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Teenage Halloween  knucklehead queer power pop now from hub city! dance all night, fight all day!

tonight!! we are in New York NY at BabyCastles w @terrorpigeon #RealDom #bot + @gobbinjr - see you soon??

tonight! the third tiki party is among us.. we are playing in Montclair NJ at Meatlocker! VACATION THEMED, dress like you're cruisin' - we're playing with our best friends in @secretmountain who are turning five + @brookpridemore who is a song-n-dance person from Brooklyn NY but NOW playing with @lkhllwn on drums! it's going to be rockin', see ya there??

tonight!! we are in Brooklyn NY at Brooklyn Bazaar w @perspectivealovelyhandtohold @osoosoband @graduatinglife + @momjeans_ca - gonna be a RIPPER. sorry, I said it!

in about a month, we begin our six day venture w Howardian ( @japanther ) and then we are going out for this AMAZING five show streak with our pals in @laughingloone and our new friend, @toldslant_felix - it's going to be very lovely! see you soon?

tonight! we're playing in Wareham MA at Fellowship Hall w #KeepWell @socklopsma + @stashwyndham - see ya here?? it's gonna rock!!

tonight! we are in Worcester MA at Firehouse w #UhHuh @ladyqueenparadise #Bella + #EyeWitness - see you there??

tonight! we are playing in Baltimore MD at Baltimore Free Farm w @mothpuppy #schroeder @loomsmusic + #saltcircles - see ya here.. our first time in Baltimore!

tonight! we are in Philadelphia PA at planet phitness w #bahdeavn @kississippiphl @wholovesyou69 + #SarahM - see you there?? will be jalapeño poppin'...

tonight! we're playing in New Brunswick NJ at *ask a punk* w @toycarsnj @runawaybrother @thegreatdepressionnj + @therareflowers - it's going to be absurdly wild. see ya here?

tonight! we're in Brattleboro VT at Printmakers w @cottontailphilly #paperbee #flyeater + more! super amped! see you there?

tonight! we are playing in Amherst MA at the Internet w @spacecampct @jacobcmckelvie #paperbee + #DUMPHIM - see you there??

tonight!! we are playing in Rutherford NJ at the Jungeon w @thehoteliergram (solo) @tobyjfoster @sunflowerbandnj #AnybodyButTheCops + @clamjam_official - it's going to be some next level shit, it's our first NJ show in a minute, we might play a new song...

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