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Red Eye to COLOMBIA See you tomorrow BOGOTA! #FTTW #H2OGO

My wife hiked here 8 months pregnant. I pushed him in a stroller here. And now he’s almost as tall as me leaving me in the dust on these trails? #RaisedOnRunyon #TimeFlies #FatherSonBond Oh shit I just noticed STELLAS FACE ahaha 😂❤️

PMA✔️ List Tee & Sweatshirts (Based off my post a few weeks back) Available Friday October 5th for Worldwide Pre-Orders. #PMA

Big part of my childhood. Thank you @sesamestreet for existing for me when I felt like I had no one. You could always count on Ernie & Bert. Same Time. Same Channel. Can’t believe people are freaking out over puppets being gay or not? They are PUPPETS!!! Are people that bored? Get a life already please. There’s way more real shit happening in the world right now. #ErnieAndBertPorVida #SesameStreet #JimHenson

Even though my Blood Type is B-Positive lol..❤️ #Facts

Appreciate your friends when they are alive. #PSA

It’s Such a proud moment for her. This just makes me extremely sad. Nothing else to say. via @davidbonnouvrier 💔 Male Leopard killed by a Safari Club Member in Tucson,AZ.

The Daily Struggle is REAL. Can’t wait to dig into this @positivementalattitudepodcast October. #PMAPodcast #PMA #PositiveMentalAttitude

True Real Pure Talent.

As a DAD I’m very concerned about today’s youth. Who’s our kids role models in music???? (Concerned Not Hating) And I’ve explained to my son face tats,views & followers don’t make you a rapper period. That’s not how it works. Its not that easy & thats not the protocol to be an “MC” i know I’m old. I know the hip hop I grew up on was different. Honestly I’m sincerely very thankful for @realcoleworld @logic & @kendricklamar for existing for my son & this generation. P.S.This ain’t a diss track either. P.P.S. This isn’t against face tats alot of my friends have them. P.P.P.S. It’s about skills,bars,hard work VS Image & it’s Not just about this kid either(he represents some of my sons music) . 💯 #ConcernedDadGang #MyParentsDidntLikeMyMusic #THISPOSTISFORPARENTS #EricBForPresident

Take your time getting tattooed young Jedi’s. I started in 1988. Told my wife I’m “Never” tattooing my ass for the past 20yrs lol. Ran out of room. Now I’m tattooing over tattoos because I can’t stop! Kids are starting with there faces,necks & hands now. Slow your roll.Take it from this wise old man. Sincerely,your Dad Toby. #HeartOnMySleeve

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