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Taylor Marshall-Green  I want to see things. I want to know things. I want to say things. I want to show things.

I think I was circa 19 in this 35mm snap, way back when Kodak and Fuji film was king, Chinatown was my favorite film and my t-shirt game was on point. All I remember from that day was I had attended a Special Olympics event to support the games. #Chinatown #StarWars #college #gamecocknation #SouthCarolina #oldendays #TigerStyle #kungfu #fbf

Eminem had to’ve thrown early Wu-Tang or Return to 36’ into his Sony Walkman before he broke onto the scene with his incredible career. Russell Tyrone Jones (better known as ODB or Ol’ Dirty Bastard) was simply living out his name with his talent: “Ain’t no father to my style”. ODB embraced his flawed self-image through his lyrics. As a young, ignorant, privileged white boy “forming” in the 90s and listening, I could understand nothing about the context of what he went through and sang about in the deep and dangerous burroughs of NYC: food stamps, projects and STDs; but I clued into his desire to put everything wrong with him and his past on the line in order to make ground-breaking music that broke a huge mold in a hip-hop industry rife with grandiose notions of gold, women and fame. Just like the last dude I posted about in B&W (Ernest Hemingway), this guy shaped me growing up and beyond. #RESPECT #ODB #oldirtybastard #WuTang #WuTangClan #Snakes #returntothe36chambers #solo #killahbee


The horizon is aflame as the sun sets on our time in El Nido. #sunset #ElNido #Palawan #Philippines #honeymoon @Vellago #banca #sea

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