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٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ Frani  Scrublord & video game enthusiast 🎮 Next Event 🎉: Japan Fest Umi/Riko of Shining☆9 !! Photo 📷/Babe 💕: @basedbuggy EN/ES/中文 🆗

Another Riko selfie! I really need to style this wig,, I've been so busy and stressed recently 😫😫 feel free to tag me as Umi/Riko c:

did a costest of Riko!! The wig is a pain in the butt but I am quite happy ouo

Sorry for the lack of posts! Working on some props!

Went on a date w my boyfriend and we watched power rangers!! It was really good and I recommend it 😊😊
Pls ignore Yohane LOL

Cosplans for 2017!!
99% Love Live!
1% Generic Animes
I also have some secret ones I'm working on atm!! But they will take me literally a year 😢😢

Life tip: surround yourself with positive people who don't just stick around for free food and gifts 😊😊
📷: the best ♡ @basedbuggy

Tbh I never thought I'd like Aqours that much,, but man am I growing on them
📷: @basedbuggy ❤❤
#llsifcosplaysubs #llsiffeatures

A convo w my sister
Sister: did someone fist your face?
Me: mean punch?

no u cant sit w me 📷: rafiki

Yall should follow my shining☆9 boys and girls!!!
They are all so talented and beautiful and nice ;w; i love them sm so pls give them your love too ♡

I'm so excited to meet my dudes from Shining☆9 at Japan Fest!!
Another pic of my cheongsam Umi since I haven't been posting a lot about it!!
📷: rafael ❤

I got my nails done for the first time in my life w my s/o :))
Also i miss anime boston :(
📷: ralf♡
#animeboston2017 #animeboston

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