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Happy Friday yall.

California dreamin' #tkowinthewildwest3

Mantra, I just have to breathe in, make several small movements that turn into larger ones, exhale, then do it all over again. . . . .
#dollopofpippa tail spotted 🐰

I abhor traffic, and the west probably had the worst I've ever experienced. But, got them views. #tkowinthewildwest3

Sleeping in your own bed after days and days of foreign hotel rooms is divine.

Third year with this hat down the coast. A little bit older a little bit wiser. #tkowinthewildwest3

The weather here is better than back home, warm winds than nip at your wrists and neck. That whip your hair and the brim of your hat. I can't help but think about the west in the 30s. #tkowinthewildwest3

Last day on the best coast, lazy start to the morning, but this afternoon is sharing some treasures. #tkowinthewildwest3

Hey cutie πŸ‘‹πŸ» #tkowinthewildwest3

Taking inventory of some treasures I've picked up on the trek down the coast. #tkowinthewildwest3 #piratesbooty

Falling in love on Route 5 with some #dreamrides 😍 #datbootydoe #tkowinthewildwest3

Glam bear ✨🐻✨ somewhere south of San Francisco and north of Los Angeles. #tkowinthewildwest3

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