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Todd Alberts 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night 🎄

Quinceanera, foot t-shirt, bullet proof hat, eye of the tiger and I guess a little bit of skiing kind of week with the boys

The happiest of birthday shout outs to one of the realest dudes I know on and off the pitch!! So glad you made the choice to come to RU, because RU without you definitely would of been nowhere the same! Luh you and have a fantastic night Brotha.

We wanted to go bowling but the pins were on strike

Happy late 21st birthday shoutout to my son/ apprentice/protege. I hope you had a birthday as Litttt as you are my guy😎🤙🏼😝!!! We will celebrate soon 🍻🍻

Was totally worth roasting in the sun all day #St.Nico#Sterlingchamps2018

THE HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAY WISHES TO LITERALLY THE BEST BROTHER/fake twin IN THE WORLD 🌎 I honestly have no idea what I would do with out you in my life so thank you for always being there for me and keeping me in check. Also I want to welcome you to the old man club I can’t wait to show you the ropes! Anyways I love you dude can’t wait to see you again!❤️

7 miles ain't so bad when you have the right people with #bix7

"Somewhere on a beach, sipping something strong."😎🤙🏼

Saturdays are for the boys


I guess I don't mind spending all day in the mountains with these goobs😛😎🤙🏼

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