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Tobias Robert William Pearce  Founder & CEO @sweat 💧 . Co-Creator of the 'BBG' programs - @kayla_itsines 😘💍 . Educate. Innovate. Motivate. .

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with female empowerment writer @michpking from @forbes 💪 We had a great conversation about what's important in business when you're serving a female audience, how to connect with women on social media and knowing what's the right 'next move' to make with your business. 🤓This motivates me so much for what's coming in the next 12 months for @Sweat and I can't wait to make an even better, life changing product for you all. Time to raise the bar, again.🦄 Click the link in my bio and have a read now on @forbes

Part 2: Living in a tin shed at 19 I often looked at my life thinking "I'm not lucky enough to have certain things, I can barely afford food" looking at a toy dream car I got when I was 7. I often picked it up, got motivated and thought "one day I'm gonna get one". The goal wasn't much about the car, but more so what it represented; financial sustainability & overcoming a life long struggle for independence. "Freedom"

Once starting Personal Training I had a chance to seek both financial and LIFE independence. If successful, id be able to make others healthy & feel good about themselves, get out of my shed and be "free". During Uni I used PT as an outlet & tried hard to make ends meet. In under 4 months I was busy with 2 start ups & a female boot camp.
Jumping forward a few years, I made enough money to rent. Finally after years of being isolated and homeless, without certainty, I had MY OWN HOME.
Early 2014 as the business and my teams success grew, I could now afford my dream car! Instead, I chose to invest & donate money to charity for those less fortunate, as I truly understand what this is like. This learned from my Father, a far wiser man than I.
Early 2015, my birthday came around again. I decided to buy my dream car and like a typical boy, initially I drove it in an unsafe manner. Im in a good position to set an example for young people, I should've taken this responsibility serious. Reality check, I was pulled over one night a few years ago for speeding & the Police took this to the full extent. For my naive 23 yr old behaviour, I got fined & lost my licence for 1 year. I got what I deserved, I know I shouldn't have done this & deeply regret this.
The past 2 yrs I've grown up & learnt some big lessons. These make me a better person for the future & let me commit larger, positive things to society. I'm Tobi, 25, a young & learning CEO of a global company & investments group. Now it's 2017 & I've employed almost 100 amazing people & am thankful to you for taking time out of your day to read a part of my story. I'm not perfect, but I'm doing all I can to become the best I can, positively contribute to the world & others. I'm not done..more soon

🎥True fact; I was once homeless. I am not posting this for sympathy and this is not a sob story, I just thought it was time some of you got to know "me". I spend a lot of time doing public speaking and mentoring, but often shy away from publicising who I am and where I come from because I am nervous or embarrassed. I did not have a life filled with a big family or money. I came from a small country town, a family of four and my family lived a humble "normal" life. We had all the same problems any family does, but unfortunately also had many other uncommon struggles.
I felt at one point in life so upset and overwhelmed by things happening at home that I decided to runaway. My sister has a severe case of bipolar, and from when I was 10 years old often meant she would have manic outbursts which resulted in personal family attacks, suicide attempts and more. By the time I was 16, I had my drivers licence and I wanted to leave so badly, so I did just that. One day I drove off to school, and never went home. I kept going to school but slept in my car, on the streets, in public toilets or at friends houses when possible. I was a 16 year old borrowing money and living off of the other $45 a week I earned. Not many people at school knew and I often (not understood by me at the time) acted out as a result of my internal pain. I was in and out of families including my own for a short period and this was a very difficult time. We all have or had demons, and I certainly have mine, but I am no longer hiding.
If you want to hear more about how I was homeless, got caught up with the law, follow me and wait for my next post. I've decided it's time to speak up.
P.S - Because of my life experiences I participated in the Vinnie's CEO sleep out this year and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I am proud to say I was the 2nd highest fundraiser in South Australia. Swipe right to see a few photos from the night.

What a day! 🏂 I am a huge fan of putting yourself outside your comfort zone to promote self growth. Late last year I took a plunge and jumped on a board in NZ. Now snowboarding is one of my favourite things to do. I'm still a rookie but absolutely love it and am looking forward to next time already. Today was awesome taking a chopper out near Wanaka, have a look on my story for the run down. Thanks for the weather NZ, until next time!

🗣Earlier this week I got to speak at @eyaucareers as a part of the Adelaide alumni reception for the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year program. It was a pleasure to be back in the action with some of the people who taught @kayla_itsines and I so much through our EOY competition journey in 2015. We were very humbled to win an award that year and this week it was great seeing so many other eager business people beginning on their journey, too. Along side Mr Beaumont, a wise and great Adelaide businessman, I got to talk about innovation and growth in the modern world. This stuff always leaves me looking forward to another huge week. #hustle

This is another awesome book in my opinion. It's definitely a slightly more technical read but one of my favourites this year so far. 📚

Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman.

Throwback to last week, my workout with the man, the myth, the beast, and worlds best deadlift commentator @akbar_gbaja !! 💪🎥

I want to tell a story. 🎥

There was a time in my life when I was homeless, by choice. As This was a choice of mine, to be clear I am not posting this to receive sympathy. I was unhappy in my home life so at aged 16 and a half I left home. At times I slept in my car, stayed at friends houses mostly on the floor (when available) or slept on the street. It sucked. Because of a few great people I survived and will be forever thankful to those families. I was blessed to be given the opportunities I have had in life and I do not regret these hard times at all, for they forged who I am today. I was going through some severe difficulties as a teenager with my family, and acted out in many ways for a very long time. My behaviour was easy to judge. Many people judge homeless people. In fact most people judge everyone around them without knowing anything about them other than the way they look, what their friends say or what they have heard. I think that is sad. Whatever happened to talking to people and getting to know them first, just accepting them for who they are?🤔 Everyone has a story, and some of them are amazing if you just give them a chance.
The reason this story is relevant now is because this year I have committed to the CEO sleepout. This is an annual event run by Vinnie's to raise money and awareness for homelessness in Australia. As a part of this commitment I will for one night experience again what it's like not to have a home. 1400 CEOs across Australia will join Vinnie's for this amazing experience and I am very proud to be one of them.
If you want to, please feel free to help Vinnies and I raise money and awareness for this great cause at the link below. #support

Link in my bio!

Last stop before heading back to Adelaide. 🎥🛫 #timeinc

It's been a decent week of Travel. 🛫🛬I left from Adelaide and visited Melbourne to attend a marketing conference, off to LA for some business, then to San Jose for WWDC which was awesome! Finally, Landed in NYC today🍎 aka the big Apple.
NYC has such an amazing culture of hustle and I really love it. One of my favourite things about travelling for work is all of the awesome people you get to meet. Today I got to speak with @michpking from @forbes about health, entrepreneurship and women at work. As a huge advocate for the empowerment of women as well as health, this was one of my favourite chats recently, and I look forward to sharing it with you soon. Thanks Michelle! 😎

💪Had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with @akbar_gbaja yesterday! For those of you that don't know, Akbar is an ex-NFL player and now hosts Ninja warrior on NBC. Undoubtedly one of the funniest and most positive guys I've met in a while...and the tallest haha. At 6 ft 6 he was dwarfing me at 5 ft 10. 😅😂 Thanks for the day mate and being so generous with your time, great to chat and can't wait to train next time. 🤜

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