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Tobacco Motorwear  McCoy jacket pre orders still live

Excuse me ma’am... the sign clearly says no smoking! Lady Tobaccos, protection meets fashion. #rideeveryday #womenwhoride #babesrideout #motogirl 📷

It’s not just where you go, it’s how you get there. You can be delivered to your destination in the lap of luxury, like a package stamped ‘fragile,’ or you can feel every bump and bounce. You can hear the wind and wheels, and feel the temperature change in shadow and sunlight. You will smell clean air and exhaust, and something dead by the wayside. Peppered with grit and gravel, you will take roads and take parts of them with you, and you will never forget them. You will be worn and your mind will wander farther still and you will never arrive, your journey just continues... plus you look cool... 😎 There’s my 🌽 for ya‘ll. Your turn, comment away! #rideeveryday #travelgram #harleydavidson #blackandwhite 📷 @williamcorwin

As fall 🍂cools down for the rest of the country, Southern California is still nice and balmy🌴, our riding shirts are perfect for either! Here we have no concept of seasons. If you are in another part of the world, tell me, how late into the year do you ride❓ What are conditions like❓ #rideeveryday #californiaridingshirt

Riding into #humpday be like... What mountains are you climbing this week? ⛰⛰⛰
#rideeveryday #grandtetonnationalpark #ridemorewreckless

Are those Tobaccos? You bet your ass they are!
📷: @el3productions 🍑: @nickgalaura

It’s definitely not the side of motorcycling that anyone wants to talk about, but it’s a reality that will be faced. Whether by your choosing or it being thrust upon you. If you ride a motorcycle long enough you will go down. The only question is whether you will have planned ahead and been wearing the right gear or...or not. As great as riding a bike is, it’s not worth risking pain or death because of a lack of foresight. And for everyone that’s been riding less than a year, you are the most in danger. You think you have a handle on things, but you absolutely do not. Don’t get cocky; stay safe.
@joshua.m.cramer got into a bit of a slide and walked away with only minimal injuries. Tobaccos do their job.

It’s Friday, you should be walking toward your bike, not away from it!
#rideeveryday #motofamily
Pic by @jacobboll

The BLDR Series. For anyone who has ever picked up a wrench and spent long hours alone in a garage with nothing but the sound of an angle grinder and Fleetwood Mac to keep them company. Follow the link in our bio to get access to the series. Featuring: @jim__olsen @petrolbox @bleedmachine @heroesmotors @luckywheelsgarage @luckywheelsjack @luckywheelsty @damo1111 @regatta_garage

There was before and there is after. Two completely different worlds separated by a single day and it’s horrific events. Remember what’s important.
Photo credit to @soho_blues

Hey people! What do we think of this bike? Looks pretty fun to me, but what do I know? I do know she’s lookin good in our new women’s denim. More to come on that.
#triumphbobber #rideeveryday

Oh yeah... we also make jeans! @playabanjogotojail making them look a’ight. I had an awesome time hanging with this funny dude on our Seattle trip. Y’all should check out him and @thewickmoto Can’t wait to go back!#motofamily #seattlemoto #imonaboat

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