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TNR Dentist  Dentist by day 👩🏻‍⚕️ Cat rescuer by night 🐈 Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Do you guys like kittens? Cus guess what, fundraiser at goal, Barbara gets to have her eye removal in a coupla now on to the next order of business. We’ve got kittens! 2 ginger boys and a little gray tabby girlie. Available for adoption in pairs or single to a home with another cat/dog. Hit me up! #adoptthesekittens #adoptdontshop #kittenseason #babycat #babykittens #gingers #tabbylove #petfinder #brooklyn #williamsburg #greenpoint #bedstuy

❣️Fundraiser Alert❣️I’ve taken a back seat in rescuing. Aside from helping Heidi, @hsysto. She is a great rescuer, and a friend. I drove over a drop trap from @mae3232 and Heidi did the hard work, trapping feral mom and kittens. I was there that day, and I posted some photos. But here’s the thing...the mom needs our help. She has a terrible eye, so bad in fact that it needs to be removed. This surgery is costly. Just the cost of fostering and initial veterinary tests is a lot and can pile up. Please allow Heidi to continue doing the hard work of rescuing cats by unloading this financial burden for her. Head over to her page or follow the link in my bio to help this cat live a pain-free life:

@catcampnyc...a little distracted from @flatbushcats and @iamthecatphotographer lecture by 4 week old Mike. Thanks for the kitten time @kitten.nuggets

New project coming up soon in industrial LIC #tnr #neuteringsaveslives #spayingsaveslives #feralcat #feralcats #lic #queens

Happy national cat lady day from me and my dummies! I didn’t even know #nationalcatladyday was a thing until I saw @girlsandtheircats story. Thank you again for these beautiful photos that I will treasure forever, and for breaking the crazy cat lady stereotype. #ilovecats #adoptdontshop

I am so lucky to have these wonderful creatures by my side. I never was a cat person until I got a cat. Cats, unlike dogs or even birds, take time to reveal themselves to you. That’s why unless you have had one in your life, it’s hard to know them as the loving, attention seeking, sweet pranksters they are. And they get a bad reputation from people who don’t know any better. Getting a cat for a first time owner is taking a leap of faith. They are worth that leap and then some. Here are two of my dear ones helping me recover from a brutal 51 hour (plus 17 hours of commuting) work week.

Thank you everyone for pulling together to help these little guys! @hsysto has been on top of the game, as always, trapping and finding fosters to socialize these kids into purring melty monsters. Then @mae3232 for getting rescue placement (they already have homes!!!) AND transport there. And sweet @beeyaya_ for helping schlep them all the way to @faithfulfriendsnyc for their vet certificates. It wouldn’t have been possible so quickly without all you pulling together. I often joke how difficult cat rescuers can be and how much easier it is just working in my own. But the truth is we are all burnt out on life and rescue and I am guilty of being difficult just like everyone else. And I simply can’t do it alone. I’m really grateful for this community who knows to put the cats first, and time and time again comes together to give them the best outcome. Y’all ROCK! And in other news I was notified that Grayson went home! He was adopted by a very kind hearted man in Vermont. Happy Tails Indeed! #happytails #fermentedfoods #fermentedvegetables #pickle #coleslaw #kimchi #olive #adoptdontshop #rescue #tuxedokitten

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