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To-Go Ware  Eco-friendly food containers & bamboo utensils. Innovative • safe • environmentally responsible • affordable • convenient

The June issue of @NatGeoMag reports on the global plastic crisis, its effect on our health and environment, and what we can do to stop it. What are you doing to #reduceyourforkprint? Click the link in our bio to learn more. #PlanetorPlastic

This #EarthWeek, #reduceyourforkprint and save 20% site-wide at . Hurry, sale ends 04.22.18!

We’re kicking off Earth Month with the first #ClimateCrusader challenge: Avoid single-use plastics. Did you know that there are over 2 billion plastic straws used in the world every day? And that’s just the plastic straws! Think about cups, bottles, plates, bowls, wrappers, bags – the dreaded plastic list goes on and on.

Tips to offset your single-use plastic usage: Bring your own reusable items such as water bottle, shopping bag, straw, and utensil set when away from home. Be sure to recycle any plastics properly that you do use. When shopping, look for items that are in recyclable packaging and made from post-consumer recycled packaging. Dive into the bulk bin section at the grocery store. Sometimes you can even find another use for packaging – think water bottle herb planters.

Show us how you’re combatting single-use plastic in your life by tagging us and #ClimateCrusader. Don’t forget to enter our big giveaway via link in bio! Tag 3 friends to join in too!

Single use plastic alternative items by @miir @chicobag @togoware @stasherbag @simplystraws

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We are excited to announce our month-long commitment to celebrating 🌎 Planet Earth 🌍 By celebrating not only on #EarthDay but every day this month, we hope to inspire positive change.

Take a stand with us by joining our #ClimateCrusader Challenge! 💪 Every single Monday, starting today, we will be presenting a challenge of the week that will include tips on how to enhance your life in an environmentally friendly way.

With your commitment to being a #ClimateCrusader, we’d like to invite you to enter a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY! Want to win this prize pack? Visit the LINK IN OUR BIO to enter. We are accepting weekly entries and there are 5 weeks this month, so ready-set-go!

BONUS: Tag 3 friends in the comments who you think would love this giveaway and Earth Month celebration too!

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Thanks for the great tip @mamaeatsplants
🌈💫🦄hiking food, without waste: generally the most trash I find while hiking is food and drink wrappers/containers. This can be swapped out by bring your own- I love my @togoware stainless tiffin (2 tier) because it holds a lot and it also unbreakable and lightweight (2 problems with glass). #repost

Let us help you start the new year on the right foot by building a better lunchbox to live a healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle! To win these quality products, enter through the link in our bio. We'll be picking 12 winners! Good luck!

Welcome to the reusable movement @simplehappyvegan! We couldn't have said it better ourselves. #Repost
Currently there is 500 MILLION pounds of plastic in our oceans. | With each American adding 600 lbs of waste each year | 🗑🚛
Reducing waste has been honestly easier than I thought. Recently I purchased this @togoware utensil set from amazon and I LOVE it! I keep it in my backpack so I don’t have to use the plastic utensils while I’m at campus. These would also be awesome for camping or using at work! Fun part is the pouch comes in all colors😊🍃👍🏼 Little things add up to make big difference!

So no single-use sneaks into our office, all employees are issued a reusable bottle, bag, and takeout container!
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Shoutout to our friends at @packagefreeshop for inspiring change!

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Plastic forks, spoons, and knives may seem convenient, but they're wreaking havoc on our ecosystems and oceans.
It is estimated that over 40 billion individual plastic utensils are produced each year - and that's just in the USA. But how do these sneaky sporks make their way into our trash?
Consider this: If you workplace offers you free food, what type of cutlery do they lay out? Enter any fast food establishment - what adorns the walls next to the soda machines and napkins? 🍟In 2015, Americans placed nearly 2 BILLION delivery orders. Even if only half of those orders came with a disposable utensil, that's 1 billion right there!!🤢 Reusable cutlery is a great way to combat this incredibly toxic and wasteful habit. Yes, at first it may take a little bit of planning to bring your own silverware and ask your delivery service for "no forks or knives". But, before you know it, it will be second nature!🍴
To make the switch even easier, we are offering 20% off one of our most popular items - the @togoware bamboo cutlery set! 🎋 Use the discount code BAMBOOWARE and say no to single use plastic cutlery!

Friday + #nationaldoughnutday = A
g🍩🍩d day!

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