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Frani ♡  Scrublord and video game enthusiast! Next Event: Portcon Maine ♡ @basedbuggy ♡ Umi & Riko of Shining☆9!


Hey sorry for the lack of posts! I was at PortConMaine yesterday, and I was a bit overwhelmed with con crunch! It was a very small con with little to offer, but it was really fun meeting new people and spending time with @shining9idols and @basedbuggy !! We did a lot of shoots, and I'm working on touching up the photos! Prepare to have PCM photos fo days!!

Hey! Im doing a group order for these Aqour charms. They would be about $80 total, so about $8.55 ea, and $2.00 shipping from me to anywhere in the US!
TAKEN: Riko, Mari, Yohane, Ruby, Kanan
PENDING: Hanamaru, Dia
OPEN: You, Chika

Im doing this group order because the charms individually are $10 and $5 shipping from the seller/artist. ;_;

Artist is @/booniecake on Twitter!

Preorders end June 30th and will arrive late July!

Please comment/dm if you are SERIOUS. Accepting payments via paypal.

My headphones came uncolored.. so Ive been working on fixing them 😭😭 heres a quick costest of Cyber Umi!
Also I realize i wore the collar wrong O: will fix that next time!

hey!! You guys should check out @imoutofever !! Shes best nico and look at how adorable her kanna is 😭😭 she's also hosting this wonderful giveaway!! Please help her get to 1.5k!

Heres my Yohane costest!! I do have the Aqours uniform, I just... was too lazy to change out of Marine Umi LOL

Heres my ita bag! Can you tell I like Umi a lot?? c:
Big thanks to @basedbuggy and @imoutofever to contributing to my bag!

Happy Father's day! I am thankful for my father for being my family's only income, and my personal tutor uwu
Also! Heres my Unidolized Umi that Shining☆9 will be shooting at PortCon! I've been trying a more natural makeup style without intense falsies uwu I hope you like it!

Wowie i just realized I've cosplayed 8 diff umis LOL,, here is some more riko love ♡

Don't forget to use my code "tokageki" for 10% off at @nostosxalgos !!
📷: @basedbuggy

Soo my PortCon lineup changed.. ;_;
Unidlz Marine for my bois @shining9idols , Cyber for my soldier blep, and Ninja Umi !!

Since I got so much positive feedback on my Riko, here is some more!!

I have free time this week so I'll see if I can take some pictures in ninja, cyber, or maybe as yohane!!

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