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Toby had his CT scan yesterday and he's recovering well. The scan will be interpreted by a specialist and then forwarded to our surgeon. Once the surgeon has had a chance to review the scans, he'll get in touch with us with further information.

It's been a very stressful and emotional time but all the love and support we've received has been very heart warming.

Thank you again to all the kind-hearted people who have sent love and prayers, shared Toby's story or contributed to Toby's Go Fund Me page. We've raised nearly half our goal in just 10 days. That's amazing!

We will update again shortly 💖

It’s been a few days since we last updated and we wanted to let everyone know what’s going on. Toby is scheduled for a CT scan this week.  Since this requires Toby to be very still, he will be sedated for this procedure.  This scan will hopefully provide us with additional information before we move forward with surgery.

Toby and I would also like to thank all the amazing people that have reached out to us, sent prayers and positive thoughts, contributed to our Go Fund Me page and shared Toby’s recent health issues.  Thank you!

And although we haven't been able to reply to all your comments, we have read them all and are extremely grateful for all the love and support.

Please continue to keep Toby in your prayers and thoughts. We will update again soon.

Toby had a consultation yesterday with a surgical specialist at a leading veterinary hospital. He had reviewed Toby’s recent test results (blood work, urine, x-rays, and ultrasounds) and he’s concerned by both the significant growth of the tumor and its proximity to a major vein. The location of this tumor does pose some additional surgical risk.  However, he was encouraged that the tumor is still relatively small and by Toby’s overall good health as indicated by his recent blood work and clear x-rays.  Due to the growth of the tumor, the surgeon is recommending that Toby undergo some additional tests, most importantly a CT scan. Surgery was recommended to remove the tumor. It is a scary time for us but we feel that we have to move forward with this.

Thank you to those who have sent prayers & positive thoughts, contributed towards Toby's Go Fund Me page or posted about Toby's recent health issues. The outpouring of support has been amazing. Although we can't thank each of you individually at this time, your love, support and friendship has not gone unnoticed. From the bottom of my heart (and Toby's)... Thank you!

I've included a video from yesterday when Toby and I were waiting to see the specialist. As you can see from the dirty look Toby gave me... He wasn't exactly thrilled to be there!

We'll update again once we've completed all the testing.

A huge thank you to everyone that has sent prayers, love and positive thoughts during this difficult time. The outpouring of support has been amazing.

For those who don't know what's going on... Toby was recently diagnosed with a liver tumor. We are waiting to see a board certified specialist to go over our options. Friends have been wanting to help so we've set up a Go Fund Me page to help with Toby's medical bills (link is in our bio). A huge thank you to those who have donated.

A special thank you to @tuckers_tails, @charlie_thetherapydog, @sirbubbabarksalot, @judgejudylim, @kssophie & @milomeetsworld for their amazing support.

More details can be found on our previous post. We will update as soon as we know more. Thank you.

Hi everyone. I thought I'd let you guys know what's going on with Toby.

Two months ago, Toby had an ultrasound where they discovered a mass in his liver. We followed up with a second ultrasound last week and results show that the mass has grown. Due to its location, surgery is risky but more tests are needed to ensure it's the best option.

I would greatly appreciate you sending your love, prayers and positive thoughts during this difficult time of tests as we work with specialists to develop the best treatment plan for our Toby. Toby and I thank you for your support and friendships. I will keep you updated.

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