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Tofer Mai  When I look back on my life,its not that I dont want to see things exactly as they happened.Its just that I prefer to remember them in an artisticway.

"As I'm driving I'm captured by the view, so much beauty, the road becomes my muse.
The heat is rising and my hand surfs through the wind. Cool, calm, collected is the child that lies within.

See I'm leaving today, I'm living it, I'm leaving it
To change!"

"We're born to fly, so let's keep living 'til it all falls down. Let's close our eyes and let the moment drive the whole world out. We're in this together. Hear our hearts beat together. We stand strong together. We're in this forever,
this one's for you!"

"Sail on down the line, ain't it funny how the time can go on. A  friends say they told me so, but it doesn't matter. It was plain to see that a small town boy like me, just-a wasn't your cup of tea, it was wishful thinkin"

"It's gonna take a long time to love. It's gonna take a lot to hold on. It's gonna be a long way to happy. Left in the pieces that you broke me into, torn apart but now I've got to keep on rolling like a stone, cause it's gonna be a long long way to happy."

"Everywhere I go words are coming at me,
from on the radio and on the T.V. People stop to say "Hello" but that isn't what I need, what I want from these words is to be free."

"Touch me with, a heart of gold I can't go a day without my sunshine. Touch me with, a smile of gold I can't go a day without my sunshine."

"In the morning I'm okay. Just fine in the afternoon, but at night I think about you, in a way I am not supposed to. Baby, sleeping without you just isn't right, trust me, I've tried it a thousand times. At night I think about you, do you still think of me too?"

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