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Tk Wonder  Repped by IMG Worldwide|WME▪️Music Artist ▪️Twin @CiprianaQuann▪️Vogue Best Dressed▪️ 15 yrs natural from scalp▪️Fashion ▪️Travel▪️Food ▪️Diversity


Attended an intimate dinner celebrating the latest shoe collection by Marc Fischer held @publichotels •••
Wearing: @milly shirt
@asos_us skirt
@marc.fisher shoes

Sliding into the weekend like...

My twin sister @ciprianaquann and I are soooo excited to announce we are doing a TED Talks! @tedxfit in NYC on October 25th. We will be discussing diversity in the fashion and beauty industry. Click link on my Instagram page for ticket information. #tedxfit #QuannSisters
*Photo from @vmagazine Shoot
📷: @jasonthomasgeering
Stylist: @shab_diece
Make-up: @deannamelluso

I was never the popular kid in school. I was never the cool kid. However I knew my self worth was never dependent on popularity. I felt like a cool kid and that was enough for me. I started to question why should I need acceptance from those who felt otherwise? Those who choose to tease or bully others for their differences were never the type of people I felt were cool. I knew they could never be the cool kids if they didn’t know it’s because of the differences within us all that makes us cool. I know how cruel kids can be because sometimes they turn into cruel adults who perpetuate hatred into the world or their own children until their hate becomes a vicious cycle. So for all the kids who are bullied and think they are uncool and don’t know it’s because they are just being themselves and not following the crowd that they are the strong, beautiful and the epitome of cool and that is what that makes them the coolest. #SpiritDay
📸: @terrygates

Had a chance to meet the beautiful @gabunion at the launch of her new book, ‘We’re Going To Need More Wine’ @jameshotels Thank-you @legendarydamon for the invite. Beforehand enjoyed @saintrecords performance @google celebration.

Thank-you @manzijackson ❤️for this beautiful painting of my twin sister @ciprianaquann and I from our @ellebrasil spread

Enjoyed dinner with my twin sister @ciprianaquann at the 10th annual NYC Wine & Food Festival @NYCWFF held @Spring Studios @SpringPlace The spectacular cuisine provided by chefs Alon Shana, Nick Anderer and Justin Smillie.
#QuannSisters #SpringStudios #SpringPlace


I do not need to tear down another woman to make myself feel stronger, empowered or beautiful. In fact this is the antithesis of being stronger, empowered or beautiful and women who know this are the only women we as women should include in our lives. We live in a world where women and girls are confronted with misogyny, sexual harassment, abuse and forms of intimidation. Many times that behavior is condoned, tolerated or swept under the rug. Our resilience to bounce back stronger than ever is in part knowing we are not alone and supporting each other is paving the way of standing against egregious and disgusting actions and attacks that seek to diminish our strength. I know many women and girls, myself included, have become stronger because of it. So I have never been interested in investing my time in tearing down another woman. Any woman who desires the opposite does not know her worth and is not worth your time.
Photographed with my best friend and twin sister @ciprianaquann 📷 @ddiegovillarreal

#IStandWithJemeleHill Just wrote these rap lyrics over Kendrick Lamar Rigamortis instrumental:
So Bill O'Reilly for years said stereotypes out his mouth
Jemele Hill speaks the truth and ESPN says she's out?
Okay maybe not out nevertheless suspended
She spoke the truth man why are executives offended?
While Jerry Jones punishing players who take a bended
knee, can't stand up for rights why s**t never gets mended
Tired of these descendants of rich white men commended
for treating people of color like anything less than splendid
when trying to address injustice and make sure that it's ended
Like minding your own business and you still be apprehended?
Watched someone love the most go through that don't tell me pretended
and that type of behavior condoned, legal and defended?
I'm tired being puppet/I'm tired not saying nothing
I'm tired of not having Warren Buffett money to do something
I'm tired of deadbeats running/
I'm tired they win then ducking
I'm tired of black men killed and people act like not disgusting
I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired not doing nothing,
I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired got to do something #ImTired #standwithjemele #WeeklywRapUp #wRapUp

Laced up and ready to go.

It's time our children really know the history of this country and not the watered down versions that so many of us were taught throughout grade school. It's time to stop celebrating the egregious actions of men with statutes, textbooks and holidays. Our country is being led by a man that refuses to acknowledge Native Americans on this very day. I'm sure many of us do not find this surprising as our country is being led by a man that embraces hate and embraces those who do as well. Women and men were raped, kidnapped, beaten and murdered by men we claim as national heroes. Our country is being led by a man that celebrates those type of men. Well I refuse to celebrate men that have enslaved people of color in this country. I refuse to celebrate men that have enslaved people of color in this country because it is inconvenient or expensive to eradicate marble statutes, change the text in school books or change the name of a holiday. I refuse to celebrate men that have enslaved people of color in this country because my ancestors were not raped, kidnapped, beaten and murdered for me to be compliant, accepting or silent. #indigenouspeoplesday

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