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To-Go Ware  Eco-friendly food containers & bamboo utensils. Innovative β€’ safe β€’ environmentally responsible β€’ affordable β€’ convenient


Welcome to the reusable movement @simplehappyvegan! We couldn't have said it better ourselves. #Repost
Currently there is 500 MILLION pounds of plastic in our oceans. | With each American adding 600 lbs of waste each year | πŸ—‘πŸš›
Reducing waste has been honestly easier than I thought. Recently I purchased this @togoware utensil set from amazon and I LOVE it! I keep it in my backpack so I don’t have to use the plastic utensils while I’m at campus. These would also be awesome for camping or using at work! Fun part is the pouch comes in all colorsπŸ˜ŠπŸƒπŸ‘πŸΌ Little things add up to make big difference!

So no single-use sneaks into our office, all employees are issued a reusable bottle, bag, and takeout container!
#zerowastekit #bringyourown
#itgetseasier #youcandoit #riseaboveplastics #Repost @zerowastememes

Shoutout to our friends at @packagefreeshop for inspiring change!

#Repost @packagefreeshop
Plastic forks, spoons, and knives may seem convenient, but they're wreaking havoc on our ecosystems and oceans.
It is estimated that over 40 billion individual plastic utensils are produced each year - and that's just in the USA. But how do these sneaky sporks make their way into our trash?
Consider this: If you workplace offers you free food, what type of cutlery do they lay out? Enter any fast food establishment - what adorns the walls next to the soda machines and napkins? 🍟In 2015, Americans placed nearly 2 BILLION delivery orders. Even if only half of those orders came with a disposable utensil, that's 1 billion right there!!🀒 Reusable cutlery is a great way to combat this incredibly toxic and wasteful habit. Yes, at first it may take a little bit of planning to bring your own silverware and ask your delivery service for "no forks or knives". But, before you know it, it will be second nature!🍴
To make the switch even easier, we are offering 20% off one of our most popular items - the @togoware bamboo cutlery set! πŸŽ‹ Use the discount code BAMBOOWARE and say no to single use plastic cutlery!

Friday + #nationaldoughnutday = A
g🍩🍩d day!

#Repost @erikasummers22
Reusable utensil sets for on the go eating. I got one of these sets for my 3 year old (comes in kid size too) and was so impressed with it I ordered 2 more for hubs and I. Going to keep a set in the car and another for packing lunches. Utensils are made of bamboo and the carry cases made of recycled plastic yay! Comes with fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks. Tulip is from my garden 🌷 I ordered these from Amazon because my local co op was all sold out. #notsponsored

#Repost @wavehuggers
**GIVEAWAY**. 🌏 In honor of Earth month, Wavehuggers is giving away a FREE surf lesson in Southern California and 5 eco friendly product that we ❀️! WHAT YOU'LL WIN:
1️⃣: Organic Sunscreen from @nektorsurf
2️⃣: A Set of Bamboo Utensils from @togoware
3️⃣: Organic Surf Wax from @matunas
4️⃣: Organic Chapstick from @hurrawbalm
5️⃣: A Towel from @sand_cloud
6️⃣: A 2 hour FREE surf lesson with Wavehuggers in Southern California, equipment included
1️⃣: Follow @wavehuggers, @hurrawbalm, @nektorsurf, @sand_cloud, @matunas, and @togoware.
2️⃣: Tag a friend (unlimited entries in separate comments; each friend you tag counts as an additional entry).
3️⃣: Use the link in our bio to enter.
We will pick one LUCKY winner at 12 pm PST on April 30th, 2017.

#Repost @recapmasonjars
This Earth Day, @recapmasonjars @togoware @kidskonserve @koffiestraw have teamed up to make lunches eco-friendlier.
2 reCAP Mason jar lids

2 Silicone Koffie Straws

U Konserve IcePack

To-Go Ware Utensil Set and Holder

The NEW (not yet released!) reCAP Lunch Box
To enter:

1. Follow @recapmasonjars @togoware @kidskonserve @koffiestraw

2. You must follow/be following all accounts to enter!

3. Tag a friend in the comments of this photo on any of the above Instagram accounts with the same photo.
That’s it! Winner will be announced Thursday, April 27th. Good luck and Happy Earth Day!
#EarthDay #gogreen #greenliving #giveaway #recycle #upcycle #ecofriendly #earth #nature #lunch #earthday2017 #waterbottle #smallbusiness

#Repost @bureo
Helping you reduce your forkprint since 2012. Bamboo utensils now back in stock -- link in profile! #PlasticFree

#Repost @thatveganswimmer
Good Monday Morning! β˜€οΈ I know they are everyone's least favorite part of the week. But, to cheer you up, I'm letting you know that today is National Strawberry Day (US February 27)!!! πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ I love strawberries, my favorite way to eat them is plain and out of a huge bowl πŸ™Š But, it's way prettier to make #nicecream out of them πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ so this is strawberry nice cream in honor of National Strawberry Day --> 4 frozen bananas + 1.5 cups frozen strawberries + (optional) 1 tsp @terrasoul raw organic vanilla powder. Blend in a high speed blender (like my @vitamix ) or food processor. Top with more strawberries and then go wrap yourself up in a blanket on the couch #togoware #nicecreamproblems #veganproblems #rawvegan #raw #vegan #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #strawberry #nationalstawberryday #dairyfree #vanilla #nicecream #icecreamforbreakfast #smoothiebowl #aesthetic #thebananachronicles #prosperoushealthylife #bestofvegan #thefeedfeed

#Repost @redefiningbalance
These sets are made from sustainable, long lasting bamboo and easily transported in a colorful pouch made from recycled plastic bottles. Great to keep in your bag, car or at the office to prevent using single use plastic utensils when you eat.

All proceeds go to support the Redefining Balance scholarship fund so you can stay sustainable and support a good cause! #ecoshopping πŸŒ±πŸŒŽβ™»οΈ #reduce #reuse #repurpose #reduceyourforkprint #supportagoodcause #mindfulshopping #mindfulness #lessplastic

#Repost @changracious
What's for brunch? #Homemade garden egg-white #omelette filled with carrots, red peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini on a bed of arugula. πŸ˜‹ Love using my @togoware fork, especially when I'm out and about. The set comes with a spoon, knife, and chopsticks and has helped me avoid using plastic since 2010! Reducing my plastic footprint little-by-little; day-by-day.😊 #eatcolorfully #healthyeats #homemadefood #organic #togoware

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