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Latoia Fitzgerald  ♌️ Fashion Designer 📧 latoiatoi@aol.com


This is the hustle and bustle… Its typical for half the day to go by before I realize I haven't even eaten. Of course it can be draining, but my work is also what gives me energy. This line in particular means a lot to me. Its a reflection of my growth, both creatively and professionally. The lessons from pass experiences are now a benefit.  Everything I learned up to now is going into this collection. It hasn’t been easy, but It’s most definitely worth it. So, on those days when you find yourself going back to the drawing board…Please know you are not alone. My sister @wolfe_leone wrote the song playing in the background to express how important it is to stick to your dreams regardless of what’s discouraging you… and its become my go to song when I need encouragement. If you have a vision and you see the finish line, KEEP IT IN SIGHT… no matter how many hurdles you have to jump over to get there.
Nothing can stop you but YOU!
Video: @parkwaymedia
Song: @wolfe_leone

Feeling like I can lift this tree lol. Finishing this year off strong! So anxious to share my hard work with you guys! 💪🏾

Embracing my unapologetic self.

When it feels this good you better keep her...🎯

God chose me to be the breadwinner of my family. With that being said, I’m the one that makes sure my son, niece, mother and sister are good! #hustle

I’m on a plane from Philly, on my way back to LA.  My body is sore. I’m tired, mentally and physically.  I just wanna be home with my son, chilling with my family.  The sacrifices are so real.  I have to do what’s needed and sacrifice so much of what I want.  Despite all my efforts, things still don’t always go as planned. The process is frustrating, overwhelming, exhausting but exciting and fun at the same time… I’ve been through so many trials, made too many errors.  So, its important for me to make sure everything is 100%. I have my days when I just wanna give up… but I show up anyway.  I show up because this is me. This has been me since a kid. This is my happy.  I didn’t start wanting to design clothing when it became a trend.  Its really not something I decided…It’s a part of me.  Fashion, sewing, designing is apart of my childhood. My mom taught me how to sew when I was 10yrs old. Every night before bed I made the same style pant in a different fabric for school the next day, lol.  This is my passion, my calling.  I will not stop, it’s not an option…Ima keep pushin until I have reached all heights...Did I mention I have to be back in Philly by Thursday for my sisters bday. 😩 #Nomakeup #tired #thegrind

Open-minded people don’t impose their beliefs on others. They accept all of life’s perspectives and realities, doing their own thing in peace.

Paying homage to the vibe...swag mixed with class...that’s how Philly make’em #IThinkiCanAct #ThisOneIsForTheLadies #MelaninPoppin #FreeMeek #PhillyLove

#Repost @fatima "Fall Thru" @meekmill Video Out Now!
Director: @spikejordan
Stylist: @fatima
Starring: @toityme
Mua: @tenelleveira
Production: @fatman_slim @crichmedia
#cuffinseason ❄️

Thanks @designbyra for bringing these pictures to life! 🖤

Pictures never tell the full story... Styled by: @melvinstyles
Photographer: @jarrellelee
Makeup: @beautybylondyn

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