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T O A N  🎤YOLO with ToLo FB Live Show co-host ✨Motivational Speaker 🙏 Inspirator @GoInspireGo 💚 Designer


💙 #moni island is money! So blue 😲. Snorkeling in a cave, ate sea urchin for the first time (shout out to @essjayceee for the inspiration to eat these black water porcupines) and looked for mermaids 🧜🏽‍♀️ so magical ✨ 🌊 #bigfatgreekreunion in #Greece

#acropolis adventure in #athens #Greece

The Acropolis in all its mystique and magic. 97 degree, steep, sweaty walk but with every step for the memories and #historique of it all. Lol made up word and hashtag for the latter description. And yes I got a couple parasols to sheild Mama Gloricita from the heat. 💛 Ninja tip: it looks even more marvelous upside down 🤸🏽‍♀️

Sightseeing in #Greece 💛visiting #GreekTemple on the island of #Aegina ✨ fun fact: the #Temple of #APHAIA one of the most in tact temples on the islands.

Beach day in #Greece. #AguaMarina, #kolonna and #Perdica beaches to snorkel for ancient #pottery and ruins. 💙🏖✨

The waters and views in #aegina #greece are cathartic 🏖 for body and soul. Why are the sunsets so extra special and spectacular here? #magic.

#aegina #greece you magical little gem #adore 💙Κύριες μεταφράσεις🏖

Linda Isla! First glimpse of Greece 🇬🇷 and I’m in 💙. This small island of Aegina is so darling with the backdrop of the bluest skies and water. Can’t wait to explore.

I 🖤 animals because like children they’re closer to #spirit world. This hoodie tho. So fitting 🐕 #bae @deareggie

Today’s message: Ego sum via, veritas et vita. I am the way, the truth and the life. In these clear and unmistakable words Our Lord traces out for us the true path that leads to everlasting happiness. Truth be told we went to this church because I wanted to show my soul sister where #marilynmonroe got married but saw this message about truth. How are you living your truth and sharing it with others? Such gratitude today for tea, healthy lunch and some much needed soul connecting time with Suzanne, soul and style sister. Our truths are we are living our lives unabashed and using our power to help others ... raising the vibration baby!

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