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My sister @thekatvond blessing my 🍑with the one & only @prince ☮️ I 💜Love this perfect portrait. #PRINCE4EVER

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Son! #ThisIsHardcore

3/26/1987 #AirMaxDay

"It was a sunday morning
i was way too young for this day.
The phone rang & her face changed
& thats when all the pain came.
i sat there trying to comprehend,
i'll never see my dad again.
He never saw me singing,
He never saw me spell my name & the images won't fade.
Your voice, my joy, your pain
is "Painted On My Brain"
no matter what i do or say,these images won't fade" Thanks to my brother @dansmithism This is my favorite tattoo! ❤ I only have 3 real memory's of my dad,a hand full of photos & so many story's from my family. I know he's watching over me @themorseisstrong@toddsplanet He was was my moms only true love. She stay strong for us & busted her ass to raise 3 crazy boys. I know he'd be proud. #PaintedOnMyBrain #Sunday #TracyLeeMorse #TroyNY #TauntonMA

Best Intro. Best Drummer. Best Band. Period. #CroMags #FamilyTree #NYHC

My Stella Vanilla Wafer Morse. #NationalPuppyDay

Wow! @katrsings 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 thanks for covering H2O #MemoryLane i got goose bumps. Produced by @earwormNY Is it weird I want to dance to this song now? #H2OGO #KatRSingsGreat

H2O played wetlands in 1996. Following Monday we got a call from our agent. Dicky was at our show & @bosstonesofficial would like to take you on tour. Best times of H2O's career. Through all their success they stayed the same humble gentlemen. Love these humans. Role Models! 📸 @jimmy_barbarino #MightyMightyBosstones #FamilyTree #RoleModels

Best Band,Best Humans & Best Memory's . H2O Learned a lot from touring with these gentlemen.Thank You to my big brothers @bosstonesofficial for being YOU. I spy Metal @maximushenrymorse on stage lol. ❤ @chrimedi #MightyMightyBosstones #FamilyTree #JimmyKimmelLive

People in other bands can't believe we talk everyday on the phone & hang out off tour. A lot of mainstream bands hate each other. It's actually really sad. They do it for Money & Image. If there was ever any issue we would all discuss it like adults. We pride ourselves on still having fun. Still believe in every song we play. When it's not fun,we are done. And we we'll still be friends. That's been the key to H2O's longevity. We are Brothers through thick & thin till death! #FamilyTree #TBT #H2OGO !

Partnership For A Drug Free America Commercial I was a part of in 1993? Everyone reciting the lyrics to "Straight Edge" by Minor Threat. Best thing that ever happened to me was finding this song at 13yrs old. I had never tried anything yet & never did after hearing it. Thanks Skateboarding & Punk Rock for being my role model,my guidance counselor,my father figure & my family at the right time. I was a lost kid with no father figure. And to all the kids who made fun of me for how I dressed. They called me Gay in school for not going to the keg party's or participating in sports. And the ones who thought skating was a fad & a waste of time. I say Thank You! Because of you,I stuck by my convictions & beliefs even more passionately. I kept skating & diving and being part of something positive that made me who I am today. #PMA #StillHere #TheStraightEdge #Subculture #ProudToBeDrugFree #TrueTillDeath #BlackSheep

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