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Tobias Robert William Pearce  Founder & CEO @sweat 💧 . Co-Creator of the 'BBG' programs - @kayla_itsines 😘💍 . Educate. Innovate. Motivate. .

This is how I hope I look when reading books on business! 🤓 On the topic of books, two great ones I’ve read in the last year are “Rework” - David Heinemeier and Jason Fried and “Good to Great” - Jim Collins. The second one by Jim I’ve read twice now because I think it’s relevance to business is absolute for all people. #books #junior

🙌What an absolutely amazing event #omr18 has been! @omrockstars you have held undoubtedly the best event of it’s kind and I am so humbled to have spoken in front of 8,000+ people today with @kayla_itsines. I am almost too passionate about certain things including @sweat and numbers, but today I was able to pass some of that passion onto others which is so fulfilling. I hope for those of you that listened to my session on social media marketing, you took away some value. Aufwiedersehen Hamburg, until next time...very soon! 🤔😏🦄

🤫 Presenting a keynote at #omr18 tomorrow in Hamburg!

Moonboot off from ankle surgery and only 6 weeks until my hand surgery recovery is ‘done’. Not long until I can train properly again and start trying to get my strength back aka 1kg dumbbells here I come 😅😂. The gym for me is a significant mental release and how I maintain my “balance” or equilibrium state. Not being able to train properly has been an interesting challenge mentally, but one I’ve grown from internally. A resistant start to the year, but it doesn’t matter because 2018 is going to be THE year. #sweat 🦄

Always a pleasure, lazy Sunday garden party. #sweat

2018 is THE year for @sweat ! 🦄 The momentum is building and the masterpiece is coming together. Oh... and I scribbled on my glass.

Currently I’m a little debilitated😒. I’ve got a moonboot on my leg from a full ankle reconstruction and a cast on my left (dominant) hand from a Ligament reattachment when I dislocated my thumb in BJJ. I had one surgery just before Christmas and the other in the first week of January. Right before surgery I set aside some “me” time knowing a lot of my normal day to day activities wouldn’t be doable. This was a few days before the surgery in December. Me reconnecting with my younger self, I haven’t played piano properly in almost 8-10 years, I only dabble here and there at home. 🎹🎼 I learnt this piece first when I was 15-16 years old, which is Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 in G minor for those interested. I used to be embarrassed to tell people I played piano as a kid because it wasn’t “cool” or classical music made me a “nerd”. But then I realised after a while it didn’t matter cause I think it’s pretty cool anyway. 😛🙋‍♂️Reattempting to learn the midsection is proving a nice challenge, those octave leaps😅😇. When compared the famous performer Vladimir Horowitz, he set the bar...extremely high. #goals #piano #gains

So recently @kayla_itsines and I attended the National Business Awards in Australia after being so fortunate to win the state awards. Unfortunately @sweat didn’t come away with a win, but I personally came away humbled and smiling after meeting so many amazing business women and men that evening and during the day. Anyone who knows me, knows I love winning, it’s an integral part of my DNA. A good challenge to me is like oxygen, I need it to survive. But winning isn’t always about the award or first place, it is subject to perspective and your mindset. Winning is being on the journey. Winning is surviving each day knowing how hard you worked and how much you have endured. Winning is knowing more today than you did yesterday. Today I had a shit day for my own reasons, but winning for me is knowing tomorrow is another day, and another opportunity, to win. Let’s do this. #hustle #sweat 🦄

Throwback to speaking at the UN Women event in NYC earlier this year. I just got off a flight and am currently sitting in Canberra. Time to get ready for the National Australian Export Business Awards tonight. Wish us luck. 🤞 #sweat #hustle

Each year I try to learn one new skill out of my comfort zone to push my mind, my body and myself to the limit. Last year I decided I would try snowboarding and went heli-boarding in the back mountains of NZ. This year I wanted to try martial arts. 7 lessons into Brazilian Jiujitsu training my coach made the joke of enrolling me into a competition and telling me a few days before that it was legit and against most people with a few years experience, I’m really glad I chose to continue though. Four or five days later I showed up to @grapplingindustries competition. I had a pretty rough start in the absolutes division against a very experienced athlete and lost on points. But when it came to my weight class division I did okay, placing bronze after dislocating my thumb mid way through a fight. 😅 Nonetheless I actually had an awesome time, injuries and all. Here’s a highlight from the day, me in the shorts Vs. this absolute beast, I was lucky to come away with the win on points. Big thanks to Suasday at @chaukaizen for training me and trolling me into the competition as well as the rest of the family there. @choke_lab #bjj

Big thanks to @theprojecttv for coming down to visit us at our office in Adelaide, and for an awesome segment on TV tonight. 🙌 #sweat

Here. We. Go! 60kg (132lb) dumbbell each hand for 7 clean reps and almost lines up perfectly with 8 years since my first proper gym session! 🦄💪 This was a hard earned personal record for me. Time to get strong and prepare for a huge 2018. #sweat

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