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I do not hate the color of my skin. I do not accept the hate of those who see this as different from themselves and hate me because of it. I do not have room to accept hate into my heart when it is already full of love. Love for the color of my skin. Love for those regardless of the color of their skin. Those who do not accept this most likely have hate in their hearts for themselves or have absolutely no idea of the true meaning, the power and life changing serenity of love. •••
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When Maxine Waters is reading you look out honey. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
#ThatExpressionAtTheEndThough 💁🏾

Appreciate hearing Ali Velshi's words this morning. So tired of hearing descriptions like "alt-right," "white nationalists" and "white supremacy" on the news and mainstream media as if there is an endeavor to abate the ugliness of the word they should be using. Racists. Is using the word 'racist' too ugly of a word to use as 'alt right' or 'white nationalists rings sweeter to the ears of viewership or those living inside their bubbles? Well guess what? Racism is ugly. Racism is deadly. Racism has the most powerful seat in America's government and is supported by those wielding hate and vitriol as weapons towards those who say otherwise. Racism is real and it's time we start calling a spade a spade. How can we continue to address the problem when some won't even say or acknowledge the word.

Wrote this rap this morning | Track: Mos Def 'Respiration' instrumental | Lyrics:
Black in America/ at times nothing scarier
Some wonder what life be like if white and named Ericka
Less hysteria, wear hoody no one bury ya
If your house is nice, no one look twice, say why in the area?
But love my brown skin/ know that love confounds men
Learned to love myself/ it's cuz I'm black don't want me around them
So Obama & Michelle can't do a pound in office but a man there now inciting hate around him
Call it hypocrisy/ a new type of democracy
Got different types of freedom belong to apostrophe
after name that running country like he reading glossary
from 'How to Be a President for Dummies' on his properties
Don't care about poverty, don't care about you if you black
No need pull a Kanye on a telethon to realize that
Don't care 'bout you if a woman, gay or Muslim that's a fact
So why Brady wear his hat but Colin against him gets the flak?
Don't say he my president/ On this far from reticent
In his towers wouldn't want my black ass as a resident
Those before me forced to call white men master when hesitant
died for me to call a man a racist when its evident

Umm so does anyone else find it ironic that these racists in Charlottesville, VA decided to use tiki torches which is a bamboo torch originated from Polynesian culture. I was talking to my sister about this last night. Can you imagine them lined up at Walmart or Home Depot buying Tiki torches? Racism is alive and it thrives, perpetuated and ignited by a man who sits in the Oval Office.
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Guess Trump is too busy golfing. 😒
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When your tolerance for bs is always low.
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When you have to hear about this nonsense in Charlottesville, Virginia with the KKK protesting and acknowledge that you have a president that condones and spreads the same hate and that the only good thing to come out of this administration is that you get to watch Alec Baldwin do a damn good Trump impersonation.
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My twin sister @ciprianaquann & I collaborated w/ @puma for 'Do You Stories' ▪️📷: @terrygates
Read my 'Do You' Story:
I know that some black girls and women battle with the stereotypes attached to their natural hair. Growing up I wasn't very confident. I wasn't very confident with my body, my hair and what I wore. Flipping through teen magazines I didn't see young black girls that had my hair texture gracing magazine pages. My texture wasn't celebrated as the coveted curl pattern that other young black girls desired and despite my mother's love and the love she taught me to have for myself my insecurities led me to apply chemicals to my hair to completely alter the texture. I completely annihilated my hair and at this point I decided to go natural. It was difficult because my texture was the source of many jokes and derogatory comments. I was confused why so many strangers were so opinionated regarding what grew from my own scalp. I had birthed an appreciation and love for my hair against a steady stream of dislike towards my hair by others. I realized that anyone who has the capability to judge or express hate towards someone simply because of their hair was not worth my time or energy. Perhaps the love I had for myself and my hair was what made them uncomfortable with the love they lacked for themselves. I realized that the stereotypes associated with my strands were based from ignorance and racism that young school girls in South Africa rebel against and black women in the workplace rebel against in the corporate, entertainment and beauty industry today. I did not want a young black girl or black woman to think less of herself because of perpetuated stereotypes based on the color of her skin or hair. I began to speak up often about it. I wasn't sure who would listen but I knew if I inspired one black girl or one black woman to change the negative way she viewed herself, to not be held back by insecurities then that would be the biggest reward if she in turn helped to inspire that change in another. ••• *sponsored #QuannSisters

Knowing who you are and stepping into a world that may not be ready to embrace your differences is not always the easiest but for your self worth it is always the most rewarding. Never be afraid to do you.
My twin @ciprianaquann and I have collaborated with @puma for 'Do You' Stories. Read our "Do You" story below. 📷: @terrygates
Breaking stereotypes and narrowed minded views of what beauty looks like in the world has always been something we've strongly addressed. Endeavoring to change the dynamic of beauty for girls and women who are made to feel that the beauty of their skin color, the texture of their hair, their body, their size, their voice or beliefs are not embraced in a world that neglects the beauty of diversity. We've had our own experiences amongst those that did not see the texture of our hair as beautiful. We've had experiences amongst those that did not see the color of our skin as "marketable" when it came to brands that marketed themselves to everyone. We've had experiences speaking about diversity on those who have deaf ears to the topic. We know that many have been witness to the ugliness in a world that is unaccepting of the beautiful differences amongst us. It is through our experiences we know that those who negate the beauty of diversity, those who deny that our differences are what makes us beautiful, do not understand the true meaning of beauty and therefore have no place or say in the representation of it. •••
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When you can't decide which color to wear so you wear all of them. 😜Featured on @voguemagazine along with my twin @ciprianaquann for #goodtime movie premiere starring Robert Pattinson and Ben Safdie.
Wearing: @fenoel pants and top 💕

Last night with my twin @ciprianaquann attended #goodtime movie premiere starring Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Benny Safdie, Barkhad Abdi, Taliah Webster and Buddy Duress. Suuuuuperb everything from acting, music and direction of the film. Imagine a hybrid of the films 'Drive,' 'The Town' and 'Run Lola Run.' Directed by brothers Benny and Josh Safdie. •••
Wearing @fenoel top & pants • 📷: @terrygates

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