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TL PAPA  Canadian artist based in Heidelberg, Germany

Those first few hours of snuggling and getting to know your new Little Wonder 💕 Details from my Mother’s Day illustration, inspired by the day I met our sweet boy.

My Baby, I was a quiet women until I roared you into the world. In that moment I changed in a way I might never understand. Since then, I’ve found a limitless strength within myself.

My Momma, you have five sweet babies. Though you have already given us everything, you still find ways to pour out more. Your mothering is the word Love in action. It is pure and selfless.

My Husband’s Mother, My Grandmothers, My Sisters, My Friends and those who have earned the title Mother in all sorts of ways, you are incredibly strong and more resilient then anyone can comprehend. I look up to you.

Happy Mother’s Day 🌸💕

#motherhoodart #artistmother #artmom

This week I learned about #Komorebi, a Japanese word which means sunlight filtering through the trees. I’m so happy to finally know that there’s a word to explain one of my favourite experiences 😍Did you already know of it?

Finding extra time around commissions, client work and being at the beck and call of a sweet toddler 24/7 can be tricky! Last night I set aside a couple hours to start the next piece in my current series, based on real and imagined places (and my experiences within them) in Heidelberg. Hoping to find some more time soon.

#heidelberg | 100 Day Project

Day 22

I’m used to drawing faces looking at the viewer, so profiles can be a struggle. They are in my “hard-to-draw” category along with feet and hands 😁 #tlpapa100dayproject #cpt100day #100dayproject #yyj #yyjarts #holbeinacrylagouache #portraitillustration #womenwhodraw

Do you have a signature colour palette or maybe just a group of colours that you tend to gravitate towards when you’re making art?

I’ve been experimenting with colour a lot lately. I can’t seem to find a combination that I really want to commit to just yet, but I’m really loving these greens and blues together with the pops of pink and yellow.

#heidelberg | 100 Day Project

Days 19/20/21

I’ve been watching all of you with your 100 day projects and I’m so inspired! A little update about mine: Once again I’ve resumed working on portraits for my #heidelberg project after a short break. While I’ve fallen behind, I’m really excited about what the brief pause has made room for. When I initially started the project I was excited to push myself to work quickly, creating a body of work that would help me develop more authenticity in my portraits. I went 18 days in a row painting people and making some exciting discoveries (that I’ve since used in some other illustration projects). On day 19, I let other obligations creep in and I unintentionally put the portraits aside. I think I was starting to feel a bit bored and uninspired doing the same thing everyday. The break allowed me to reflect on the things I’ve learned so far from the project and now I think I can include these things in a more deliberate way going forward. I’ll continue where I left off by making quick daily portraits, but I think I’ll plan to take periodic breaks to reflect and see what evolves from that. Thank you so much for all of the love and encouragement ✌️🤙😘 Side note-ran out of this dope paper I’ve been using 😱😭 It’s from Canada and I can’t get more so I’ll be switching it up and working on blunt edge squares that have no pretty decal edge. Breaks my heart.
#tlpapa100dayproject #cpt100day #100dayproject #yyj #yyjarts #holbeinacrylagouache #portraitillustration #womenwhodraw

Feeling free and finding authenticity is something I really struggle with in my practise. I think many of you can relate. The best way I’ve found to combat it is to create as much work as possible in my sketchbook or wherever, work quickly and not pause too much until I finish something. That way doubt (the artist’s enemy!) can’t creep in. I personally work a lot more intuitively this way and will try things outside of my comfort zone (which is where the exciting things happen!). Look back after you’ve finished something and bring the interesting bits into your next piece, refining them as you go along.

Spring has me like 🎨 ☀️ 😃

I had a lot of fun deciding what decadent details to use to “top” the base of this layer cake painting. To be honest, it may have been inspired by what I ate that day 😏

A couple of delicious illustrations. I was experiencing major sugar cravings over the course of painting these. Must. Have. More. Cake.

Some days.

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