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New adventures in analogue. Another Soviet camera (Fed 5) in the collection getting its first run out this week. I'm also trying out Kodak 400TX for the first time. #Hipstamatic #JohnS #DTypePlate

This is the very best photo of me ever taken. I love tintypes - the look of the photo, the cameras and lenses used, the preparing and developing process. Emily at @tntypes loves it all, too, and it really shows in her work! Let her take your portrait, too 👍

1621 N Central
Knoxville, TN

You're never too old to skate. I've never, ever been any good at it and these days I just stick to cruising around (👴🏼)... even in my dress pants and shoes. #Hipstamatic #Loftus #Inas1982

...with a nod to my old TV pal, Bob Ross.
I tried a red filter held over the lens of the Polaroid Snap today (black and white setting). I think it's too dark for the camera, but I cranked up the brightness of the photo I took of them, and it's alright.

Just a couple of wild punks...

Still (too) warm so far this October, but I'm hoping for that to change soon.

Still reeling from the Dinosaur Jr. show, I found it nearly impossible to do any kind of work for meaningful stretches of time. I beat the daylights out of my drums (sadly, an electronic kit -- apartment life) and ran some long exposure experiments with the a6000.

Tonight, not only did I finally get to see Dinosaur Jr. live, but I got to meet them after the show!
All night, I couldn't stop thinking about the first time I heard them, aged 15 -- a very long time ago. I bought "Whatever's Cool With Me" & "Without A Sound," their only records I could get my mitts on, solely on the recommendation from Nirvana. It was love at first listen!
I somehow managed to never have an opportunity to see them until now, and the show was every bit as good as I'd always imagined it would be ❤️

Welcoming the newest addition to my Zenit family - the Zenit 3M. The 3M joins two siblings, both Zenit E, but one with the Helios 44-2 lens, and the other with the Industar 50-2. #Hipstamatic #JackLondon #Sequoia

I took a lot of pictures today, and my idea was to work on capturing interesting images with motion blur -- a new frontier that had not previously interested me.
As it turns out, the best photo I took today was an accident. I don't know what I was doing to have made this image, but there it is. Maybe that's another good reminder to let it all happen naturally, in whatever way that might be. #Hipstamatic #Madalena #Robusta

The rainy day washed my creativity away. Best image I could manage today, I'm afraid. #Hipstamatic #Tinto1884 #Rasputin #TastyPop

I went to @tntypes today and had the pleasure of meeting Emily & Cory. Not only that, but I sat for a tintype and believe it to be the best photo of me in existence! Knoxville people, schedule an appointment!

We talked photography for a while, and took some other photos of each other. Here, Emily holds a Polaroid Snap photo of her and Cory. I also took a photo with the Crown Graphic -- coming soon!

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