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Tanika Rose🌹  What you seek is seeking you✌🏼🌎👌🏼 Wingate '19 ⚽

Sweden bringing the sunshine to the night time 🇸🇪🙌🏼

Happy birthday to the girl who's left me laughing on the floor in tears more times than I can count. Disney sing offs, non-dead cats, salt shaker dicks and pink eye pillows are still bring a smile to my face 😂 I love you more than all the peanut butter and DOB's in the world 💗 I can't wait to be reunited with my PPG

It's been a while but we're back and feeling on top 🙌🏼🏠

It wasn't the wings that brought me wind but the wind that brought me wings.
First breath in one country, first steps in another I was never meant to stay in one place. I can't be satisfied knowing that the great world is out there waiting for "one day" when I'll explore it. I'm most alive when I'm breathing in all the beauty, adventure and even the discomfort that comes with change. Unsettling myself is how I grow and today I continue this journey. Preparing for new adventures and new mistakes that await in NC and everywhere there after.
Follow where the winds blow because it is your heart that brought them to you. 🌬

I am Tanika Santos.
Today someone told me something very profound. "I guarantee in 20 years you will be a tragedy because of the decisions you made. Come talk to me when it happens." Maybe I'm the fool for having been so blissfully happy and thus so blissfully blind to people's dislike of me but this was the first time I experienced someone's prejudice and oddly enough it made me happy. I have never been more certain of who I am until that moment when someone challenged me. My choices in life though not all great are all special because they are mine and they have taken me on this journey to where I am now. I am in a place where I can radiate happiness and receive the fruits of my positive energy; adventure, friendship and the occasional asshole to remind myself that not everyone thinks the way I do and that's ok. I know who I am. I'm the girl who dances too wildly, laughs too loudly, smiles too much, writes posts that are just too long, in your eyes I am whoever you think I am. I love to bring people joy but at the end of the day I won't change who I am for anyone. I still have so much to learn but right now I am everything I've ever wanted to be. I am Tanika Santos. 😁

Cuando salen los primos empiezan las locuras 💃🏻🎉

Una familia muy grande y un corazón llena de amor, así se pasan las navidades en Perú 🎄❤🎁

This life is a master piece in translation 🗺

Being a foreigner in the homeland ⛰

Signing up for a new adventure at Wingate University in North Carolina! Future Bulldog ⚽️

I would go to war for this girl, my best friend, my inspiration, my little sis ❤️Happy birthday you deserve the world and more!

Just like old times ❤️

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