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Toby Morse  My life @max_maker @maximushenrymorse H2O @olocpma @positivementalattitudepodcast Drug Free Whole Life For Me & 30yrs Meat Free for The Animals. PMA⚡️

Mr.Hardy makes a straight man question his own sexuality. Sorry Gosling. #MCM #TomHardy

These are NOT in Order. They was so hard. Top 10 NYHC Bands. Rest of my TOP 20 would be... (11.Judge 12.Token Entry these were so hard to not have in my 10 Fuuuck!!) 13.Leeway 14.Black Train Jack 15.Crown of Thornz 16.CIV 17.Kill Your Idols 18.BURN 19.Skarhead 20.Sheer Terror #NYHC What’s Yours???

No Particular Order Everyone. What’s your Top 10 Fav USA “Punk” Bands?? 11.Dead Kennedy’s 12.Fugazi 13.Dag Nasty 14. TSOL. 15.Black Flag 16.Scream 17. Government Issue 18. Soul Side 19. Embrace 20. Verbal Assault NYHC list is coming next!

Ian Mackaye For Mother Fucking President 2020. 🇺🇸

When your favorite band posts their first photo together since before the internet. It’s just a “Flash Back Friday”y’all! Everyone relax lol. Bands are friends in real life! #MinorThreat #BestBandThatEverExistedPeriod

One of my most painful tattoos was my armpit. I went on stage that same night a few hours later to start a 3 week tour w @alkaline_trio NEVER get your armpit tatted on tour. DUMB IDEA. Joey,CBGB & Web Pit by the one & only @classicjuan #FBF #HairlessWonder #OneChestHairMyWifePlucksIt #ZeroNipHair #DidntGetArmpitHairUntilMySeniorYearInHighschoolEmbarassingRight?

Thank you @brettgurewitz for your time today @positivementalattitudepodcast And all of your Passion,Time & Hard work @epitaphrecords @badreligionband & paving the way for bands like H2O & many more. Thanks to my co hosts @rustypistachio @adamblake007 #BadReligion #Epitaph #FTTW #H2OGO

Young James Dean. Thankfully he has my beautiful wife’s @max_maker looks. Such a sweet kind gentleman. @maximushenrymorse ❤️

Random Text from my son right now. Made my day! We ❤️ @coldplay Doc last night it was EMO AF! #Coldplay #MySonRulesEverythingAroundMe

Roll Call! These are just WORDS. Just LABELS by people who wish they were YOU. #Freak #Bitch #Weirdo #Poser #Nerd #Pussy #Sucker #Loser Proud to be a #BlackSheep #Misfit #Myself

I want you to Smile today. Why??? Because you are alive. It’s that simple. 😁❤️ #PMA

You want a long happy marriage??? Keep yo shit tight! Krusty the clown feet in bed are forbidden. You Can’t expect your woman to have her shit on point and waxed 24/7 if you ain’t.Selfishness in relationship doesn’t work. It takes two to make a thing go right! Woman have so much pressure & dudes barely be showering once a day. I might finally try a Brazilian wax to see what woman go through. Dudes have it way too easy. #GrownManShit #GoodHygeneYO #MarriedSince1996 Thank @dimenails_la for my best experience at a nail salon ever!! 💅

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