of the normal plat for comp 😩😩 I was gonna aim for diamond but now i gotta get plat first lol
Gun from @basedbuggy !!

hi im frani and i love sakura and i just. started a sakura cosplay on a whim LOL

Ya girl just got paid for a promoting gig!! Heres another Ai selfie ♡

I uploaded a new review on BODYLINE's Unidolized Marine Umi!! Check it out in my bio ♡
Heres me and my boyfriend at PortConMaine!

Did a super quick costest of Ai to make sure I really wanted to cos her!!
I quickly made the headband w felt LOL and I'm wearing Marine Umi unidlz oops,,,
I'll make the actual headband out of polyester! This was just a test trial~
What do you think?

Small progress.. but working on everyone's favorite youtuber, Kizuna Ai!
I've only made the bow and sewed some wefts, don't worry, the wefts are a lot pinker in person!! (But I did buy a shade too light ;_;)
Hopefully I'll get materials to make her outfit soon!

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